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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year

I wouldn't dare to violate a tradition overhere, so here's a 4 year old Splogman with Mr. Snowman
And here is my New Year's gift to you: my interpretion of an old Neerlands Hoop-song: Quo Vadis? (Where are you going to?) A musical effort made in between all the food and drinks around here in Zwolle:


with a message in English for everybody after the last verse.

Happy New Year

Jan (aka Splogman)

Happy New Year

mrdantefontana and sister, Brunnsparken, Simrishamn.

Gals and Pals!

A New Year coming up in just a few hours (depending on where you're located of course!).
The tradition here says that I should post an old photography involving my own pretty face.

This year, however, there are 2 pretty faces (the other one is slightly prettier I honestly must admit).
Me and one of my sisters (the 2:nd sister wasn't around yet).
Me dressed in fashionably and politically correct (for that time) Mah Jong (swedish design label).
I think the year must have been 1975 (or perhaps 1974).

Happy New Year everybody!

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Anna-Lisa Med Orkester

Ok, New Year's Eve is coming up really soon. Let's celebrate with the wonderful but strange voice of Anna-Lisa Ingemansson.
Magnus tells us:"One of the more famous Swedish outsider musicians are Anna-Lisa Ingemansson, with a unique voice she has reached deep into many musiclovers heart ..."
Anna-Lisa Ingemansson - Med Orkester

Friday, December 29, 2006

Old and new, prog and symfo rock at radio Zwolle

Today my friend Martinka presented a two hour radioshow on prog and symfo:

first hour (old and sometimes obscure progrock, but also the weirdomusic christmas mix)

second hour (historical jazz-rock and recent Polish, French and Dutch symfo-rock)

Sexy comic covers 1

AXA is the title of a newspaper comic strip which was published in British daily tabloid The Sun from 1978 to 1986. It was written by Donne Avenell and drawn by Enrique Badia Romero.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Berry Lipman

Berry Lipman (real name Friedel Berlipp) began his musical career at the age of seven with classical violin lessons and compositional studies. Although he lost two fingers of his hand in a war injury and had to switch from violin to guitar, he got his first professional engagement as a musician in 1945. He soon got the chance to arrange for several radio stations until the first recording company (Decca) called for his services. Three years later he became chief arranger, studio orchestra leader and house composer for EMI Germany, where he tailored hits for Gitte, Conny Froboess, Chris Howland, Lale Andersen, Cliff Richard and many others. When he moved on to Ariola in 1961, he added work with international artists such as Charles Aznavour, Dalida and Zarah Leander to his list of accomplishments. The German branch of Vogue offered him the position of production head in 1964, where he produced Petula Clark, Pat Boone, Billy Vaughn and JonnyTeupen, among others. At this time, his publisher came up with the idea for him to change his name to something more international sounding. Berry Lipman was born. Since 1967, Berry Lipman has worked steadily as a freelance producer. With the singer James Lloyd he hit it big with an international number one song, "Keep On Smiling". In the same year, Lipman founded the Berry Lipman Orchestra, for which he created what's been dubbed the original "Berry Lipman Sound".
(Bio text from moviegrooves.com)

"The Girls from Paramaribo" by Berry Lipman (single track)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

If necessary

If necessary world peace would be forced upon by great military power.
(Markus, VPRO-gids dec.23 2006)

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Variation on A Christmas Carol

with strangely familiar actors ...

page 1
page 2

Taken from the Dutch comic magazine PEP dec 27 1969. No need to translate, for it's the good old Dickens story adapted by Henk Albers and Jan van Gelderen.

more pep

Saturday, December 23, 2006

For a wonderful time

Get in spirit with Sister Rosetta Tharpe,

Added by comehome

The Smoking Flintstones

This week Joseph Barbera died 95 years old. Joseph Barbera was one of the last living cartoon makers of bygone days. Together with Willian Hanna, who died five years ago he formed one of the mightiest of modern cartoon companies, Hanna - Barbera.
(via Keep Swinging a bi-lingual Dutch jazz-blog, that published it's 300th entry today)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Strange Christmas Sounds at radio Zwolle

