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Monday, February 28, 2011

Listen to the Percy Trout hour tonight!

the Percy Trout hour:

Monday Night (2-28-11)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Toni Tornado!

 Toni Tornado!
 Toni Tornado!
 Toni Tornado!

Mat Mathews - Accordion Solos

Bernie's Tune

Download Link

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Kinsa Trio - Virgenes del Sol

About the minute mark the group starts playing. Worth the wait. You may recognize the melody. Yma Sumac has recorded it among others.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Unitar Rock

Minimalist and greasy. Who the hell needs six strings when one will kick this kind of ass?


"Saucy, glittering eyes...."

Found at: The Immaculate Consumption

It's gonna get you

Just sayin'. You may also wish to get intimate with Aunt Lydia's Heavy Rug Yarn at Retrospace.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Lord Buckley - His Majesty The Policeman

"Buy a ticket to the Ball and you can't fight City Hall." - Lord Buckley

Holy crap- 54 bucks for the out-of-print CD on Amazon - but hey! 6.99 at eBay!

Plastics - Copy

Percy just reminded me how much I love these guys.

Time Suck THIS.

Come OVAH heah, yeh yeh yeh......I have something to say to you.....

I get really tired of people saying what a "timesuck" Facebook is. It's like railing away at e-mail or computers, it's just an effing TOOL, OK? Get over your fat self awreddy. And if it WERE a time suck, then how do you explain all of the important life affirming information that can come your way via its McDonalddy-walmarty self? Like finding out from my new bosom pal Tontileo Lipshitz (at least I assume she has bosoms) about the existence of a very magical creature from the fine state of Maine, I'm referring of course to Hoover the Talking Seal.  I mean, how could I have gone on living so long without being aware of a domesticated seal who spoke with a heavy east coast accent

And the fact that he started all this vocalizing when he became sexually mature, well that factoid is just the tasty wasabi dressing atop the already saucy sea-creature, don't you think? 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Polysics

Kinda like a Japanese DEVO on meth ...

The Spider's shake

Scene from the greek film "Ksipolitos Prigips", 1966-67.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Am A Zombie

Are You?

The only answer is "I am a Zombie"

This is Why We Love the Finns

Finnish legend Irwin Goodman sings the praises of palm trees in this 1971 video in which no expense is too great, including a black and white green screen.

Forbidden Dog Toys and Bowling Alleys

At Weirdward Ho! you can enjoy a collection of lobby cards from the 1956 movie "Forbidden Planet", in which humans have relationships with giant Kong dog toys and visit spectacularly awesome bowling alleys. Count me in!

Tiny People and Giants

...will society ever accept their forbidden love?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Ladies of Big Chief Root Beer

Evan found this here. (where you can see a much larger image)

Step'n High

Step'n High
Originally uploaded by Roadsidepictures

I tried to find out more about this brand of soda.....or is it just mineral water....but came up empty.
Is anyone familiar with what part of the US (or world) this is from?

Margie Anderson

Hong Kong Sentinel:

Margie Anderson - The Blues 
From Big Ten Inch Record

Monday, February 21, 2011



No Fuss No Muss Shrunken Heads For All Occasions

Another fine product from Pressman Toy makers.

Found by Christian Hell

Kannst du schon den Calypso

Bibi Johns 1957

Welcome to Hell

Lileks has a new site! It's not quite finished - well, I'll let him say it:

Hey, it’s an unfinished site with only one thing on it! That must mean it’s in “beta.” But since there’s a lot of content in that one link, then it’s maximum beta - or, to make it really super 70s, “Betamax!” Ha ha. Can I write for the Hudson Brothers’ Summertime replacement variety show now?

Don’t know who the Hudson Brothers were? We’ll get to that.

But what's there so far is a blast.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

"Honey, Honey" (Czech Version)

Join Hana Zagorová and Petr Rezek for a romantic stroll through the bread line of dreams in this Czech music video. Watch out for that streetcar, Hana!

From an Earth-man?!

See here.

So Many Kanimambos, So Little Time

I've already expressed my love for the tune Kanimambo, but can't resist posting a few more versions.

Kanimambo - Los españoles

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Keggs - To Find Out (1967)

"A band so hated in their hometown Detroit they had to change their name after every show they played".
This track features some primal screaming, unintelligible lyrics, drunken vocals and a discordant guitar track that melts the ears. Perfect recipe for a rock and roll classic.

Rare Celebrity Photos @ This Is Not Porn

As if ye old net hasn't sucked precious hours of my life already, along comes this site with photos of celebs. hamming it up for the camera, posing at dinner parties, yucking it up on the sets of classic films, etc. A period of time captured for eternity. Peer into the abyss and the hours tick away. It's safe for work 'cause This Is Not Porn.

