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Saturday, December 31, 2005

The only way is Up!

The little fat thing in the golden seat is mrdantefontana, model '70 waving and wishing a Happy New Year to you all.
Thanks for all nice comments and emails during 05.
Special thanks and well-wishings go out to the PCL contributors: Carl, Jan, Heather, P-E Fronning, HTMPL Prod. and Roland (guest blogger in May).

Happy New Year!

/Z aka Sebastian, The PCL Headquarters

Friday, December 30, 2005

Epiclectic's Vintage Vinyl

"When you think "organ celebration", you picture a parrot pecking the head lice from a nubile aerobics instructor, right?"
(Click parrot)

EPICLECTIC'S VINTAGE VINYL exists for EVERYONE who owned a vinyl record, and enjoyed the album cover artwork - maybe even more than the music.
Epiclectic's Vintage Vinyl.
Another record cover site, you might say and ... sigh. But this is a truly fun and enjoyable place. Bravo! I say. Check it out! (via Sexy Album Record Covers)

earnest little cartoon guy

Out through the back entrance of the Happy Palace stormed a little fellow called earnest little cartoon guy. He's talkative and fun.

Willie Dynamite

Willie Dynamite (Music Score Composed & Conducted By J.J. Johnson) a very generous and groovy New Years gift from RecordBrother.


If you are interested in being a contributor (guestblogging) here for a week next year please send me a mail and we'll discuss the dates and arrangements. Variety is fun. This page is fun. Internet is fun.
mrdantefontana at gmail.com

/Z aka Sebastian

Punx, rockers and bikers

2 great sets at Flickr: London punx 1982-1985 & London punx (2) uploaded by GôDiNô (also please check out his set with Rockers and Bikers, yeah THIS is rock'n'roll!). (via FlickrBlog)
If you want more great photos of London punks (and probably more famous ones) check out this post earlier on here at PCL.

Mmm Nice!

Bob Thompson - Mmm Nice!
Sandy Warner is nice indeed!
Uploaded at Pinicchio´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tea time.

7 Drinks of Mankind: Tea.
In the marvelous series of posts dedicated to 7 Drinks Of Mankind (earlier on PCL here and here) Chris on Locust St. is now ready to serve us a good warm cup of tea in the good company of Bud Powell, The Kinks (Yeah, the whole band is there hanging out), and the Symphony Orchestra of Beijing (and more if that's not enough!).

Thief with good taste.

This is a good blog. Good work! ;-) Note: Don't click any of the links in side bar.

Updated: I told you! Great blogging!

Spiritual Healing

Zu (feat. Okapi) Vs. Dalek - Spiritual Healing.
(Note: Beware of the loading time! Fantastic art/music experience in the end of the line though.)
A project delivered to us by 47thFloor.


Möllevången, Malmö. Dec. 29 2005.
Taken with my mobile phone (cell phone) from my kitchen window this morning.
Snökaos' (Google Images)

I say: Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Wilfred Thesiger Web Gallery

'A house being built using bundles of gasab (giant reeds), bent to form the supporting arches. Marshes, Iraq, 1956' (Click image)

"Explorer whose mystic vision rejected the modern technological world in favour of the tribes people of Africa and the Arabian deserts" (Obituary in Guardian Unlimited)
Wilfred Thesiger Web Gallery at PittRivers Museum. (via LinkFilter.net)

Christian Northeast

Christian Northeast - Illustration and animation. (via RaShOmoN)

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Bongo Toons

Rat: Bribe
Cat: Why is he so large?
Man: Catch him anyway!
T-shirt: government
In cartoons by King Kinya

Bongo Toons - Cartoons & Comics in Tanzania (via PLEP)

The Original Wicked Lester Session

Before KISS there was Wicked Lester - The Original Wicked Lester Session (1972). Go get it at kosstac mina.

Updated: Here it is as 1 zip file at YouSendIt.

Welcome to Podsville!

Welcome to Podsville! - vinyl transfers. (via Exotica)

Enoch Light Discotheque

"Prepare, dear disquaires, to become the Suave of Swank as you spin this album during the holidays! ...", says Hepcat Willy offering us Enoch Light - Discotheque.

Berni Wrightson Retrospective...

"... And now it's DARK! That about sums it up. Some of THE scariest stuff you'll ever see. Period. ..."
A Brief Berni Wrightson Retrospective... at datajunkie.

Clay Sculpture by Yu Qingcheng

Old Farmer 王老五
Click old man for larger view at source.

Clay Sculpture by Yu Qingcheng (via Sex?)