The special Christmas show of Vreemde Geluiden, broadcasted this afternoon at Radio Zwolle is now ready for download:

first hour (alt. downloads: rapidshare - yousendit)

with several versions of Jingle Bells, a Dutch record with swinging ski-exercises and prog rock christmas songs

second hour (alt. downloads: rapidshare - yousendit )

starting off with a local Christmas party hit ("Hang the balls in the tree") finishing with a Christmas exotica-mix by Ton Rückert, with (a.o.):

Herman Apple, ses carillons et ses percussions - J'ai vu maman embrasser le Père Noël
The Jethros - Silent night
Koreann Children's Choir - Jingle bells
John Klein - Jingle bells
Saint Nick - Jingle bells all the way
Tiny Tim - I saw mommy kissing Santa Claus
Recyclophonics featuring the 3 Barbra's - Streisand night mix
Ellis Chadbourne - Holy night
John Lennon - Christmas poem

Update: Ton's exoticaring X-mas-mix is downloadable seperately now:


Percy Trout - Xmas Night!

the Percy Trout hour
Xmas Night!

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
from all over the Globe!

Listen to a LIVE Show Tonight (Monday, December 25, 2006... 8pm - 10pm EST-USA):

Listen Online!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Feliz navi nada

The aperitivo radio show is on christmas holydays, in a secret place by the sea.
But i can't let you go like that. Just have a look at the unique and incredible, most lovely El VEz christmas party.
For those of you who don't already know him try it like that, "El-Vis".
More than just another impersonator, he is El Magnifico El vez.

Merry Xmas to all of you.

Truly Yours Monsieur Aperitivo

Atomic christmas

I just received this christmas greeting card from my sisters family.
(Löjliga familjen, vi ses förhoppningsvis imorgon!
Hoppas strålningskadorna avtagit en smula då.)

In reality they look pretty ok (especially in a dim lit room).
Note: "God Jul" is "Merry Christmas" in Swedish.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"Mike Shayne" photo paperback covers

more More MORE!

Monday, December 18, 2006

The audio for Christmas is served

Hi folks.

During the last 3 weeks I have been monitoring the web for Christmas audio. The result is the two permanent, mp3 filled socks (or at least the reindeer links will take you to them) you find in this post.
Thanks to all the blogs and sites out there sharing the christmas spirit.
And a specially warm Christmas greeting to Ernie (Not Bert) . If you just want to stick to one place to get your christmas hi-fi satisfaction I guarantee you that Ernie's blog IS the place. And he just promised "to start really rolling out the goodies for you". That is indeed a quite remarkable statement after the latest month's christmas audio extravaganza. Is this a miracle of Christmas or what!?

Also big thanks to those of you who sent me links and tips.

Those 2 posts have reached the end station. They will not be updated anymore. So, please do not send me more links or requests. Thanks. Now - hit the download button and get ready.

Merry Christmas!

/Z aka Sebastian

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Pink Christmas

"Mr. Pinky Claws". Image above slightly cropped. Click it to view origial post over at Flickr.
Photo added to by naturesbest

Pink Christmas Pool at Flickr.

Tv Lust X-MAS Special '99

Seattle Public Access show TV LUST with their X-MAS Special from 1999

"Jeezus Chrisst!!

Enjoy at YouTube:
Tv Lust XMAS 1999 #1
Tv Lust XMAS 1999 #2
Tv Lust XMAS 1999 #3
(All videos added by SantasClaws)

Pulp Xmas

Added by veverkap

(via BoingBoing)
Note: Poor sound quality

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Sivuca 1930-2006

Martin Klasch reports that Sivuca (real name: Severino Dias deOliveira) died Thursday, December 14, 2006.
What a musician! And what a lovely beard! He'll be missed.

Swedish television broadcast from 1969
Video clip added by thomasraden

Martin Klasch pays tribute to Sivuca by serving you a re-post of "Guitar & Accordion" recorded 1969 in Stockholm. Also a very nice slide show imagery of Sivuca, the Santa Claus of Bossa Nova.

