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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Whole Freakin' Bunch of Music

From King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton & Washboard Rhythm Kings all the way through Little Richard, Shel Silverstein, and Dr. Hook, Twindowlicker has got a freakin' mess of music on the subject of freaks, freakiness, and their freaky ways. Freakish Man Blues, Call of the Freaks, Freakish Mistreater Blues.....you'll surely find something that'll help you get yer freak on.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mmm-mmm, Figgy

....and now in pleasant Fig flavor!

On the menu at Cafe Muscato (make up your own PCL Linkdump joke here)


In case you've ever wondered what the Beatles might have sounded like had they been from Argentina instead of Britain, you might want to check out music by the Knacks (no, not the "My Sharona" band) on COMOTECAIGO. You can find other Psicodelicias Sudamérica there from Los Flippers and Los Shakers (below).

Ailing Doll

"Marybel, the Doll That Gets Well"....can I break her leg again, Mommy? Pretty please?

From Mostly Forbidden Zone

Cockfightin' Music

I'm sure this has happened to you as well, sometimes it's SO tricky finding the perfect music to set the mood when you're hosting a cockfight. Fortunately Si se Rompe se Compone comes to the rescue with this classic Ansonia album by Chuito el de Bayamón. Gracias!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The O Show

Hello dear listeners.
Can you count how many letter "O" figure on this shOw.
I think i just achieved my persOnnal best recOrd.
This is the latest AperitivO radiO shOw with the help of MOrrOcO, MOrt GarsOn, MOebius & Plank, zOO, Fifty fOOt hOse and if you jump here there are many Others.

Live from the Trolley Bar in Fort Wayne Indiana

Let's step back in time to experience one of the most popular nightclub acts of 1961.....it's Mr. Bill Barner, his ivory-tickling stylings, and his irritating habit of sniggering at his own jokes. The "mirth-quake" of hee-larity begins here.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Blotto Otto

Betcha you don't have one of these....it's a collection of tinny honky-tonk music produced in Brazil, by a French sounding guy--Alain Strument--performing as "The Crazy Otto", who is supposed to be drunk. His version of "In the Mood" is particularly....special.

You can thank International Restored LP for the lovely gift.

Politically Incorrect... but still Very Cute.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thanks For Shopping at Publix

Check out this tool. He doesn't need customer service, he needs a large bottle of Ativan.
Special meat sliced thin?

Thanks to Carrie White Burns in Hell for the link

Cute Songs about Fuzzy Animals

Courtesy of Diggin' It

Friday, September 25, 2009

Accident Songs: Be Careful of Stones That You Throw

This is a Hank Williams classic, and has been done many times, my favorite being Porter Wagoner's plaintive, unblinking in-your-face version on his show. Why isn't it on youtube? I chose one of our favorite singer of accident songs, Red Sovine, because of the glee he takes in injured kids and accidents. As is the case in most of these old tunes, a homemade youtuber will have to do. Enjoy.

PS. I can only imagine the accompaniment to Red's "Crying in the Chapel" would be a fifth.

Giddy Up a Ding Dong

Whoever can send me a link to an MP3 of "Giddy Up a Ding Dong" by Cacka Israelsson will be my best friend for LIFE. C'mon you Swedes out there, make an American girl's day!!

EDIT: Some lovely reader sent me a link to this, to convert videos to MP3s. If I were not so technologically challenged I might have known such a thing existed. Thank you, dear reader!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pvt. Doberman

From Mostly Forbidden Zone

Ornette on Jaw's Harp

Lonely Woman for ukelele, bass harmonica, or toy piano? Sure, why not? What's In My iPod has the sheet music of compositions by Ornette Coleman from his milestone Change of the Century and Shape of Jazz to Come albums.

Je Suis Perdue by Gigi Gaston

Je Suis Perdue by Gigi Gaston (Flash Video 03:49). Gigi, The Black Flower, an exhibit by Josh Gosfied at Steven Kasher Gallery, October 22 to November 25, 2009. More about Gigi Gaston - the 1960's French pop star, teen icon and tabloid celebrity - at Josh Gosfield's Mighty House of Pictures.

Cha-Cha Charm!

For my own blog's 500th post, a milestone that impresses way me more than it does anyone else, I am featuring an :"old school" cha-cha album, from back-in-the-day, featuring Jan August playing those old-timey cha-cha tunes that make us all laugh at how foolish those people were long ago, back in the sixties! Oh yeah, it's here.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Percussion in Hi-Fi

Fun fact: Composer/arranger David Carroll's real name was Nook Schreier. OK, maybe it's NOT so fun...but his 1956 album Percussion in Hi-Fi is. Find it here.

Be Bop Wino Done Gone

In case you're wondering what happened to all the great classic R & B and rock from Boogie Woody you can now find his exceptional music and commentary at Bebop Wino Done Gone.

