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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Happy Birthday Alan Lomax!

"...Starting in the mid-1930s, when he made his first field recordings in the South,  Lomax was the foremost music folklorist in the United States. He was the first to record Muddy Waters and Woody Guthrie, and much of what Americans have learned about folk and traditional music stems from his efforts, which were also directly responsible for the folk music and skiffle booms in the United States and Britain that shaped the pop-music revolution of the 1960s and beyond...

... Long before the Internet existed, he envisioned a “global jukebox” to disseminate and analyze the material he had gathered during decades of fieldwork. A decade after his death technology has finally caught up to Lomax’s imagination. Just as he dreamed, his vast archive — some 5,000 hours of sound recordings, 400,000 feet of film, 3,000 videotapes, 5,000 photographs and piles of manuscripts, much of it tucked away in forgotten or inaccessible corners — is being digitized so that the collection can be accessed online. About 17,000 music tracks will be available for free streaming by the end of February, and later some of that music may be for sale as CDs or digital downloads. ...

See article in The New York Times: Folklorist’s Global Jukebox Goes Digital.

Further news about this Global Jukebox see news at Cultural Equity.

Thanks to Johan Jacobsson.

Debbie Thinks She Needs A Bra

"Bizarre is a weekly Canadian sketch comedy series, airing from 1980 to 1985. The show was hosted by John Byner" --- WIKI LINK

Monday, January 30, 2012

Getting Organ-ized

Enchilada Joe - Odell Brown & the Organ-izers, "Raise the Roof". Found at Van Groove Express.

The Tao of Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling has certainly pushed the boundaries of traditional film roles with her choice of provocative characterizations in The Damned, The Night Porter, Swimming Pool and the incomprehensible Max, Mon Amour.

Billed as the "greatest ape romance since King Kong", our heroine becomes enamored with a chimp to the delight of her cuckold, diplomat husband. I recall seeing it years ago on a Betamax with a hipster buddy who claimed the director, Nagisa Oshima was the second coming of Jean Luc Godard.
I thought he was full of shit then and this clip reaffirms that belief.

Thanks to coisas do arco da velha for the link.

Listen to the Percy Trout hour tonight!

the Percy Trout hour

"Frank Zappa Night"
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Johny Tedesco: Mental

Johny Tedesco - Mental

From El Tiempo de los Abuelos


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Marie Rottrová - On má

Also known as "Madame Soul" in the Czech Republic.

Before Mina was Mina....

....she was known as Baby Gate.

Baby Gate - Passion Flower

And here's how she looked and sounded after she became Mina....

Get Ya Red-Hot Mojo!

Yes, times are hard in the blogging world, but I think PCL has found a worthy sponsor in the fine line of Lucky Mojo products. PCL writers will be circling among you to take your orders for sachet, LOUD perfume, and the ever-popular Lucky Mojo Jockey Club Toilet Water. We thank you in advance for your business!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sinatra and Garfunkel

No one disrespects a song more than Frank Sinatra. Ooh-Ooh-Ooh...

Friday, January 27, 2012


Doris Svensson (shortly just Doris) is a Swedish singer. She started out in the beginning of the 1960s. In 1963 she debuted on Swedish Television in the show Drop In (at the very same show as The Beatles, during their first international tour after their break-through).
She sang "Save All Your Love For Me" backed up by The Telstars and Gals and Pals.

Later on she were in bands such as The Plums and The Dandys before she recorded the remarkable album soul/jazz album 'Did You Give the World Some Love Today Baby' with Berndt Egerbladh. That album wasn't a hit at the time but become a well sought-after gem during the mid 1990s and was re-issued and received attention from alternative soul/funk/jazz aficionados around the word and some of the album tracks has been sampled by well-known hip-hop acts.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm Wonderin'

Why I torture myself.
Audio only, thank goodness.

Satan's spawn. Here's Jr in action in "Hot Rods to Hell."

Somebody's In My Orchard

Anita Harris' Somebody's in My Orchard features a plethora of odd garden-related tunes, including a snappy but comically overripe version of Watermelon Man, and the jazzy but kinda whacked-out Oranges and Lemons.

Watermelon Man - Anita Harris

Oranges and Lemons

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

100 Guitars

Are you MAN enough to defend your love against... 100 GUITARS!?

I didn't have a lot of information about this video when I posted it, but thanks to a PCL visitor who did some great research, now we know...