Happy Customers

The original Advertisement was dug up by The Cartoonist.

Ads from Israel newspapers back in 1967

Some advertisements from Israel newspapers of 1967 at Vintage Photographs.

Judith Supine

Click images for better view at source.

Judith Supine (photos at Flickr), street art, collage style.
The artist in action - a nice short how-to movie at YouTube.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Holiday Freakin Freakout

Otis Fodder shares his holiday mix for this year's christmas (and also the 2002 holiday mix). There is a lot of weird and unusual jingle bell beats going on on this i'll tell you!
For a complete off-beat christmas party that goes on for hours see also the post for Wild X-Mas With The Bomarr Monk.
Take A Ride On Santa's Rocket!
Holiday Freakin 2006 / Holiday Freakout 2002

Raymond Scott - Soothing Sounds For Baby

From X-Y-Z Cosmonaut's Cosmoblog:

"If you enjoyed Manhattan Research Inc, then this set is a must-own. Raymond Scott's series of early electronic music made to help your baby go to sleep... Aaaah - look at that cute cover! Ga ga gooooo!
From Amazon: Alongside apple-cheeked watercolor paintings of infants, the original cover design for the Soothing Sounds series of records bore the charming inscription, "An Infant's Friend in Sound." Composer Harry Warnow was already legendary (as "Raymond Scott") for his whimsical electronic and big-band novelty musics. With this 1962-63 series, Scott turned his astonishing array of invented and modified keyboards and recording techniques toward pure electronic music with an infant-friendly spin. Intended as "aural toys" for the nursery, Soothing Sounds' deceptively simple "tic-tocs" and unthreatening seesaw melodies play on the calming properties of repetition--much like music boxes, Fisher-Price's mobiles, and the comforting "Again!" video mentality of the Teletubbies. Despite endorsement from the Gesell Institute of Child Development, the records sold poorly. But they had a curious afterlife, prefiguring such "adult" descendents as ambient music ("invented" by Brian Eno in 1975) and the mechanical pop-tronic textures of Kraftwerk and Gary Numan."

Soothing Sounds For Baby: Electronic Music By Raymond Scott Volumes 1-3
Basta Records

Get 'em here!

[Edit by mrdantefontana:]
Weirdomusic informs us that this item is still in print. Check comments for more information on where to get it.

Download the Percy Trout hour!

the Percy Trout hour

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
from all over the Globe!

Download another show from the Archives!
This one from July 10, 2006:

Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Jet-Set Modern collection

Motobecane Cady, France, 1968
Click image for better view at source.

The Jet-Set Modern collection - Vintage posters from the 60s and 70s: Travel, Advertising and Sport. (via Coudal Partners)

R.I.P. Robert Long

Bob Leverman a.k.a. Robert Long died at the age of 63. He suffered from a severe form of cancer after being completely recovered from a heart attack last year.
In the Netherlands he was most famous as a Dutch language singer songwriter of protest songs, but the last few years more and more of mellow songs about life in general and about homosexuality in specific. He started his career as lead singer of the band Unit Gloria with English language flower power semi-religious songs.

Their most famous hit "the last seven days" appeared almost exactly two years ago in 52 weeks



Monday, December 11, 2006

La Virgen de Xtabay

"Flea market images of the Virgin Mary (most notably the Virgin of Guadalupe) join together to sing Yma Sumac's "Voice of the Xtabay"."

Geniously shot, directed and edited by Lex10 of GlyphJockey (more info about the video at the entry).

Colonel Baxter i presume

Cow boys talking of modern art, goatees problem, seafood salad difficulties, impossible love, Robin Hood and stupefaction because "Uncle Edgar usually only coated his left leg in mayonnaise whilst whistling the theme music from Dr. Zhivago".

Those are essentials matters and essentials Glen Baxter's drawings.