Frasier the Randy Li'l Lion

Meeee-OW!  From 45 Blog

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes: The Eggbeater

Dead Wax offers up the tune and fledgling dance craze (that died in the nest) "The Egg Beater".

Billboard, March 3, 1962 :

« The Egg-Beater, » new release by Dale Wright and the Wright Guys on the Starburst label and an accompanying dance originated by the lads, is taking off in this sector. WKRC-TV started the Egg-Beater Dance Contest on Glenn Ryle’s « Sub-Teen Dance Party’ several weeks ago, with finals held on the Ryle show before a studio audience Saturday (24). Bob Braun, at WLW and Bob Smith and Dick Provost, of WCPO, have also been spinning the new Wright release. Next Wednesday (28), Wright and his guys introduce the Egg-Beater tune and dance on the Dick Clark TV-er.

 Bonus track - Dale Wright "She's Neat":

Two from Os Incriveis

From this album:

And my all time favorite tune from the Clevers (as they were later known) -- what could be more delightfully stupid than a song about a guy who thinks the girls love him because when he was a baby they had no talcum powder so his mother put powdered sugar on him. I LOVE it.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Society Twist

Hooray, yet another soundtrack for my descent into madness, I am unable to stop myself from downloading any album that contains a twist version of Indian Love Call, when I'm calling yooo-ooo-oo-uuuu..

UPDATE: a reader reported getting a horrible virus from this link. Follow at your own risk! Or just listen to Indian Love Call below.

Society Twist by Carl Stevens

Back to the Future

: FLOR IN 1975 & 2010, Buenos Aires

Irina Werning writes:

I love old photos. I admit being a nosey photographer. As soon as I step into someone else’s house, I start sniffing for them. Most of us are fascinated by their retro look but to me, it’s imagining how people would feel and look like if they were to reenact them today... A few months ago, I decided to actually do this. So, with my camera, I started inviting people to go back to their future.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Viva Knievel

Been humming this one all day.
Gene Kelly? Marjoe Gortner?? Red Buttons!!!

The Routers: A Serendipitous eBay Mistake

I was looking for an inexpensive wireless N router and got this high up in the results:

The Routers - never heard of 'em - but that's 'cause it looks like something my Uncle Rudy would've offered to put on the HiFi for me because it was Rock n' Roll, while I waited for him to leave so I could get at his Playboy collection (why were a naked man and woman in bed in that cartoon?) . Who knew - industrialized session men music produced for the bargain bin of the sundries aisle of the grocery.... In addition they invented, and I quote: "clap clap clapclapclap clapclapclapclap let's go!" hence the cheerleaders on the cover of their third album pictured above which featured one of their hits, Stingray, present below along with the clap-happy Let's Go.

They briefly featured Leon Russell, who presumably ruined that experience like he did everywhere else he went. Black Cat Rockabilly Europe has a pretty good history and The Routers even have a Wikipedia page, too.

I Need a Vacation

I know it sounds odd, but for the past few weeks I've been having dreams about Jim Backus. Not those kinds of dreams, silly, just...dreams. How perfect that Probe! Is Turning On The People has this nifty Backusfest/Backanal for people just like me. And maybe you, too. It's delicious!

Monkeys a Go Go

Who doesn't love cheap ripoff records like this one, cover versions of Monkees hits like "A Little Bit Me"  recorded by "The Chimps"? Get Monkeys a Go Go at Red Telephone 66.

Your Uncle Grizzly - The Chimps

El Gran Popeye

This is from Los Rockers de Vercruz, not those other Los Rockers from, well, somewhere else entirely. The are Los Rocker who do a version of Popeye the Sailorman Twist, if that helps any.

Los Rockers - El Gran Popeye

Couretsy of Sangrepesada

Edward Gorey - The Recently Deflowered Girl

As you relax to "Songs The Virgins Love", perhaps you will take a moment to reflect upon the rules of etiquette concerning a young lady in your unfortunate predicament.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Songs The Virgins Love

Bill Fleming - Mills of Old St. Croix

From Manic Mark!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Where's the party?!

LPCoverLover: Where's the party?!

Владимир Кочетов Песня о прекрасной белой ночи

After dinner: coffee and a theremin discussion.

Robert Moog and Clara Rockmore discuss the theremin over a cup of coffee. In the end we can see and hear Clara Rockmore play "Hebrew Melody" accompanied by her sister Nadia Reisenberg.