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Xmas, beautiful people!

It's that time of year again - the Liza's Pills Christmas show! Be sure to tune in for Tiny Tim, loungey Xmas tunes, Spike Jones, and more!

Find me on CJSR, 88.5 FM in Edmonton, Canada, www.cjsr.com everywhere else, 6-7 p.m. MST!

Ray Patin

Illustrations by Ray Patin at ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog

(Via Martin Klasch)

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Mrdantefontana!

Martin Klasch would like to honor Mrdantefontana's (contributor to Martin Klasch) birthday by sending him some x-rayed (and strip-searched) flowers and some tortas and other nice posters. May your new year be a jolly one and keep the good stuff coming!

(via RaShOmoN).

Regarding the "tortas"-poster (above to the right) Steve Worth director of ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project commented:

"That poster you like is by Ernesto Garcia Cabral, an amazing illustrator from Mexico. I plan to feature his work this Spring in a posting to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive Project Blog. In the meantime, check out this poster by Cabral from the same site...

Thanks for the info Steve and keep up the great work!
To everybody else: go visit Steve's blog!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Week 41 - Merry Christmas!! Do not unwrap until Christmas!

This Upload has been updated and is on-line as from 2010!

From all of us to all of you: we wish you a merry Christmas! What a better way to spend Christmas eve than in the company of Wild Man Fischer. This 1968 legendary master piece has yet to see a re-release. Frank Zappa's widow owns the right and she doesn’t think it does Frank justice as producer and artist. Understandably the family don’t want anything to do with Larry Fischer since he once went berserk at their home nearly injuring their daughter, and thereafter Frank banned him. Larry’s story aren’t a happy one. We won’t repeat it here yet another time. If you want to know more check it out in Irwin Chusid´s excellent book Songs In The Key of Z. Larrys debut double-album An Evening With Wild Man Fischer remains the epitome of what any outsider has committed to vinyl. It’s bizarre, catchy, frightening and, towards the end, even painful to listen to as Larry lays his soul bare. To quote from Franks liner notes: Please listen to this album several times before you decide whether or not you like it or what Wild Man Fischer is all about. He has something to say to you, even though you might not want to hear it.

Side One: The Basic Fischer

01. Merry-Go-Round
02. New Kind of Songs For Sale
03. "I'm Not Shy Anymore!"
04. "Are You From Clovis?"
05. The Madness And The Ecstacy

Side Two: Larry's Songs, Unaccompanied

06. Which Way Did the Freaks Go?
07. I'm Working For the Federal Bureau of Narcotics
08. The Leaves Are Falling
09. 85 Times
10. Cops & Robbers
11. Monkeys Versus Donkeys
12. Start Life Over Again
13. The Mope
14. Life Brand New
15. Who Did It Johnny?
16. Think of Me When Your Clothes Are Off
17. Taggy Lee
18. Rhonda
19. I Looked Around You
20. Jennifer Jones

Side Three: Some Historical Notes

01. The Taster
02. The Story of The Taster
03. The Rocket Rock
04. The Rocket Rock Explanation & Dialog
05. Dream Girl
06. Dream Girl Explanation
07. Serrano Beach
08. Success Will Not Make Me Happy
09. Wild Man On The Strip Again

Side Four: In Conclusion

10. Why I Am Normal
11. The Wild Man Fischer Story
12. Balling Isn't Everything
13. Ugly Beautiful Girl
14. Larry & His Guitar
15. Circle
16. Larry Under Pressure

Download at files.ww> The complete 'An Evening with Wild Man Fischer' (incl. the front cover) as 1 deliciously packaged zip file (75 MB).

Download at MediaFire> The complete 'An Evening with Wild Man Fischer' (incl. the front cover) as 1 neatly and sweetly packaged zip file (75 MB).

Here you can find the download for the First Sunday of Advent.
Here you can find the download for the Second Sunday of Advent.
Here you can find the download for the Third Sunday of Advent.
Here you can find the download for the 4th Sunday of Advent.

HTMPL Productions and mrdantefontana rise their glasses filled of Christmas beer cheering:
Merry Christmas hipsters!

Also: Find Bonus material here!!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Holiday break

I'm off! Back in a week or so.
Merry! Merry! Click Santa if you want more Christmas.

/Z aka Sebastian

Christmas Audio Cover Art

Heino - Deutche Weihnacht ... und festliche lieder.
Click to view at source. Some christmas album covers uploaded to Flickr by LORAC!.

