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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Ok, here it finally is, that strange track from "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer" that we somehow managed to digitally fuck-up and we still don´t know what really happened. Anyway, sorry for the long wait. We´ve been kinda of busy here at the office spinning 78s and being lazy. As a mild compensation for your long suffering we´ve added on a few previously unreleased gems from Rhino Handmade´s long gone collection The Fischer King (1999). The first two tracks was recorded in September 1977, live at the Dodger Stadium. It´s basically Larry wandering around, singing and chatting with the crowd (these two are around ten minutes each). The third is a fine duet with Rosemary Clooney, recorded on the 15th of march in 1986. As Larry recalls it: Actually, I used to listen to it a lot because, you know, I liked Rosemary singing. I used to call her. She used to always be nice to me. I used to call her on Christmas and she would sing “White Christmas” to me. She was in the movie “White Christmas” with Bing Crosby. You didn´t know that, did you?

The entry for the complete download of "An Evening With Wild Man Fischer" has been updated, and the corrupt track has been replaced. All links have been updated.


01 A Few Minutes With Larry At Dodger Stadium [includes performances of "Merry Go Round"/"I'm Selling Peanuts For The Dodgers" and "Monkeys Versus Donkeys"]
02 A Few More Minutes With Larry At Dodger Stadium [includes performances of "Jimmy Durante"/"Merry Go Round"/"My Name Is Larry"/"Oh Tina Tina My Little Schlemina"/"Answer Me Lord Above"/"Love Me Tender"/"The Rocket Rock"/"I'm Looking Over A Four Leaf Clover"/"Go To Rhino Records" and "I'm A Truck"]
03 It´s A Hard Business (duet with Rosemary Clooney)
04 Bye!

>Download (all 4 bonus tracks zipped -23MB) at files.ww, or
>Download (all 4 bonus tracks zipped -23MB) at zShare.

The Top Ten Sexiest Female Robots

The Top Ten Sexiest Female Robots.
Sexy female robot displayed here is Dorothy Stratten in Galaxina. (via Unscathed Corpse)

Squiddly Diddly's Surfing Safari

Hit the boards! Surf over to Bubblegumfink and get your hands on this Squiddly Diddly baby.

Old time Ads: Beauty and Hygiene

"I Like Barbasol So Well I Shave All Over"
All over?? That is too much information, Kojak!!!
Click Image.

Ad*Access: Beauty and Hygiene . (thanks to Honk)

Monday, January 30, 2006


Yes, Volume 2 is here. PCL posted about SUNKA GÅ GÅ! Vol. 1 here.
Magnus has some shocking facts this time: "... Track one is a Norwegian release but girl sound Swedish, Mona was doing a porno movie next door to a recording studio, and was somehow persuaded to make a record. Maybe because she was tone deaf. "
I don't know what is most shocking: the fact that she was filming a porno flick or the fact that she was tone deaf. Hm...

Francine Lainé 45rpm

"Is there a better choice to start a new "vinyl rip" blog than to post a small erotic artifact from the french seventies ? It seems that Francine Laine (or "Lainé", can't figure if the little mark on the last "e" of her name is an accent or not...) recorded these 2 tracks to promote a now forgotten erotic book named "Lolitissimo" by a guy named René Varrin. In itself, this is already cool...but what is cooler than cool is the fact that these 2 tracks were arranged by the great André Popp himself !! The man behind the "Delirium in hi-fi" (Available here!) lp and the "Piccolo & Saxo" recordings, the man who wrote "Love is blue"... " , says Whoops.
Francine Laine "Lolitissimo" 45rpm.

Updated: annukka says there should be an accent. We trust her.

Piero Piccioni - Camille 2000

My main man! Piero Piccioni. The man behind the URL to this blog as well as my username. A legend indeed. ;-)
Piero Piccioni - Camille 2000 OST available at Lellebelle.
Learn more about this brilliant composer in the Guardian obituary and a little more here at IMDb.

Seen On The Streets of Montevideo-Uruguay

"Innocent youth victims of a new SEX CRAZE!" (artist: Santiago) (via Wooster Collective)
Click image.

Cuban Television Sets

"In Cuba, television is the most important communication medium and a national pastime. No matter that the TV sets themselves are outdated, pre-revolution relics imported from America or sets from Russia over fifteen years old; green-hued beasts jimmy-rigged with ancient computer parts and fantastically adorned like religious altars.
In Cuba the government controls all media, including the three main newspapers as well as the two television stations. They broadcast news reports, baseball, educational programs, soap operas, and Hollywood movies. Whether used for information or as a background for socializing and drinking rum, during broadcast hours, all TVs in Cuba are ON."
Cuban Television Sets in Polar Inertia (Journal of Nomadic and Popular Culture). (via Coudal Partners)

Glen or Glenda

Watch Glen or Glenda (IMDb) at YouTube!
Also read this highly enjoyable article about Ed Wood's b-movie classic over at Bright Lights Film Journal. (via Bibi's Box)

Nearly Naked Musicians

Nearly Naked Musicians at Queer Music Heritage. Probably not safe for work. (via Sex?)

