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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Silver Machine

1974 cover of Hawkwind's 1972 UK hit. Unfortunately the full song is not included in this clip.

Saucy Cubans

Here's yet another reason for me to be irritated at myself for not speaking Spanish....when Global Groove offers a compilation of off-color songs that supposedly have VERY saucy lyrics. The only one I can figure out is Graciela's Si Si No No, maybe the multilingual can clue me in on the rest.

Drink-a-drink-a-drink to Lydia Pink-a-pink-a-pink

Donna's video below is actually based on a folk song included on Oscar Brand's compilation Bawdy Songs Goes to College. It sings the praises of
Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, a magical elixir for whatever ills that plagued you. You can still buy the stuff today, albeit paregoric (or whatever the magical ingredient was) -free. The song is "Four For Three", which you can hear here. Hear, hear!

Lily the Pink

Laugh all you want - this was a #1 hit, and one of these guys is Paul McCartney's brother.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Does it Smell Like Fried Onions in Here?

Lord Rockingham's XI (though I only counted VII) performing their 1958 hit (OK maybe not) Fried Onions. Found at Record Collector's Hot Platters where you can get a download of the tune for your very own!

Lord Rockingham XI's version of Hoots Mon, There's a Moose. Loose. 'Boot this Hoose is pretty good too.

A Paean to the Pyramid

We salute Private enterprise and sayyyyyy....Hooray for Amway!

You can learn how to Recruit, Train, and Motivate and Amway-ize your entire neighborhood with the inspirational finger poppin' tunes on Sing Out For Free Enterprise! God, I love capitalism music.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Bloodrock: D.O.A.

More than a car accident - a plane crash song! This stoner classic's from 1971 and produced by the same guy who did Grand Funk - Terry Knight. One of the Bloodrock guys redid it in the 80s and it's on youtube (disabled by request, probably because it's so bad.)
Light up or pop any old ludes in your grandparent's cabinet.
I remember, we were flying low
and hit something in the air

Grace Chang - Oh Calypso (1959)

from the movie "Air Hostess" (空中小姐 - Kong zhong xiao jie) (Wen Yi, Hong Kong 1959) also featured in "The hole" (Tsai Ming Liang, Taiwan/France 1998) see it here

uploaded by antropofobo

Batfatty vs the Chocodiles

Not sure how I wound up at Batfatty vs the Chocodiles but I'm digging the content.

Demented Batman "adult" LP's.
Ange.... get on this soundtrack, pronto

1968 Dream Team

Cue the James Bond theme song....

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sweet Little Pussycat

You like cats? You like girls? You like groovy music with a simple beat and not so much singing?
Then this is something lightsinorbit has put together. Enjoy Andre Williams & His Orchestra and his sweet little pussycat.

Magic Potty Baby

Now I'm all disturbed.and ashen faced


Black & WTF

From Black & WTF. Thank you Mr. F.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bad Mags

You're a lucky Lethal when a fella gives you both volumes of these:

Check this site out (mind the disclaimers, etc.)

Let's Go Op-Shopping!

Thrift shops are called opportunity or op-shops in Australia, I did not know that. And I also did not know of the marvelous things that can be found and shared, so the Shopkins-Fossick blog was educational, indeed. I learned that shabby sheiks can be shabby chic, pig parts are different down under, and they like to make scary puppets that are the Anti-McDonalds there.

The greatest piece of Soviet entertainment ever created.

Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

PCL Widget

Tom McMahon, one of the veteran PCL readers made a widget. Thanks Tom!

Grab PCL LinkDump HERE.

Vintage Child Abuse

"Ever Since He Hit Puberty, Timmy Has Been a Voracious Reader"

Vintage Child Abuse (possibly NSFW)

Bat Guano Looks At Television!

For countless generations, the wonderful world of television has given the feeble and illiterate something nice to look at as they wait for the end.

But the strength of television is also its weakness -- the picture! Sure, we can see almost any event real or imagined at any time of the day. But, because of this, did you know that over 99.9% of the television-viewing public have no ability to picture things in their minds?...

Anyway. This eventually gets you to four episodes of Bat Guano's SwaG!, a radio show for the imaginating mind.

Final Placement

According to Dangerous Minds Final Placement is a Christian Rock band from Texas. Let's shine along with these guys!

Video uploaded by heeheeheeheee
Thanks to Pastor McPurvis!

Monday, February 22, 2010


Tommy McGee's ultra rare Positive-Negative LP.

Gert Wilden

I've been in a real Gert listenin' mood lately.

Smash It!

"Here he is! A superstar! The demented! The dangerous! The disgusting! Deacon Dark!"

