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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Berry Lipman

Berry Lipman (real name Friedel Berlipp) began his musical career at the age of seven with classical violin lessons and compositional studies. Although he lost two fingers of his hand in a war injury and had to switch from violin to guitar, he got his first professional engagement as a musician in 1945. He soon got the chance to arrange for several radio stations until the first recording company (Decca) called for his services. Three years later he became chief arranger, studio orchestra leader and house composer for EMI Germany, where he tailored hits for Gitte, Conny Froboess, Chris Howland, Lale Andersen, Cliff Richard and many others. When he moved on to Ariola in 1961, he added work with international artists such as Charles Aznavour, Dalida and Zarah Leander to his list of accomplishments. The German branch of Vogue offered him the position of production head in 1964, where he produced Petula Clark, Pat Boone, Billy Vaughn and JonnyTeupen, among others. At this time, his publisher came up with the idea for him to change his name to something more international sounding. Berry Lipman was born. Since 1967, Berry Lipman has worked steadily as a freelance producer. With the singer James Lloyd he hit it big with an international number one song, "Keep On Smiling". In the same year, Lipman founded the Berry Lipman Orchestra, for which he created what's been dubbed the original "Berry Lipman Sound".
(Bio text from moviegrooves.com)

"The Girls from Paramaribo" by Berry Lipman (single track)