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Friday, December 15, 2006

Raymond Scott - Soothing Sounds For Baby

From X-Y-Z Cosmonaut's Cosmoblog:

"If you enjoyed Manhattan Research Inc, then this set is a must-own. Raymond Scott's series of early electronic music made to help your baby go to sleep... Aaaah - look at that cute cover! Ga ga gooooo!
From Amazon: Alongside apple-cheeked watercolor paintings of infants, the original cover design for the Soothing Sounds series of records bore the charming inscription, "An Infant's Friend in Sound." Composer Harry Warnow was already legendary (as "Raymond Scott") for his whimsical electronic and big-band novelty musics. With this 1962-63 series, Scott turned his astonishing array of invented and modified keyboards and recording techniques toward pure electronic music with an infant-friendly spin. Intended as "aural toys" for the nursery, Soothing Sounds' deceptively simple "tic-tocs" and unthreatening seesaw melodies play on the calming properties of repetition--much like music boxes, Fisher-Price's mobiles, and the comforting "Again!" video mentality of the Teletubbies. Despite endorsement from the Gesell Institute of Child Development, the records sold poorly. But they had a curious afterlife, prefiguring such "adult" descendents as ambient music ("invented" by Brian Eno in 1975) and the mechanical pop-tronic textures of Kraftwerk and Gary Numan."

Soothing Sounds For Baby: Electronic Music By Raymond Scott Volumes 1-3
Basta Records

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[Edit by mrdantefontana:]
Weirdomusic informs us that this item is still in print. Check comments for more information on where to get it.