101 Of Our Favourite Christmas Albums and Some Bizarre Ones! (via The Entroporium)

Merry Christmas, Baby! (A Christmas Record Collection. Huge!)

Christmas With The Superheroes & Six Million Dollar Man - Four Exciting Christmas Adventures uploaded by dogwelder.

King of Jingaling's Vintage Christmas Albums, set at Flickr.

More about the 1956 Decorating Book

I posted about this 1956 Decorating Book here. It was a set uploaded by Wardomatic (Ward Jenkins). Now he posts a more in-depth detail about the artwork on his blog: The Ward-O-Matic.
You'll learn what groovy illustrations like that may inspire you to do!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Christmas Audio to Choke on, Last Part

Yuletide Greetings from Crud Crud (and also a greeting from Harry Kari & His Six Saki Sippers.)

Have Yourself A Filthy Little Christmas (by And What Will Be Left Of Them?) at songs:illinois. Great punk pop fun!

Shonen Knife - Space Christmas at Little Hits.

Celebrity Mas Part 2 at Christmas Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else.

What would the Christmas audio community have done without Ernie (Not Bert)? He is the King.

I'll Be Home For Christmas by The Living Trio at FaLaLaLaLa.

More Christmas Audio to Choke on: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6 and Part 7.

Thank you for your interest!

Blog phenomenas

A rock celebrity visits Michelle's blog.
Content rip-off blogs gets shit in their faces (unbeknowing of it).

Gift me!!!! (Post 2000)

My Birthday is coming up (Dec 21). Why not eh?

Updated: This was post 2000 at PCL LinkDump. Huh, It's not just me getting old here...

Week 40 - Christmas Countdown, 4th Sunday of Advent

Fully On-Line as from 2010.

We light our fourth and last advent candle, before Santa comes around with his hefty package next week, by listening to a blond angel. In 1979, as she was elected the leading candidate for Lista del Sol (Italia’s first green party) Ilona Staller celebrated by releasing her first disco LP. A rather innocent and straightforward album considering that Ilona is more well known as Cicciolina. As far as disco goes its not that bad. Then, in 1985, she changed party to Partito Radicale, starting her fight against nuclear energy, starvation and for human rights. Of course there had to be another disco album as well, 'Muscolo Rosso'. If the previous one had been innocent this one went all the way with its bizarre mix of political topics and kinky sex. The two weirdest tracks on this are "Black Sado" and "Perversion". We also thought we might let you have a listen to the goofy Italian disco take of "Satisfaction". In 1989 Ilona did her last porno film and, you guessed it, there was more disco. This time it was a three track picture disc maxi single. Her first outing was quite good, the second bizarre, but this, the third, is just off. In 2002 she tried to campaign in her native Hungary but failed to collect enough signatures for a non party campaign; we’re still waiting for the disco album.

Also see: Cicciolina as art. Ilona and Jeff. NSFW.

Ilona Staller
01. I was made for dancin´
02. Pane marmellata e me
03. Labbra
04. Benihana
05. Lascia l ultimo sallo per me
06. Cavallina cavallo
07. It´s all up to you
08. Professor of percussions
09. Piu' su sempre piu' su
10. Save the last dance for me
11. I Was made for dancin´ (discomix)

Cicciolina - from Muscolo Rosso
12. Black Sado
13. Perversion
14. Satisfaction

Cicciolina - Twelve inch picture disc
15. San Francisco Dance
16. Living in my paradise
17. My Sexy Shop

Download> Ilona Staller/Cicciolina (incl. the front cover of "Ilona Staller") as 1 big sexy zip file (71 MB) at files.ww
Download> Ilona Staller/Cicciolina (incl. the front cover of "Ilona Staller") as 1 great, sensual zip file (71 MB) at MediaFire.

Here you can find the download for the First Sunday of Advent.
Here you can find the download for the Second Sunday of Advent.
Here you can find the download for the Third Sunday of Advent.

Sex, drugs and Russian girls

"Nambavan lives in the Russian republic of Tatarstan. He began composing music on his first pc in 2000 and got expelled from guitar lessons for not remembering the songs a few years later. Nowadays he works with his pc, a $80 guitar and a Casio keyboard. His musical diet consists of Blondie, the Sex Pistols, Cerrone, Sonic Youth, Jimi Hendrix, Iggy Pop, The Doors, Giorgio Moroder, Donna Summer, Madonna, Supermax, and the Bee Gees. ..."
Nambavan - Sex, drugs and Russian girls, a WM Recordings release.
Earlier release with Nambavan on WM Recordings: Chechnya on a dance floor.