One Man's Niche-y Obsession

Steven Hills Movie Title Pages. Just....endless, hundreds, assloads of movie title screens. Has to be seen to:
A: Be believed
B: Be appreciated
let's face it - this stuff is an impact making few seconds of any film (for instance, in my house we say, "Cartoon opening; good movie." - think about it - it's true) and Senor Hill has made it his mission, with just a hint of "WTF?!?"

Monday, September 21, 2009

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes: The Lurch


My Favorite Martian

Yippee, Magic Carpet Burn has the theme song from My Favorite Martian and it has LYRICS, yes it does. Maybe today doesn't suck as bad as I first thought.

Listen to the Percy Trout hour Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour


Monday Night (9-21-09)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Sunday, September 20, 2009

99 and counting?

Could the King of British Latin music be nearing his hundredth birthday? Some think Edmundo Ros needs to get back into the studio to celebrate the occasion; see if you agree by listening to his music here.

Gross national happiness

The aperitivo radio show board is offering a position of junior consultant, your first mission will be to manage a new Gross national happiness survey.
With the help of our experts : Mort Garson, Lollywood extravaganza, Satanicpornocultshop, and a lot more soul, fuzz, electronic and exotic sweets.
This is the latest aperitivo radio show for sure.
Apply here.

Pérez Prado's first US LP

"This 1950 US LP compiles 78s that brought Prado fame in Mexico...The discography there says that this is Prado's first US LP, and may be his first LP anywhere."

Graciously share at Big 10-Inch Record

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Surfs Up

'Surfs Up' is the emotional centerpiece of SMiLE. A song written with 3 movements, Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks wrote this on the night of November 4th, 1966. They were both sure that this song was a masterpiece, and in my own view they were right. The song was about "a child's freedom", as Van Dyke Parks said years later in an interview. But the song is seen by many as something a lot different than a happy child anthem: Brian's Swansong. When the Brian scrapped SMiLE in 1967, he was scrapping his last real musical project for the next 20 years. And, perhaps, 'Surfs Up' was his last real masterpiece.

Accident Songs: "Johnny Remember Me"

A song that will give you the chills! One of Joe Meek's finest.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Los Indestructibles

Nice compilation of old school music from ¡ QUE VIVA LA GAITA !.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Trippin' Out With Dock Ellis.

Over at WFMU's Beware of the Blog there's a terrific summary of the career of Dock Ellis, certainly one of the greatest characters to ever play the game of baseball. The only thing missing from that fine post is a link to the song "Dock Ellis" by Barbara Manning and the SF Seals.

So, here ya go...

Dock Ellis - SF Seals

Monday, September 14, 2009

Yvonne Přenosilová - Boty proti lásce

I guess "shoes" sounded better in Czech? I'm still on a Czech bender at Lethal Dose.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Here's my song of the day--granted, I haven't been listing to too much today but nevertheless--it's "Eso Eso Eso" by Los TNT, found at Ya Yo Salva Musical.

While you're there, you might want to get a swell version (see below) of "Don't Be Cruel" by Los Llopis, in which the lead singer can barely hold back his tears, or maybe it's just dyspepsia.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Karel Gott - Příval pláče ("Rawhide")

See more Karel on my blog, or search him on youtube. Be sure to check out the mindblowing "Lady Karneval."

Stevechasmar's Flickr Page

Eclectic series of pics at Stevechasmar's Flickr Page


Christmas Squirrel


Let Me Play For You Some Of My Recordings

See, I’ve saved them all on reel-to-reel tapes. It’s this DELICIOUS program I record from my radio Wednesday nights. “SwaG!” -- I’m not sure what that’s supposed to mean, or what exactly is wrong with the odd little man who appears to be in charge. He has such a weird edge. But his musical selection is unlike any I’ve heard on the Top 40. It’s so invigorating!

Here. I have four of these radio programs, all from the end of the summer of ’09. They are three hours each, so please make yourself comfortable, dear.

Accident Songs: "The Drunken Driver"

This twisted tale is my favorite accident song ever. I can't believe it even got recorded and I long to make a video of it. While I don't usually post those "pictures of the record" youtubes, this is the only way to share the illness that is Ferlin Husky's "The Drunken Driver." This song's got it all - and it's abrupt ending just leaves you, well, wanting more, in a sick way.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Crayola WeeGee

Crayola has an online coloring page maker - so I thought why not do someting devilish with it? And while war photos and starving children might be the obvious cold hearted ironic choice, I went over to If Charlie Parker Etc. and helped myself to some of the fine WeeGee photos they have there and did the following coloring book pages (click for bigger, already !!):

This one's called Season's Greetings....

it came from this....

...and this one's called "Future Crime"

it came from this....

Trivia: WeeGee did special distortion effects for the Red Skelton pic The Yellow Cab Man !!


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Here's how the cock is crowing "Riki rikki rikki rikki rikki reeeeeeeee"

Was this album by Marais & Miranda supposed to be a respectful tribute to "primitive native" music, or was it simply meant to be pants-wetting hilarious? The album is a suitable companion piece to anything produced by Lucia Pamela.