Deacon Dark / Sonny Bono - "SMASH IT" (on The Love Boat 1978)
Big thanks to Joe Lacey!

Get Organized

Snappy tunes for organ ensemble from Marty Gold of the Three Suns--and that album cover is pretty snappy, too.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey Grandpa — what's available for downloadin'?

Lonesome Lefty's Scratchy Attic has 19 tracks from longtime Opry and Hee Haw regular Grandpa Jones from the 1950s. My favorite tracks are "I'm No Communist," "TV Blues" and a duet with Minnie Pearl on "Papa Loves Mambo."
In 1973 Jones discovered the bodies of fellow banjoist and TV scarecrow David "Stringbean" Akeman and Akeman's wife who had been murdered in a robbery at their home in Tennessee (more about that here).

From The Eugene Register-Guard June 9, 1984:

If all that didn't sate your thirst for Grandpa Jones's brand of old-timey country humor, there are a few songs at the Internet Archive.

Elsa Popping

I'd only collected bits and pieces from this oddball classic, so I was thrilled to find it on Hooked on Stereophonic. Some call it demented, or off kilter, I just say "listen and love".

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Scarecrow of Romney Marsh

Slogging through Jon's Random Acts of Geekery this morning and the alcohol induced Alzeheimer's I seem to have contracted has dissipated for a few. Thank goodness for site's like this one.

Of particular interest is the post on the "Scarecrow of Romney Marsh", Walt Disney's TV adaptation of a series of English stories featuring "Doctor Syn," a Vicar by day, and the fearsome Scarecrow by night that aired in three installments in February of 1964.

Of added importance was its date of airing: February 9, 1964. This was the night the Beatles made their first appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show. To young 9 year old Yuma, it was the absolute tits and the greatest night of television programming ever seen.

Ode to Route 66

Many of us have enjoyed Mr. M. A. Numminen's stellar version of Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, but here he shows his classical side with his tribute to Route 66.

Makes Me Wanna Say 'OW!' - Hot Pick Electric Comb

Ebony {May, 1977}

The Gun Club - Brother and Sister

Uploaded by blob83000
Gun Club "Brother & Sister" (from the album 'Miami') + short interview with Jeffrey Lee Pierce (on French TV 1982)
Don't miss the end part when JLP is conducting a short spontaneous interview with a stoned fan on stage.

黛ジュン - Jun Mayuzumi

Fans of 60s Japanese pop music will LOVE this hard to find collection of tunes from pop princess Jun Mayuzumi. An extra big THANK YOU to the Music From the Third Floor blog who allowed me to share these goodies with all of you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Walkin' With Jackie

Now's our chance to learn more about the fabulous and fascinating Jackie Shane. Not sure if a hyperlink to a Facebook event works, so I'm going to cut and paste. And if you don't know Jackie:

CBC Radio's Inside The Music presents I Got Mine, the story of the soul and R&B singer named Jackie Shane.

Shane was one of the most popular singers in Toronto's thriving R & B scene of the mid-sixties. He was a remarkable figure for his day: he was openly gay and a cross dresser with a flair for fashion. Shane's magnetic charisma and passionate performances made him a favourite of a generation of Toronto club goers.

This first-ever biography sheds some light on an important figure and time in Toronto's music history. Interviews with Jackie's friends and band mates detail his influence on a generation of musicians and performers, and speak of a legacy which extends beyond the realm of music.

I Got Mine: The Story Of Jackie Shane airs Sunday February 28 at 3PM Eastern Time on Radio 2 and 9PM on Radio 1. Please spread the word! It is not scheduled to be podcast at this time.

Written, produced and narrated by Elaine Banks.
Editing and sound design by David Dacks.

How to listen:

In Canada:

On FM radio: find your frequency here: http://www.cbc.ca/frequency/
On Sirius satellite Channel 137: http://www.cbc.ca/sirius/index.html

Everywhere else:

Online: http://www.cbc.ca/listen/index.html

Or: http://www.cbc.ca/radio2/programs.html?INSIDE_THE_MUSIC - go to "listen now" in the right-hand column


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tangerine: it's a Feeling

From Fall on Your Sword

A Little Less Conversation

Hot off the presses!
Live Melodifestivalen 2010!
Dolph Lundgren!

Grabbed from nistagmus

Elsa and Lola's Saucepan

Bawdy-but-nice tunes by Elsa Lanchester (Bride of Frankenstein, for all of you philistines who don't know who she is) via Sap Music.