"Islamic patterns and American quilts and the colours and geometry of flags as an abstract field of reflection."
Collision animated (windows media 8 format) by Max Hattler. (via Cartoon Brew)

James W Johnson

"The Old House" (Click image for large view at source)

James W Johnson's Art Archive (Over 700 paintings, drawings, sculptures and prints from 1980 thru 2005.) Impressive. (via Jaf Project)

More Francis Lai

We posted about Lai's soundtrack to "A Man and A Woman". Now On The Flipside joins in with another soundtrack scored by Francis Lai in the later half of the 60's: Vivre Pour Vivre (Live For Life, IMDb).

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Triumph catalogues

Front page Catalogue Triumph 1935.

Catalogue Triumph 1935 - Catalogue Triumph 1950 - Catalogue Triumph 1954 - Catalogue Triumph 1960 - Catalogue Triumph 1962 - Catalogue Triumph 1965 - Catalogue Triumph 1968 at Motos Classiques Anglaises (via Agence Eureka)

Christmas Audio to Choke on Part 7

Kay Martin & Her Body Guards - I Know What He Wants For Christmas (But I Don't Know How To Wrap It) at The Groove Grotto. Go get IT now!

The 2005 Holiday Hodgepodge, podcasted from Coverville.

Have A Something, Something Christmas (I Want You To Spend A Lot To Prove You Love Your Family) Vol. 1, Vol. 2, Vol. 3 and Vol. 4. A lot of love and Christmas spirit put into these comps I'd say! At Something Old, Something New.

Womenfolk has a lot of - surprise!- women doing the FaLaLaLaLa routine.

A Party for Santa Claus - Lord Nelson at Keep the Coffee Coming.

"The Quiz Kids Christmas Party" at Pop Debris!

Celebrity Mas at MYPWHAE. (And the "forgotten" Kiddie Christmas, Part 4)

More Christmas Audio to Choke on: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5 and Part 6.

Wild Christmas with the Bomarr Monk

Matt of the Bomarr blog is sharing a fantastic 50 minute continuous christmas mix cd with his friends and the outsider music community.
(Incl. "stars" like Daniel Johnston, Little Marcy, Wild Man Fischer, Wesley Willis, Tiny Tim, the Ramones, Suicide, Grand Buffet and much more.).
I've uploaded this mix to Momoshare (2 zip files, in which the last one contains the cover art).
Track 1-12 at Momoshare.
Track 13-24 (incl. the cover art) also at Momoshare.
Or you can go here to download each track individually.

Aperitivo Radio Show

Aperitivo Radio Show: New Show Up (and it's called
I Know Where Arthur Cravan Lives).

A Man and a Woman

Francis Lai's brilliant soundtrack to Claude Lelouch’s 'Un homme et une femme' (A Man and a Woman) available at Flickhead.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Dirty Books

Dirty Books. An extremely tasty set of NSFW pulp cover art at Flickr. Uploaded by Rev. Slaughter. (sort of via Xeni)

Updated: Rev. Slaughter's account went private. No photo's available. Sorry.

Pop Goes the World

Since I'm now the official pop culture columnist (bwaa ha!), I figured I'd address the issue of the importance of pop culture. Or maybe Mr. Dante Fontana told me to address it. Whatever.

(I just realized for the first time his name is Dante Fontana, as opposed to Dan Fontana. Maybe next week I'll write a column about paying attention.)

In short, pop culture is important.

Many think it isn't. In my own experience, I've had my friend the med student argue it isn't, as well as an aspiring folk singer/current busker. People can have varying degrees of disdain when dismissing popular culture. Some patronizingly concede that it can be fun, but nothing more, while others are more contemptuous.

If you try to defend pop culture, you may be met with arguments such as its irrelevance, its frothiness, its bubbleheadedness, its very popularity.

Some of it is crap, true. Some of it is frothy and insubstantial, as well.
But it's easy to be a culture snob and dismiss anything popular. It gives one a false sense of superiority and cache. Just because something is liked by a schwack of people doesn't make it bad. Sometimes it does, but not always.

Some pop culture is profound, relevant, moving. It helps people get through hard times. It can make life transcendent, if only for a moment. It's fun.

I remember once seeing a med student and a drama student discussing art. The med student, explaining why what he was studying was more important than drama, said, "We save lives."

The drama student said, "But what are you saving them for?"

Where'd I hear that? I can't remember...oh, yes. It was an episode of A Different World.

Earlier columns by K'vitsh: December 09

A qoui ça sert l'amour?