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Divine did some real Hard Magic

Divine - Hard Magic . (YouTube Video)
More Divine on YouTube: You Think You're A Man and I'm so beautiful. (via Fulminatia)

Derek Art

Derek Art. Art and Illustration. Tiki and Lowbrow retro style. (via Eye of the Goof)

Lift Every Voice

Freedom Singers. "Freedom Is a Constant Stuggle." 1964. Broadside 22 September 1964: 1. From the Marvin Tatum Collection of Contemporary Literature.

"This exhibition takes its name from a hymn composed a century ago by two African-American brothers, James Weldon and J. Rosamond Johnson. Written in the days of the Jim Crow South, "Lift Every Voice and Sing" inspired African Americans to persist in their struggle for equal rights. During the 1920s, the song was being pasted into the backs of hymnals and had become known as the "Negro national anthem." The hymn opens with an injunction to "ring with the harmonies of Liberty," calling for those constitutional rights which were being denied to African American, and closes by affirming God and country. These sentiments frame hopes for a better future, "the white gleam of our bright star." ..." (from Overview)
Lift Every Voice exhibition at University of Virginia Library. (via PLEP)

Good things doesn't always last forever...

All albums (and compilations) shared here at PCL will go off line in 48 hours.
We want to fresh up. So, last call for last years audio ball.
Time to move on.
Wild ManIlonajungle_jazzpsychoanalysis_kit
The Electro-Sonic Orchestracommercialscelebrities

/Z aka Sebastian

"the Percy Trout hour!"

"the Percy Trout hour!"
from all Over the Globe!

Monday Night 1-30-06
8pm to 10pm (EST, USA)

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, Ky.


The World of Grace Jones

The World of Grace Jones.

Brian Cronin

Brian Cronin (Note: flash site) - Art, Illustration and Graphics. (via Agence Eureka)

Tamura Seji

'象のパレード' (transl~ 'Parade of the elephant')

Tamura Seji - Art and Graphics. Beautiful! (via Cipango)

Brian Rea

'Crazy ex-girlfriend'
Click image.

Brian Rea - Illustration. Sketches and unpublished works here. (via A Best Truth)

Week 46 - The 45s, Trevor White / The Cannibals

In 1976 Trevor White played guitar with the Sparks, after the split up of glam band The Jook. A few years earlier he had recorded a track that he now polished up and turned into Crazy Kids (Island) in hope to get some cash out of it. It sure sounded like a hit back then but all good things aren’t to be. But you have to love that blue jumpsuit. Trevor was also the singing voice of Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, though oddly not on the soundtrack.

After singer Mike Spenser got the sack from Count Bishops he formed the Cannibals. A pubrockband that only released a few singles as far as we know. This debut single (Big Cock Records – great name for a label - 1977) is a very decent cover of the Standells Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White.

pcl2 pcl2
Click images for larger views.

14. Trevor White – Crazy Kids
15. The Cannibals – Good Guys

>Download (both tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 45s mp3 comp. project: Week 42 - Week 43 - Week 44 -Week 45

Friday, January 27, 2006

Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones

Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones "at the Esquire Club" (or perhaps Discoteque dance a go go if this is not the name of a series of records. Does anyone know for sure?) was recorded live on the 1st of February 1966 and released in 1967.

This was the first record Merit ever did and not the most interesting and personal but I definitely think it's worth listening to. I don't believe it has ever been reprinted so until it's released on CD (if ever) go to Martin Klasch to download.

A Hemmingson collection called "Merit/Queen of Swedish Hammond" was released last year and you can buy it here for instance.
If this gets you interested please visit Merit Hemmingsons own website.

click here for better image of the "at the Esquire Club" cover

The cover image is the result of a restoration effort I've undertaken based on a lousy photo found googling. It's pretty close to the original but if you think it looks less than perfect, that's why:)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mini Break

Not a "Mini" as in Bomarr Blog going on "Mini Vacation" - but a short break. Back Sunday or Monday.

Evrybaddy Kiss å Bajs!

/Z aka Sebastian

Shalimar, bollywood funk

Shalimar, (IMDb) funky bollywood soundtrack by RD Burman available at Soundsational.

