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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Fandangos In Space

"British-American group Carmen broke new ground in rock music, combining rock with a strong flamenco-influence into a very fresh, energetic and powerful new mix, that still sounds fresh today. ..."
Fandangos In Space - A Web Site Dedicated To the Music of Carmen.
Carmen In Pictures: New Year's Eve in New York City, 1974 and Dreamland Theatre, Margate, Kent, on 16 December 1973.
Listen here (2 tracks taken from 'Fandangos In Space')
Also: "In 1973, Carmen appeared on David Bowie's Midnight Special, with a dazzling performance of "Bulerias", opening track of their first album. Two clips from that performance are now availble here at fandangos in space. " (thanks Jonas)