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Thursday, June 02, 2005

New layout - "Under Construction"

Hi everybody!

It's me Sebastian.
I have made some major layout changes (well, it's actually a completely new template...).

There is still work to be done. Some things may or may not work the way they should do. Bear with me!
And please inform me about things not working the way they are supposed to (either by mail or here in the comments for this entry). I may have overlooked some things... You never know.
Me and html is not a match made in heaven.

Btw - I'll be back on a permanent basis as from Sunday. Then we will also have the conclusion of HTMPL Prod's efforts ready for you. And the whole "Album" will be available for download including the cover art. Something to look forward to!
Hope to see you then.

Update: After reading Paperholic's exciting updates about the layout changes PCL were going through I've understood that this site doesn't look its best in some browsers. Like Safari and MacIE. Use Firefox!