"de la TV Romande" indicates that it's French-Swiss (i.e., from the French-speaking part of Switzerland). In this case it came from SSR/TSR (Télévision Suisse Romande). It's an excerpt from "Happy End", which won the main prize at the 1964 Rose d'Or Swiss TV festival/awards. (See WIKI LINK).

Apparently the Stones and Petula Clark played live at the awards that year. The whole thing looks pretty demented, in all the right ways."

The song is "Every Night (Without You)" from 1962 by Paul Anka.

Lata & Usha Mangeshkar - Aplam Chaplam (Live Performance)

I don't know about you, but I think this is magnificent!

Old School 'Rasslin

When men were men and the blood flowed like wine.

There was always an element of the forbidden for the young Yuma when purchasing these graphic chronicles of the "Masters of The Turnbuckle". From the cheap newsprint to the ostentatious covers, the element of sleaze always had an appeal.

Billco's Old School Wrestling has a nice collection of the genre for your consideration.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blue Eyed Lovely Girl - Phil Thomas Katt

There's this...

And then there's THIS...

You find out more about Phil at his OFFICIAL WEBSITE.

Hello?... Hello, Hello?

Jane Birkin
Raccrochez c'est une horreur - 1976

And in case you just can't get enough....

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Say whaaat‽

Not to be confused with this.

Via K-tel

Amazing Reimaginings of Contemporary Films With Classic Casts

I am, as the casual speakers in the British part of the UK sometimes say, gobsmacked, at the wonderful execution of these posters by Peter Stults. Go visit them and appreciate the all-around cleverness and beautiful execution. You may just cerebrally shit yourself.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shake It, Don't Break It

Vintage 1940s Lenticular Hula Girl in original plastic frame from my personal collection. There were several versions of this made, all with different frames and different poses of the girl. But all of them featured the same girl, she just did a slightly different dance in each.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Springbok Hits

What were they listening to in South Africa in the early seventies? Same as everywhere else, but a whole lot crappier, as evidenced by this compilation of bad cover versions of hit tunes, Springbok Hit Parade 18. I wonder what the equivalent of the E. J. Korvettes or the Zayre was in Pretoria, I'm sure that's where this was sold.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Monkey in My Hatband - Arch Hall Jr. LIVE!

Arch Hall Jr. with the Dead Elvi October 30, 2010 at Chiller.

The Cake - You Can Have Him

The Cake performing on the Smothers Brothers Variety Show back in 1967. Jeanette Jacobs, the stunning brunette in the green pantsuit, is clearly not a happy camper. Her involvement with Jimi Hendrix and penchant for dropping buckets of acid might explain her demeanor.

Upon further review, the real backstory can be found at Dangerous Minds along with a fascinating look at the "Real Life Valley of The Dolls". Check it out.

Thanks to The Redundant Variety Hour for starting me on the journey.

Marabou Feathers and Dead Things

On orders of MajorDomo Baikinange, here's a link to my own blog, Lethal Dose, where last night Jayne Mansfield's suitcase from that fateful last journey sat on my bed. I could hardly sleep from the excitement! It was purchased by my pal Scott Michaels, who runs Dearly Departed Tours and the FindaDeath website, so it only seems appropriate. But he is my neighbor, so if I feel the need I can run over there and touch the suitcase when I want. He walked over with it covered in a trashbag because of course it is pink (you can't really tell from the photos, but the handle is that shade of "pepto-bismol") even though I assured him that in our freaky Hollywood neighborhood no one would notice.

Still, forty-something years later, it's a chilling item. Clink link for more.

Jimmy Castor

Monday, January 16, 2012

Listen to the Percy Trout hour Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour
Monday Night (1-16-12)
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WRFL 88.1fm
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Hooray for Nollywood

NollywoodNigeria's film industry— has been mentioned here before, but have you actually seen one of these films?
On YouTube, NollywoodLove has several free, full films (not to mention sequels) — BlackBerry Babes, Goat Lover, Vampire's Call, The Phobia, The Desperate House-Wife, Where Money Sleeps — including one of my favorites, Beyonce and Rihanna.

'One man's eyesore is another man's paradise'

Former architectural drafting student Ice Cube loves Charles and Ray Eames.
Via Chairfag.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Ride the Flying Horse

Get a handful of quarters and take a ride.....

Found at Dinosaurs and Robots by Spike Priggin.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

I Dance JUST Like Jerry

"Hell Bound Train"

In this single from the Marble Hill label, Marie Roberson takes no prisoners in the eternal damnation waitlist. We're all bound for a meeting with The Prince of Darkness.