Uploaded by stockhausen

Baby trashes bar in Las Palmas

Trailer for the short movie "Las Palmas" by Johannes Nyholm.
The music, 'Låt i H-moll', was written and performed by Björn Olsson.

Uploaded by johannesnyholm

the name of the game is ...

Exploiting Plastic Inevitable

St. Vitus' Dancehall has Exploiting Plastic Inevitable, a compilation of obscure garage band music from around the world.

Los Sirex - Yo Grito

Monday, February 14, 2011

Love Bandit

I usually don't post audio-only youtubes, but this is one of my favorite songs and it's VD and all...

Listen to the Percy Trout hour tonight!

the Percy Trout hour:

Monday Night (2-14-11)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Sunday, February 13, 2011

La Máscara Que Canta

Musica muy romantico por your Valentino from La Máscara Que Canta

Romance en Seranata:


Jugo Fever

I am Jugo-mad today, listening to music from ex-Yugoslavia by Zlatni Akordi.....

Sunce sja samo za nas:

(the mystery is, why is the female singer not depicted on the cover? Or maybe they are all girls. Though I don't see any nylon windbreakers)

....and 7 Mladih

I might have paid more attention had there been more hippos and karate guys in US History class in school!

Brigitte Bardot - Brigitte (1963)

01. L' Appareil A Sous (Gainsbourg) 1:30
02. Invitango (Bolling/Riviere) 2:35
03. Les Amis de la Musique (Riviere/Spanos) 2:58
04. Pas Davantage (Klein) 2:38
05. La Madrague (Bourgeois/Riviere) 2:38
06. El Cuchipe (Cesari/Orozco/Ramirez) 2:59
07. Everybody Loves My Baby (Palmer/Williams) 2:14
08. C'Est Rigolo (Bourgeois/Riviere) 2:54

I found it here!

You can download it there or HERE!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Da Khwar Lasme Spogmay

Die,Danger,Die,Die,Kill! always satisfies. One of their latest offerings is the depraved and shameless Pakastani film, Da Khwar Lasme Spogmay.

The film's merits and storyline are expertly detailed in the post:

Despite being classified as a horror film, DKLS is in equal parts an ill conceived superhero tale, a mangy hybrid of Catwoman and The Incredible Hulk. Its heroine, Banno, is a young woman who periodically transforms into a ferocious half cat, half human creature and prowls the night in search of rapists. In the opening scene, she catches one such devil in the act, and, after gruesomely mauling him with her knife-like claws, uses her telekinetic vision to spread his legs apart so that she may more easily ram a huge tree branch up his ass. Yow! In classic Pashto film tradition, this sequence is accompanied by abundant stock footage of thunder and lighting, a blaring and ceaselessly hectoring music track, and teeth rattling sound effects that include a heavily reverbed cat's yowl.

Here's a clip for your enjoyment complete with annoying feeder graphics.

Not so sure Kenneth Anger wasn't involved in this. It's one of the stranger things I have ever seen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

ВИА Аккорд- шейк "Гарем" из к\ф Белый рояль 1968

Across the Alley from the Alamo by The Ira Ironstrings Orchestra

Weird Nightmare

Directed by Raymond Douglas Davies in 1993, Weird Nightmare documents the making of the Hal Willner's 1992 Mingus tribute record Weird Nightmare: Meditations on Mingus.
In multiple parts, just follow the numbers …

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Happy Birthday to You

This is the ultimate Happy Birthday production number, in fact I wish I could have a birthday exactly like this every year. Except for the part with the bagpipes, you can leave those out when you're planning my birthday celebration. In March. The 30th.
Found by Doug Spalding

Shocking Blue

From the Dutch band who had a big worldwide hit in the early 70s with "Venus".
Little Cooling Planet - Shocking Blue (From Rock 4 All)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Whipe it.

Mr. Dantefontana, this one's deliberate ;-)

Chuck Woolery is Naturally Stoned

Psych Spaniol has an important collection of the singles of sixties band Avant Garde, including their near mega-hit "Naturally Stoned". The band was the first taste of stardom for game show host Chuck Woolery. I'm not sure why this is important, it just IS.

Monday, February 07, 2011


See here.

Jazz from Italy, 1959

Cool jazz from Italians Basso/Valdambrini quintet. Of course I have never heard of them before because I am slowly trying to overcome the snobbish attitude that jazz needs to be played by Americans or it sounds like a re-creation. I liked this, so who knows, maybe there's hope for me yet.