MIGUEL RAMOS Y Su Organo Hammond Vol. 1

Miguel Ramos Y Su Organo Hammond Vol. 1 at Phil Musical's Lounge Corner.
12 international pophits performed by one of the Spanish kings of lounge.

My Family's Dune Buggies Over the Years: 50's, 60's, 70's

"My father, Bob Forgnone, got involved in off-road recreation in the late 50's. Pop liked to go clamming at Moss Landing Beach, California, which is halfway around Monterey Bay towards Santa Cruz, right at the location of the large power plant. In order to get to the best clamming spots, they needed some transportation, and this came in the form of "Beach Buggies," which he differentiated from "Dune Buggies" because the Beach Buggies only had enough power and traction for the flat parts of the beach. The early buggies were stripped down cars, sometimes shortened for weight reduction and handling. ..."
My Family's Dune Buggies Over the Years: 50's, 60's, 70's (via BoingBoing)

The art and craft of Vince Packard

Cannibol: The art and craft of Vince Packard : tattoo portfolio; watercolors; sculpture; animation, video & etc, and much more. (via LinkFilter.net)

Miss Van

Miss Van at Galerie Magda Danysz. See also Google Images.
"Miss Van started wall-painting in the streets at the age of 18, in the early 1990's, initiating the feminine movement in street art. She is now exhibiting all around the world from NY to LA, in Europe."
More about her street art/graffiti career here (it started on the walls of the old Toulouse, France) . (via gmtPlus9)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fandangos In Space

"British-American group Carmen broke new ground in rock music, combining rock with a strong flamenco-influence into a very fresh, energetic and powerful new mix, that still sounds fresh today. ..."
Fandangos In Space - A Web Site Dedicated To the Music of Carmen.
Carmen In Pictures: New Year's Eve in New York City, 1974 and Dreamland Theatre, Margate, Kent, on 16 December 1973.
Listen here (2 tracks taken from 'Fandangos In Space')
Also: "In 1973, Carmen appeared on David Bowie's Midnight Special, with a dazzling performance of "Bulerias", opening track of their first album. Two clips from that performance are now availble here at fandangos in space. " (thanks Jonas)

We Share Our Mother's MP3s

The Knife - We Share Our Mother's Health at 20 Jazz Funk Greats.
"I Ain’t Gonna Give You None" sings Big Boy Teddy Edwards, but Honey, Where You Been So Long? gives us 2!
Mahi Beamer - He'eia (a tenor from Hawaii, has the ability to take his voice into a high-register falsetto and sing it out like a woman. This is a apparently an ancient tradition in the music of the islands spanning back to the times when it was kapu, or forbidden, for women to sing.) at The Record Robot.
Celia Cruz - La Vida Es Un Carnaval at *Adoru.
John Coltrane Quartet - "Afro Blue" at Said the Gramophone.

'The Wild And Mild Sides Of ...' - Woody Martens

"... Mr. Woody Martens expertly showing off his wild and mild sides on his Hammond B-3 organ ..."
'The Wild And Mild Sides Of ...' - Woody Martens, kindly shared by Pastor McPurvis.

BollyWeird Clip: Rocky

Bollyweird Clip at Turbanhead: A dance number under the mirror ball from the 1981 Bollywood classic Rocky [IMDb] starring Sanjay Dutt.
"... Murder, trauma, mistaken identity, separation, rape, attempted suicide and disco. ..."
BollyWeird Clips 18: Rocky
See also: The original theatrical promo booklet graphic for Rocky.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Monks - footage

Mirco has another great little video clip to share: "The Monks were certainly one of the rawest garage-punk bands of the sixties. Five texan soldier kids living in Germany, they were crazy enough to shave their heads and dress like real monks. They opened their perfomance at the Beat Club on '65 with a really noisy instrumental track: tribal beats, an heavy fuzz bass guitar riff, hysterical howls, people torturing the electric guitar...and the audience that tries to dance at it! ..."
Monks - Monk Chant/Oh How To Do Now
Also: The Monks - Complication (German TV appearance. Beat Beat Beat) and The Monks - Cuckoo (more footage of The Monks from Beat Club) Both links goes to YouTube.