Rock and Moog Party

Say gang, it's a Rock and Moog party and everyone's invited! I mean everyone, even your Bubie and Zadie, there's a version of Hava Nagilah--and bring along the Kamehamehas, there's a Moog version of Aloha Oe...not to mention versions of Ghost Riders and Cherry Pink and High Noon, and tons more of music that sounds incredibly stupid as played on a synthesizer. Yippee!

Kay Martin at the Lorelei

Saucy (and rare) little numbers from Kay Martin and her Bodyguards, courtesy of Brain Steak Bikini, found via Thom Tex Edwards.

Mon Mari C'est Frankenstein

Every time I see a new Scopitone I say "Best Scopitone EVER", but this time it might be true.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seventy Mental Reasons

surely should follow "Six Murderous Beliefs," no?

Parlor Games for Sound Freaks

The early days of sound manipulation was a complicated business, involving the use of multiple magnetic tape machines, and the assistance of professional (and probably obsessive) sound engineers. Jim Fassett's Strange To Your Ears explains the process in exhaustive depth, then provides a group of transformed sounds for you to try to guess the source. At least it's probably a great way to get rid of unwanted guests who have overstayed their welcome....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

187 All Time Greatest Hits from the Beloved 12-Tone Masters!

I dance like a fool to some Webern.

It's a Veritable Bulgari-a-thon!

The Mr. and I were just sitting around lamenting the total lack of availability of music from 1970s Bulgarian TV (I swear to God! You can ask him!) and --synchronicity alert!--guess what I found! Music from Й. Марчинков and И. Велчев and Мечо Пух and then a whole lot of other folks you may not be familiar with. But you soon will be, when you download the swell compilation from Bulgarian Originals!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Listen to the Percy Trout hour Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour


Monday Night (2-15-10)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Somebody Used the Out-of-Doors For a Bathroom!

Yay for Facebook contacts, I found out one of my favorite videos has resurfaced!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dead at 90

Dead at 90 - Fredrick Morrison, Frisbee Inventor ( via http://thisisnthappiness.com )

Bobby Leach

Bobby Leach was the second person, and first man, to survive the ride over Niagara Falls in a barrel, a feat he performed on July 25, 1911. He sustained a fractured jaw and two broken knee caps in the process, but went on to recount his adventure at various shows and lecture halls, displaying the barrel for all to see. Ironically, he died in 1926 following a leg amputation that was required after he slipped on an orange peel.

From Atomic Antiques via Sloth Unleashed

Love Hurts

Originally uploaded by froggyboggler

Muy Caliente!

¡Sabroso! Great harmonies from the Cuban vocal group Cuarteto D'Aida, backed by a killer band featuring Chico O'Farrill.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Don't Ha Ha

Casey Jones & the Governors got me pushin' when I oughta be shovin'--Offenbach Germany 1966 or 1967.

Six Murderous Beliefs

In lieu of a car accident tune this week, here's a whole movie chock full of accidents!

if player doesn't show up for you, click here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Advice for the Embryo Trainman.

A Los Angeles streetcar conducting training film from 1914. Too bad they left out the part about not texting while driving the Metrolink train.

[via Hidden Los Angeles.]

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Hartz Mountain Master Radio Canary Choir

You haven't heard Strauss and Dvorak (or the Mexican Hat Dance) until you have heard it scored for organ, marimba and canary choir. Even if you have no canaries who need voice training, you may want to download this one just to drive your cat nuts.

UPDATE 2/14/10: I just found out the organist on this album is Dick Hyman. He talks about playing on this album here.

Satan in (Dad) High Heels

01113 - Satan in High Heels
Originally uploaded by goon_town_killer

I like this personalized version of the soundtrack to "Satan in High Heels"....watch and enjoy the trailer to this fine movie below.

Satan in High Heels (1962) movie trailer
Uploaded by soulpatrol. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

The Diana Dors Show

The Diana Dors Show with her hub Dickie Dawson. Special guests Shirley Jones and Jack Cassidy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Tobi Rix is a Serious Musician.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the Dutch? Yes? Well, they're great, they take everything so seriously, even the Spike Jones-type musicians, who play the genre impeccably, really they do. Toby Rix is saying on the album cover LOOK, see how serious I am? Believe it.

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Lizard People Under Los Angeles!

The always entertaining Strange Maps has the story of pseudo-scientist/huckster G. Warren Shufelt, who tried to convince the fine people of Los Angeles in the 1930s that they were living above a secret community of lizard people. (The original L.A. Times clipping can be found on Flickr.)

Monday, February 08, 2010

Badass Men With Knives.

