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Monday, January 31, 2005

Fermín Solís

Play Ape.

Fermín Solís: Comics and illustration. Great!

Kiddie kiddie

Gossamer Wump (Frank Morgan with music by Billy May) and Gerald McBoing Boing (The Great Gildersleeve with music by Billy May)
Take me there now! Ok.. BoING!

Gil Kane and Robert Crumb

This month's repeat from The Comics Journal audiotape archive is a recording of a 1986 Dallas Con panel discussion between veteran mainstream cartoonist Gil Kane and underground comix pioneer Robert Crumb, moderated by Journal editor Gary Groth and published in transcript form in Comics Journal #113. The two artists discuss and evaluate each other's work, and compare styles and approaches to the craft in this absorbing meeting of the comic book medium's two most contentious camps. (Audio excerpts in MP3 format)

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Aaron Marshall

"Fossil Fuel Continuums"

"Modern Primitives" and From the Therimin Drive-In (via Thumbmonkey)

Just Genie

Just Genie: The Collages by Genie McChane. (via CoLLaGeMaNíA)

Soundtrack Sunday

Jaws - Lalo Schifrin [YouSendIt-file]
Buy Album.

Weirdomusic.com re-launches

Marco welcomes everyone: "This is it: weirdomusic.com - your first step in exploring the wonderful world of strange, wacky, odd, and just plain bizarre music.
Exotica? Easy Listening? Outsider Music? Space Age Pop? Library Music? Whatever it is that you're looking for, weirdomusic.com will try to point you in the right direction. ..."

Sex Madness

This is a typical sex exploitation film from the early 1930s - complete with wild parties, sex out of wedlock, lesbianism, etc. A chorus girl's exposure to the "casting couch" also exposes her to syphilis.
You can find more information regarding this film on its IMDb page.

Download Sex Madness from the Internet Archive.

Tacky Times

A Magazine unconcerned with current issues and affairs celebrating tackiness, frivolities and downright decadence.

Read about The Magical Floating Sidecar. And have you ever wondered about what women motorists think of the 1934 models? Here's the article.

The Tacky Times - Vol 1 January 2005

MP3 poetry library

PENNsound (digital poetry archive project)
Here's the Manifesto. (via UbuWeb)

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Christopher Silas Neal

Christopher Silas Neal: Illustration, Art and comics. (via Rashomon)

The History Of Japanese Fashion

In Japan, women’s fashion, like makeup, continues to evolve, reflecting the moods and mores of the times. The following photographs of women provide tantalizing glimpses into some of the radical changes that have marked the past century.
1939. In 1937, as hostilities spread and Japan engaged in incidents with China, measures were introduced to prepare the country for war. Baggy trousers adapted from those worn by rural Japanese women—known as mompe—became compulsory everyday wear for all women. ...
1994. Go-go gals dancing on a club platform: tight-fitting dresses, go-go gals’ favorite clothes, became more and more risqué in the 1990s. ...

The History Of Japanese Fashion (via Linkfilter)

Tabloid photographs from the Los Angeles Herald Express (1936-1961)

"Radio-flash-car equipped with radio telephone and platform on roof for photographer brings the news “with the greatest speed” to the reading public."

This is a very nice travel in time. Enjoy the Tabloid photographs from the Los Angeles Herald Express (1936-1961)! Great photos and great glimpses of history.
Birthday party with a circus theme for W.R. Hearst at Marion Davies' beach house!

Evenings on the Lake

Evenings on the Lake is a quite new Weblog. It is being managed by Chris (Hi You!).
It has a nice and friendly look.
The linkage so far seem to be pointing towards cool design, ephamera and vintage motorizing. Like this cool link to
the Delorean logo or the one pointing to The Airline Napkin Wipeoreum (strange, but not totally unexpected that somone collect these things...).

Check it out!

First blog entry contest of '05

The first one to leave a comment I will blog next. If you don't manage a site I will blog an interview with you (or blog whatever you'd like me to blog)!
The contest is open for everyone except the earlier winners:
Jolly Roger, Ken Minter, Michelle, Spike, MrBaliHai and Gonzalez on Speed.

Ready? Go!

/Z aka Sebastian

MC5 Posters

JUNE 1967 18 Sunday / Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra , MC-5

MC5 Posters, handbills and Adverts (via Niblog)

Vintage Vegas Postcards

Fremont Street (late 1940's) [Click the postcard for large view at source]

Vintage Vegas Postcard Museum

Chuck Connors

As Marvin 'The Claw' Zuckerman in John Frankenheimer's crime thriller 99 and 44/100% Dead

Chuck Connors at Brian's Drive-In Theater


A brave man is visiting Snapatorium.