Cannot seem to locate any datum about Ms. Roberson on the internets. Maybe one of our loyal followers can elucidate?

You Tube Superstar Staatsrats is responsible for this.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Devo and Neil Young

Devo and Neil Young... Hey Hey, My My (Out The Blue, Into The Black) (Flash Video 10:01). From the film Human Highway (1982, directed by Dean Stockwell and Neil Young).

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes: The Fish

How do you establish a solo career after worldwide acclaim in a jazz vocal trio? Annie Ross of Lambert, Hendricks, and opted to promote a cold and slimy dance craze that never hit the mainstream: The Fish.

The Residents... Satisfaction

The Residents... Satisfaction (Flash Video 04:35) 1976, Ralph Records.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Tropicana Night Club, Havana Cuba

For more vintage Havana deliciousness, visit this link, where I found the image below.

Tropicana Night Club, Havana Cuba
Originally uploaded by baikinange


Covers of ТЕХНИКА-МОЛОДЕЖИ (Technology of Youth) magazine during the 1960s. If only they hadn't turned out to be a generation of slackers and had actually created some of these cars.

The B-52's - Private Idaho (1980) HQ

American group The B-52's were very popular in Australia throughout the 80s & early 90s.
Private Idaho was their second Top 10 song in 1980 ... following the smash hit "Rock Lobster".

This is the promo video for Private Idaho from their 1980 Album "Wild Planet"

upoaded by retroj25

Monday, January 09, 2012

Hambone kids

Three of R.L. Burnside's sons showing off their hambone skills.

Saner Plak Stüdyo Orkestrası ve Vâlâ - Bilemedim

Bilemedim: v. (neg. form of bilemek) sharpen, whet, grind, abrade, hone, reset

more funky stuff from the same group and singer (Bora Ayanoğlu) http://youtu.be/2-IWDGLGxvI

Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Cowboy From Vienna

Werner Zotter aka The Cowboy From Vienna. He's an ace!
(Thanks to Jens Appelgren)

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Sadly, I could only include one image from the green napkin. The other three were just too "dirty"...

Four Views of Nina Hagen

1974. Nina and her band "Automobil" are the hottest act in the DDR (East Germany.) Their song "Du Hast den Farbfilm Vergessen" (You forgot the color film) is either "a subtle dig mocking the sterile, gray, Communist state," or a warning that Nina was shortly to don hot pink hair extensions and paint her eyebrows purple. Here's another video of the same song. Doesn't Nina look sweet?

1975. Be careful who you kiss, kids! You too may end up sneezing in bed with a red pixie 'do and a mod mod duvet.

1976. I have no idea what's going on here, but I suspect that this was very shortly before Nina's hippie parents were expelled from the DDR, and Nina herself fled to London and took up with the Sex Pistols. (I like your mustache, Nina.)

1982. By now living in LA, Nina releases her first solo album, "Nunsexmunkrock."

An abrupt emphatic utterance or exclamation

Ahhh.... the English language

For me it's a hello for after you get to know somebody....

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Blasted Oak - George Formby Looks for LSD

George Formby looks for LSD - sounds like a rough trip, meanwhile... bees, ants, fungus....


David Lynch meets Jayne Mansfield in Poland one very dark night in a tv set...

Spartak Mishulin - If you want to become a champion

Turf Cards (1949)

I might start smoking again if Marlboro issued these beauties with each pack as the Turf Cigarette company did back in '49.

Via: Coisas do arco da velha

I'm so Depressed -Abner Jay

From WIKI: Abner Jay (1921 – 1993) was an American multi-instrumentalist, who is best known for performing eccentric, blues infused folk music, as a one man band. His idiosyncratic lyrics and style can also be considered within the realm of outsider music. -->READ MORE

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Rambo! Rambo!

Wayne Scott is Rambo

Thanks to Axel Högrev

Monday, January 02, 2012

Barry Schwam - Dueling Theremins

no comment:

except for http://barryschwam.com/

12 creative flash drives

Tired of looking at the same old boring flash memory drive sticking out the side of your laptop day after day? You might want to try some of these creative alternatives instead.

Last Night

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Brute Force on Zacherle's "Disc-O-Teen" show (1967)

Bohemian - The Twilights

2012 is almost here. Not too late to take a bath, change your life and join the human race...