Our love for Pulp International is pretty well documented here at PCL, mostly for the great mid-20th century sleaze they love to share. But every once in a while there's a gem like this, about the secret serial killing tendencies of pioneering British medical researchers William Hunter and William Smellie.

It's especially interesting since William Hunter and his brother John (another medical pioneer) are Desuko ancestors. Now that I have a serial killer in the family, I finally feel like my life is complete.

'I was not stupid girl with a big chest'

If, like Dusty, you've been wondering what Double Agent 73 star Chesty Morgan has been up to, this newspaper interview should answer some of your questions.

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Music aka the meaning of life

Trippy Ginger Rogers Pig Latin

First time I really got into these types of movies was when I was just out of high school and discovering herb (not Edelman, him I was already familiar with). While watching them my old man who had finally been forced to buy a 25" color portable TV (his conditions/reasons for putting it off) would come in and yell, "What the hell are you watching THIS for?!?!?! We finally got a COLOR TV and THIS is what you watch?!!?" I was watching color *wink. Either way it was quite an overwhelming spectacle for the newly stoned Lex10, what with the shopping mall sized sets, the Busby Berkeley imagery, and whatnot. These particular few seconds are well and truly classic.

A couple of observations of these few seconds: The focus pulling going in and out bespeaks (?!) a time before cinematic technological perfection - there's humans at work, and it's poetically beautiful to me. Secondly, that Ginger Rogers is a real sexual response producer and at the time, I was in love with her . Third, trippy, innit?


George of the Jungle?

Pulp International does the best Confidential Magazine breakdowns - I'm addicted. Of course, hell no, he didn't go.

Saturday, February 06, 2010


Mendocino, Mendocino
Ich fahre jeden Tag nach Mendocino
An jeder Tuer klopfe ich an
Doch keiner kennt mein Girl in Mendocino

Another inadvertent hamster in the pants video for your perusal. Check out the "it" at the 2:00 minute mark averting his/her eyes in shame as he/she is filled with shame at having lingered on "Lothar's" package.

Video grabbed from Histoire de l'Oeil

Home Taping Is Killing Music

My tune of the day is What Made You So No Good from the 1984 mess o'sampling madness from A.K. Klosowski & Pyrolator "Home Taping Is Killing Music". Or get the whole album here.

Johnny Eck, Screen Painter

Johnny Eck was not only the star of such classic movies as "Freaks" and, um, "Freaks", but an accomplished screen painter as well. Window screen painting seems to be a folk art that is unique to the city of Baltimore, though I would proudly display Johnny Eck's screen depicting Christ giving some saucy kids the finger. "Walk on water your OWN damn selves, ya rotten kids!"


We all need a particularly stupid cowboy number every now and then....it helps the digestion. You can get a doozey at Some Local Loser called "Wringle-Wrangle", enjoy it, pardner.

Samba Society

Why would someone with the fabulous name of Wanderley Taffo want to record under a pseudonym? Anyway, this is a groovy collection of Samba Society music featuring clarinet, accordion, lotsa percussion, and a guitarist who likes to sing along with his solos a la Slam Stewart. And that would be my idea of a rave review.

Friday, February 05, 2010

Panic Button

Who here needs a copy of the soundtrack to the 1964 movie Panic Button, starring Maurice Chevalier and Jayne Mansfield? I know *I* surely did. The title track, opening song, and Mediterranean Samba were my faves.

Steve Gibson and the Red Caps

Here's a real find if you're craving some music in the tradition of Louis Jordan, Wynonie Harris, and the King Cole Trio--the swinging small group hipness featuring Steve Gibson and the Red Caps.

Not the least bit disturbing.

Kids In The Hall - My Pen!

Kids In The Hall - My Pen! (Flash Video 04:13). Missed the original run as I was out of the country. Happy to finally catch up with this nuttiness!

Soul Train: The Documentary

screenshot by yours truly {2008}

Well, Donna Lethal and I were on to something awhile ago.
Wondering and guessing if the story of fabulous Don Cornelius and his glittering Soul Train would ever be told.
Leave it to N.P.R.
Listen and learn.
It'll be a stone gas!

GlyphJockey Moved New Site/New RSS

Greetings, one and all (especially all)
Blogger in it's infinite run-by-robots faceless wisdom will no longer support my old GlyphJockey.com as a blog so it's now at http://glyphjockey.blogspot.com - and while a pain in the ass it already seems easier to use. The feed is new (no real way to redirect) so please stop by and resubscribe to my list of inane musings.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Download "the Percy Trout hour!"

the Percy Trout hour

Super Fizz Sugar Pop
from all over the Globe.

Download another show from the Archives.
This one from December 14, 2009:

Part One

Part Two