Product Music, Volume 1

"This album is billed as "Industrial show tunes in praise of the products we trust!" This one will truly raise some eyebrows. "My Bathroom is a Private Kind Of Place" (American Standards) has to be heard to be believed. " says Chuck Fensch of The Groove Grotto! about...
Product Music, Volume 1

Songs of Brazilian Birds

"The luxuriant diversity of Brazilian nature also expresses itself in the huge variety of bird songs. The selection made for this CD tries to illustrate the richness of the biodiversity in Brazil. Songs amongst the most beautiful, strange, or rare birds from all habitats have been selected from Amapá to Rio Grande do Sul. ..."
Read more here - and listen to the very talented feathered singers from Bibi-land.
The Little Tinamou (Crypturellus soui) sounds sad in the most beautiful way. (via MetaFilter)

Old Japanese Picture Postcards

"Kyoto3 - The annual Cherry Dance (Miyako Odori) was first performed in March 1872 by Geisha of the Gion district. Since then it has been performed in April at the Kaburenjo (Geisha School). Musical accompaniment is by singing, shamisen, drums and bells."
Click image for large view at source.

Old Japanese Picture Postcards collected by Hans Gruen. (via IWR)


An interesting "discussion" about music sharing is taking place.
I have no "official" statement to make and no rocks to throw.
But thoughts and points from both sides should be read and digested.

/Z aka Sebastian

Les Krims

'The Nostalgia Miracle Shirt', 1971

Les Krims (via Conscientious), conceptual, satirical photographer.
Note: Flash site. Most works are NSFW (like this fantastic one named 'Mom's Snaps' portraying his mother).
(Wikipedia entry for Les Krims)

The Thief Who Came to Dinner

Henry Mancini - The Thief Who Came to Dinner (IMDb) is the Album of the Week at Basic Hip.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Rick van der Linden august 5 1946 - january 22 2006


Hereby a sad message. This morning Rick passed away after a battle his spirit could not win from his body. Rick died after the complications of a brain stroke.


Martin Klasch joins the vinyl sharing community in style. P-E Fronning says: "Here's a great record with Brazilian guitar and accordion player Sivuca recorded in Stockholm Sweden in 1969. Flute and string arrangements by Merit Hemmingson [PCL posted about her here] ."

Sage Sohier, photographer

'Brian and Hanns, Key West, FL', 1987
From series:
At Home with Themselves:Gay and Lesbian Couples.
Click image.

Sage Sohier - Photographs. More here.

Week 45, The 45s: The Rings

The Rings only did one single (Chiswick, 1977), a wonderful slab of gritty pop punk with the boys jumping in front of legendary London record shop Rock On. Produced by Martin Gordon of Radio Stars fame. Guitarist Alan Lee Shaw went on to form the Physicals and Maniacs as well as playing with Brian James.
Click image for larger view

12. The Rings – I Wanna Be Free
13. The Rings - Automobile

>Download (both tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 45s mp3 comp. project: Week 42 - Week 43 - Week 44

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Barbara Schreiber

'What's on your mind, dear?', 2004

Barbara Schreiber - Play with me, Online exhibition at Barbara Archer Gallery.
Don't forget to give Mr. Happy Penis an outfit!

Soft Machine Footage, late '67

Soft Machine Footage for the Dutch TV, in late '67 (2 songs: "I Should've Known" and "Soon, Soon, Soon"). Nice and psychedelic. Shared by Mirco at Music For Your Eyes.

Leave the mp3 off the hook

Hannah Brown aka Emmylou Harris sings at Down In the Groove.
The Polynesians at Boot Sale Sounds.
PAN AM Commercial - Leave the phone off the hook at Friday Weirdo Shakedown.
Candy Men visits Tuwa's Shanty.
Allyn Ferguson - Your Red Watermelon at Garage Hangover.

Gyula Fazakas

'Fürdési lehetôségek' (2005) (Bathing Facilities)
Click legs for large view at source.

"... Gyula Fazakas's imaginary world, woven of fairy threads and painted by a magic brush, made up of elements of the past, present and future of his personal reality. ..."
Gyula Fazakas: Night Flower Scent (Entrance)(via gmtPlus9)

Covered and covering jazz

This weeks La Spirale show carries an interesting and jazzy collection of covers. A groovy bunch of Jazzy takes on popular and standard hit songs.
"Covered and covering jazz" (via Monsieur Aperitivo)


Magnus of Bellybongo has a real treat for us lovers (there are at least 4 of us...) of Odd/Incredibly Strange Music in Swedish: " Here's the first collection (I plan four) of the latest odd Swedish 45s I have brought home. Some older finds slipped in due to the nature of the songs. This may be FOR SWEDISH SPEAKING PEOPLE ONLY. I am not sure so try it out for yourself. Skål och Aloha!"
More information about some of the artists as well as more information about the whole genre that is known to us crazy Swedes as "Sunkadelica" can be found at the site Sunkit (some info in English).
SUNKA GÅ GÅ! Vol. 1 - En Knuff På Vägen