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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Week 46 - The 45s, Trevor White / The Cannibals

In 1976 Trevor White played guitar with the Sparks, after the split up of glam band The Jook. A few years earlier he had recorded a track that he now polished up and turned into Crazy Kids (Island) in hope to get some cash out of it. It sure sounded like a hit back then but all good things aren’t to be. But you have to love that blue jumpsuit. Trevor was also the singing voice of Rocky in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, though oddly not on the soundtrack.

After singer Mike Spenser got the sack from Count Bishops he formed the Cannibals. A pubrockband that only released a few singles as far as we know. This debut single (Big Cock Records – great name for a label - 1977) is a very decent cover of the Standells Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White.

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14. Trevor White – Crazy Kids
15. The Cannibals – Good Guys

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