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Friday, January 27, 2006

Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones

Merit Hemmingson & the Meritones "at the Esquire Club" (or perhaps Discoteque dance a go go if this is not the name of a series of records. Does anyone know for sure?) was recorded live on the 1st of February 1966 and released in 1967.

This was the first record Merit ever did and not the most interesting and personal but I definitely think it's worth listening to. I don't believe it has ever been reprinted so until it's released on CD (if ever) go to Martin Klasch to download.

A Hemmingson collection called "Merit/Queen of Swedish Hammond" was released last year and you can buy it here for instance.
If this gets you interested please visit Merit Hemmingsons own website.

click here for better image of the "at the Esquire Club" cover

The cover image is the result of a restoration effort I've undertaken based on a lousy photo found googling. It's pretty close to the original but if you think it looks less than perfect, that's why:)