"Glen Baxter is an artist in the distinguished tradition of Lewis Carroll, Sax Rohmer, Marquis de Sade, Raymond Roussel, Luther Burbank and the Comte de Lautreamont" (John Ashberry, The New York Times)

"Mr Baxter betrays all the ominous symptoms of genius" (Edward Gorey)

Work hard, think hard, play hard

Work hard, think hard, play hard, is the new Aperitivo radio show. This week a subject i like to talk, think about, a cruel one WORK.

With a little help from Jonathan Richman, Crystal Castles, Karen Dalton, Minimal Compact, Nicole Willis and a lot more.

Kiss caress and more until next time.

Ferenc Puskás 1927-2006

Puskás Ferenc (at christmas time) Photo by Hemzô Károly

Ferenc Puskás, 1927-2006 - "Hungary’s and to many, the world’s premier football-wonder, top-class player of the "Golden Team". The only one who managed to rise to the top even abroad, leading Real Madrid to the glory of winning the European Cup, playing for both the Hungarian and later the Spanish national team. ..."

Homage to Ferenc Puskás by photographer Károly Hemz (via gmtPlus9 (-15))

Ferenc Puskás at Wikipedia
Ferenc Puskás - International Football Hall of Fame
Ferenc Puskas' 4 goals in the 1960 European Cup Final. See him in action at YouTube.
Gary Lineker interviews Ferenc Puskas and other Hungarian legends (also YouTube)
The funeral procession of Ferenc Puskas (in Budapest on December 9) (YouTube)

One of the greatest football players ever.

Listen to Percy Trout Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
from all over the Globe!

Listen to a LIVE Show Tonight (Monday, December 11, 2006... 8pm - 10pm EST-USA):

Listen Online!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Fantastic Planet

Some screencaps from the animated sci-fi movie La planète sauvage (Directed by René Laloux in 1973) aka Fantastic Planet at Nostalgia Party No. 2

10:58 clip from start.

Video clip added by WalleyTV

If you want to see the whole movie at YouTube - go ahead, knock yourself out: Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7

Crazy Christmas

These 2 clickable "buttons" are now placed in the sidebar.
The original Christmas Audio post has now been cut into two handy halves.
The original post was too big and took much too long time to publish.

Am I crazy? Perhaps.

Twisted Sister - Oh Come All Ye Faithful


Added by mcurrie12866

Dayton, Nevada late '70s

Hangin' out in Dayton, Nevada in the late '70s. A part of the fantastic HPS empire. Thanks to Benbenek for the reminder.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Thanks Mr. Fuglesang. Right back at you!

Best Christmas Song?

Ok, last year I asked you which christmas song/carol is the worst.

Now I ask You about your favorite christmas song.

It can't be this? Can it?

/Zanta aka mp3-nosed reindeer.

First song-poem

The guy (apparently his name is Tony Vosik) who runs the Poems For Songs blog (mentioned here just a little while ago) has posted the first finished song-poem. It's a track called "Technicolor Tomorrows" and it's based on a poem by someone named Shawn Kiser.
And it's really good! Psychedelic pop at it's best. Check it out!

the Munsters (paper dolls)

Atomic Tattoo

Conelrad tells us about weird cold war projects aimed to tattoo blood-types on citizens:
"One of the stranger civil defense measures resorted to during the early Cold War was the practice of having school children wear emergency identification dog tags in preparation for an atomic attack. ...
A lesser known, but infinitely more bizarre initiative that was promoted during this same panicky period was the tattooing of blood-types on citizens in anticipation of the sure-to-be chaotic medical triage environment that would follow an enemy bombing. ...

We would like to conclude this edition of Atomic Secrets by asking all readers 50 years of age and older to raise their left arm in front of a mirror. If you have a blood-type tattoo and an interesting, formerly repressed memory to go along with it, we'd love to hear from you. German war criminals need not reply"
Read more about The Atomic Tattoo.