A qoui ça sert l'amour?, animated short by Louis Clichy (via core77.com's design blog)

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Wanted: The music score of Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton

his is I guess a call for help aimed at our Swedish readers (But help is welcome wherever it originates so I'll write in English).

"Sagan om Karl-Bertil Jonssons julafton"
(The story of Karl-Bertil Jonsson's Christmas Eve) is;

A) a great little Christmas short story written by Tage Danielsson (It can be read here, in Swedish though), B) a marvelous animated short by director/animator/illustrator Per Åhlin with the author doing the speaker voice, C) one of a few Swedish Christmas-TV-traditions (the best and most impotant in my book).
The story is nice. I guess the theme is "it is more blessed to give than receive". The animation is fantastic and so is the cool jazz score by Gunnar Svensson.
Now, the problem is I haven't been able to get my hands on the original music score. I have another version (listen here) which is really good but not THE one. So, if someone has it and is willing to share it, please mail it to me or use Yousendit or something!. I would be very grateful! (Mrdantefontana wants it too!)
And as they say: "It's better to give than receive"!

No complete luck yet but here's a snippet of the original sent to me by dear ol' Johnny at Stationsvakt. Thanks a lot Johnny! Ska du ha ett fikon?!
mOBSCENE reminds us that the illustrated book can be found here. Ta ett fikon du med!

Written by P-E Fronning of Martin Klasch.

Solomon King

"... this Lp Is Soulful Funky and down right addicting to listen to The track "Ain't That Nothing" tells it like it is giving the listener a blow by blow account of what happens in the flick in a sort of Bobby Womackish way, not that anyone could ever come close to hittin' a lyric like Mr. Womack. ..."
RecordBrother is now featuring: Solomon King.

Updated: For some unknown (at least to me) reason Gerb deleted the post with this share. So, it's not there anymore folks.

Updated II: It is now there again for everybody to enjoy. I think it was some technical set-backs at typepad that caused the problems with the perma link and the mp3 links.

Sharpe World, re-opens!!!

sharpeworld digest 2. Jennifer Sharpe is Back. Praise the Cyber Lord!

Christmas Audio to Choke on Part 6

Kvartetten Synkopens Julpotpurri. Yes, a Swedish gem from the 50s. Listen at Jul Igen.

Holiday Mix #3: "Cold Comfort" at Best of the Bunch!! is a free CD mix of the season incl. Stina Nordenstam, Kate Bush and Michelle Shocked.

Straight No Chaser - A Jazz Show has got what it takes For a Swinging Xmas Cocktail Party.

Supreme Nothing shares the wonders of Xmas With The California Raisins....

Dennis Day Sings "Christmas Is For The Family" at Ernie (Not Bert) (Don't forget to take a tour through all yule tide audio that has been posted at Ernie (Not Bern) during the last two weeks. We don't want you to miss anything!)

Santa Himself at The Record Robot.

"Oldies (but goodies) from Liberace, Doris Day, Carol Burnett (pictured), Jim Nabors and Cary Grant!" An Old School Christmas (link goes directly to mp3. Unfortunatly no perma links available since this a true podcast) at Celebrity Vinyl Heaven, who also gets a visit from The King!

Merry Christmas 'specially For You - Bob Ward at the Vinyl Orphanage.

More Christmas Audio to Choke on: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Schulmädchen Report

Links in this post are NSFW.
Schulmädchen Report (IMDb for part 1).
Lobby Cards for Schulmädchen Report 1 and Schulmädchen Report 2 (via The Crime in your Coffee)

"Before every recording session I have the same dream, a million green men in the orchestra pit playing a million wrong notes." - Gert Wilden (in 'Schoolgirl Report and Other Music From Sexy German Films' at ChaosKitty)
Enjoy "two collections of Herr Wilden's soundtrack music. The first (from sex movies) is 1969-73 and the second (from crime movies) is 1960-69." at Endless Mike.
Really cool!

Part four of this series featured the PCL favorite: Christina Lindberg (earlier posts here and here).

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

140 belly dance records

Artwork from 140 belly dance records uploaded to Flickr by bellygogo. Or see most of them at the blog: Belly Go! Go! (thanks to Olaf)

Updated: No, not Bellybongo - Belly Go Go! (but, wait a minute... Bellybongo has a new thing up: The Bill Beau Trio!. Let's check that out too!)
"Belly" is the word for today.

Five or six glasses of glögg later...

Click (recipe)

David Kramer

Untitled (stupid ship...), 2005. Click image.

David Kramer, recent drawings and paintings (via gmtPlus9)