Basso Valdambrini Quintet - Parlami D'Amore Mariù:

1977 Vampirella Calendar

works for 2011! art by Warren. From the fine folks at Crosseyed Cyclops.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The Johnny Pearson Orchestra X 2

Spiral and Easy Listening World have decided that the 6th of February is the international Johnny Pearson Day.
Sharing: Johnny Pearson and his orchestra - One Day In Your Life and The Johnny Pearson Orchestra - Misty Sunset.

Sukiyaki (from 'One Day In Your Life')

You've Got A Friend (The Carole King composition from 'Misty Sunset')

Tura Satana on Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill

Tura Said

I'm not going to get into a big 'in memoriam' - there's plenty of those going around now. Tura was a real kick (to put it mildly), so here's an interview I did with her in 2009 for my blog. I had readers send in questions. She was having a ball! We did this at my house and sat side-by-side.

MJ:Tell her we LOVE her!

A: Thank you!

No.6 said...

Ask TURA : "Just do it!" is her motto, what was the first thing she's done with that in mind?

A: Let's see. I got married. I married a cop (laughs.) Basically just about anything I do is what I want to do. Who can tell me no?

Mavis Martini said...

I'd like to know who HER idols are! Who does she look to for guidance?

A. My father and as far as a female idol, I don't have one. I made my own (laughs.)

6 said...
My second "ask Tura" is, to match more the DL Trade Mark : when she was a lil' girl, what was the first woman artifact she remember using to play a woman?

A. Being a Jehovah's Witness, my mother wouldn't let me wear makeup. So it was a cigarette.

My Third "Ask Tura"is, what is her first personal physical LA/Hollywood male souvenir?

A. He wants to know who was the first star I ever screwed? Tony Bennett.

Muscato said ... Ask her for some good Ted "Astrozombies" Mikels dish!

A. It depends on how high my heels were when I stepped on him.
Me: do you want to want put that on there? Tura: yes.

The Stewardess asks: What do you wear to bed?

A pair of lace panties. Even on cold nights.

Anonymous: What was the first club you worked at?

A. The first club I worked at was the Club Rendezvous, in Calumet, Illinois. The first club I ever danced in, not as a stripper, was the Tropicana, on Sunset Boulevard, in Hollywood.

DL: What was it like working with Dean Martin?

A. Great. He was a fun person to work with, and he was very easily surprised, especially when I did a backbend and was twirling my tassels without a bra on (laughs.) He got the biggest kick out of that. I told if I could rev 'em up fast enough I could fly! That day on the set - we had a closed set where supposedly nobody was supposed to come on because I was doing my strip routine - well, we had a huge audience of everyone from all the different offices! They found out when I was going to do it, and they were there!

What lot was that on?

A. That was on the main lot at Paramount Studios, Stage 3 or Stage ... not sure, but it was a huge stage. They had the Tijuana nightclub set in there. And I really would like to know who told all those people! For a closed set, we had Robert Mitchum, of course Billy Wilder (laughs) and (director) William Wyler and a lot of the different stars that were working at Paramount then. Everybody was there. I told the director Danny Mann I should have collected a fee for this and he said, "No, I oughtta!"

You were in "Our Man Flint," too, right?

A. I actually played both the dancers in the nightclub. I played the first and second one in the Marseilles nightclub. James Coburn was very funny - he was a hilarious person. He's the one who went around 20th Century Fox telling everyone that I was going to be doing the routine. Daniel Mann was also the director on that film! It seemed like every place I ever worked Danny Mann was around. He was a sweetheart. He was afraid to make love to me. We used to sleep together. But we didn't ever make love. There's a lot of weird people in Hollywood!

The Synthesizer Sound Machine

Since synthesizer music is, by definition, annoying and pointless, performing such classic tunes as ":Mouldy Old Dough" and poppy versions of Mozart melodies (an annoying subgenre to itself) on synthesizer is overkill. But since Overkill is now my married name (Native American/Indonesian, he is) that means aural bliss, courtesy of the Synthesizer Sound Machine, courtesy of Funky Frolic. That is, until I realize "Kree-rist I've been listening to seventies synth-pop for over an hour now" and promptly delete it forever.

And how's YOUR Sunday going?

Mouldy Old Dough - Synthesizer Sound Machine

Feroz Khan

Wow, Ted Lyons & his Cubs that isn't.....well, you know.
Found by Snailbooty

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Two For The Seesaw score

The score to 'Two For The Seesaw' by Andre Previn. Available thanks to In-Flight Entertainment.

Everybody's Got A Radio

Clapping Music by Steve Reich

Angie Dickenson slaps Lee Marvin in Point Blank. For a very long time. And with a beat.

Video edited and uploaded by petervanderham

(Via VideoSift)

Because sometimes...

you just need some Classels.

for Dusty

Friday, February 04, 2011