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Monday, January 30, 2006

Francine Lainé 45rpm

"Is there a better choice to start a new "vinyl rip" blog than to post a small erotic artifact from the french seventies ? It seems that Francine Laine (or "Lainé", can't figure if the little mark on the last "e" of her name is an accent or not...) recorded these 2 tracks to promote a now forgotten erotic book named "Lolitissimo" by a guy named René Varrin. In itself, this is already cool...but what is cooler than cool is the fact that these 2 tracks were arranged by the great André Popp himself !! The man behind the "Delirium in hi-fi" (Available here!) lp and the "Piccolo & Saxo" recordings, the man who wrote "Love is blue"... " , says Whoops.
Francine Laine "Lolitissimo" 45rpm.

Updated: annukka says there should be an accent. We trust her.