It's not too hard to agree with Robert Berry on his choice of The Worst Christmas Song Ever: "... Seriously, that keyboard is one of the most annoying accompaniments ever captured on audio. It sounds like some kid with hooks for fingers and Parkinson's Disease is slamming on some used Casio that Paul found at a thrift store. Those echo effects that kick in make me want to shove candy canes into my ears to make the pain stop.
And the "DING DONG DING DONG DING...WHOOOOOOOO WHOOOOOOO!" vocals sound like leftovers from some sort of Special Olympics victory song. ..."

For a not so Wonderful Christmas Time click here (or simply NOT!).

Note: Let's not forget last years discussion (where this very track is mentioned first of all!) on the subject.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Blogger people: Your input on Blogger Beta.

Shall I switch to Blogger Beta?
I'm allowed to do that as from today.

Your input please!

Thanks in advance.


Updated: Problem solved. Blogger.com is no longer offering me to go Blogger Beta. Can you believe it!!!
Anyway. Thanks for your feedback on this. If they offer me this "service" somewhere in the future I have decided not to upgrade. I am happy about the look and feel of this blog as it is. Chances are, if going Beta, that there will be severe problems transferring the current template to Beta mode if I have informed myself correctly. That is because I have done major changes (to make it look and behave the way I want!) to the original template.
I will not risk that. I want this blog to look the way it does.

Ray Harryhausen Creature List

"... Arguably, Ray Harryhausen's creations aren't the most realistic in the realm of special effects, nor will his films ever join the ranks of cinema's classics. Yet Ray's touch can be instantly recognized. His creations are absolutely alive; in each frame his creatures move, twitch, breathe, act with a personality and pathos that can only be ascribed to a direct connection to Ray. ..."
Ray Harryhausen Creature List (via Quiddity)
Click the name of the creature you have a special interest in to see a short quick-time clip of the stop animated creations in action.

But even better ...

"The four and a half minute compliation of every Ray Harryhausen animated creature in feature films, presented in chronological order."
Video Added by matbergman (via The Nonist)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snaildartha:The Story of Jerry the Christmas Snail

" ... The story hasn't changed too much since it debuted. It was one of those ideas that I always wanted to revisit, so here it is, reborn as a soul jazz record. Well, a soul jazz record about a Christmas snail, that's really just a thinly veiled retelling of the life of Buddha. But isn't that what Christmas is all about; Jazz, Buddhism, and Snails. Well, it has as much to do with Christmas as a fat guy with a thing for elves. ..." [quoted from the liner notesof the original release]
Snaildartha:The Story of Jerry the Christmas Snail (thanks to Chris for the heads up on this)

A Wild X-Mas With The Bomarr Monk???

O, Yeah. Definitely.

Last year, Bomarr put together and shared the excellent 'Wild Christmas with the Bomarr Monk' ("A 50-minute continuous mix featuring Grand Buffet, Wesley Willis, Daniel Johnston, Little Marcy, Wild Man Fischer, Suicide, Tiny Tim and much more.").

Now it is time for Volume 2. It's another continous mix of strange, outsider-ish, obscure or just plain fun tracks ("featuring Audio Two, Hasil Adkins, Crafty Ladies, Paska, Erlend Oye, Mojo Nixon, George W Bush and much more").
It is time for another Wild X-Mas With The Bomarr Monk!

Both compilations are available as 2 .rar files at the site.

To help Bomarr save some of his precious bandwidth you can also chose to download both the comps as uploaded by me (same tracks - same high quality).
- Wild Christmas With The Bomarr Monk, Vol. 1 (70,5 MB at files.ww)
- Wild X-mas With The Bomarr Monk, Vol. 2 (108 MB at sendspace)
(or alternatively at files.ww as 3 seperate files: Wild X-mas Vol2 Part1 (track 1-12), Wild X-mas Vol2 Part2 (track 13-24) and then the cover art work.)

shameful ladies

More shame exhibited here.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The mother of all christmas audio posts this year ...

... is soon to be grandmother.
It's almost a blog of it's own. It's getting harder and harder to publish. I will stretch it just a little bit more - then it'll be divided into two separate, but corresponding posts. Santa is mighty.


Italien visual artists at the site of writer Lisa Massei

(perhaps a tiny bit nsfw)