Adventures In Paradise

Vic sais: "Quality Exotica compilations are almost non-existent, and hard-to-find at best. Which makes the Adventures in Paradise series that much more special. The four volume collection (issued separately) followed it's namesake TV series, which aired on ABC-TV between 1959 and 1962. This initial volume includes soothing Hawaiian standards from stars Alfred Apaka and Roy Smeck, but Tahitian artist Terorotua may just steal the show here. Enjoy."
Adventures in Paradise - Vol 1

Friday, January 28, 2005


Book (flash presentation) (via Pildore)

Trish Morrissey

"Dublin-born, London-based Trish Morrissey, 37, is a plain-looking teenager in an unflattering pixie haircut, a rather pretty girl in a baby doll dress and bare feet, a cocky young man in a spread-collar knit, an anxious new mother, a happy young wife. Like Cindy Sherman, she inhabits these characters mostly by putting on their clothes; but in Morrissey's case, some of these outfits were once her own. And not only does she enlist her older sister as an often cross-dressing partner in this serial role-playing, she stages most of her meticulously styled color snapshots in and around her family's Dublin home.
September 20th, 1985

The results aren't exactly a nostalgic remembrance of things past. Though the moments she re-creates are largely uneventful—a birthday, a picnic, a visit to the beach, a pose by the garden wall—Morrissey gets under the skin of family history and teases out confusion, deception, delusion, and unconditional love. Because each photo is titled with a very specific date (August 8th, 1982; September 4th, 1972), the work stakes a stubborn claim on the truth while inviting us to share both the fantasy and the anxiety." (Village Voice)

7 Years, at Yossi Milo Gallery (via Coincidences)

Saul Bass

"Saul Bass's flaming rose image for Otto Preminger's Carmen Jones set a new look for movie title designs in 1954. In 1956, his jagged arm and bars design for The Man with the Golden Arm also by Preminger revolutionized film marketing graphics, and every succeeding Preminger film carried Bass's distinctive design mark, as shown here: Bonjour Tristesse, Advise & Consent, Bunny Lake Is Missing, Exodus, The Human Factor, In Harm's Way, Saint Joan, Such Good Friends and perhaps his most famous, the dissected body graphic for Anatomy of a Murder"
Saul Bass - Master Movie Designer at Cinemacom.com (thanks to Karramarro over at the Group)

Flipside Magazine 1977

MrBaliHai "This is the story of Flipside Magazine, at least it's the story as I remember it. Hey, it was a long time ago, and a lot of the brain cells I had back then have since died and been condemned to Brain Cell Hell. I attended high school in Whittier, California with 3 of the original contributors in this first issue: X-8, Tory, and Larry Lash. We all graduated in 1977. ...

... I sort of watched the proceedings from afar. I thought that Tory was a total jerk after he'd forced me to sing for hours at rehearsal without a microphone, then tried to boot me out of the band because I'd lost my voice. He also stiffed me on my share of the proceeds from playing the Whisky (he apologized to me two years ago). A couple months after the first issue came out, I talked Al into letting me take pictures at Brendan Mullen's club the Masque, but I got drunk and forgot to wind the film in my camera, so my career as staff photographer was short and unproductive. Eventually, I cleaned up my act, went to junior college for a couple of years, then moved to Wisconsin. ..."

Matt aka MrBaliHai shares his memories of the birth of the L.A. punk scene, and his personal involvement in the Flipside Magazine. (Here's the complete scanned no. 1).

The Preserving Machine

How to preserve music from oblivion:
1. Put the sheet music on the machine
2. Wait
3. An insect or similar kind of animal is produced
4. Let it live and transform
5. Put it back on the machine
6. Wait
7. A new sheet music is produced
8. Play it

Comfort Stand release: Lanark - The Preserving Machine

The surviving Ramones' drummers

John Piccarella in Perfect Sound Forever: "When news first surfaced that Johnny Ramone had advanced prostate cancer, Robert Christgau asked me if I would take some notes for an obituary. When Johnny died, I was out of town, and could not write the piece. Editors at the Village Voice had the idea that it would be smart to interview the surviving Ramones' drummers. They had never before been interviewed together. I met them at El Quijote, next door to the Chelsea Hotel, with John Cafiero (director of the Ramones RAW DVD). My agenda was to gain insight into the history of the band and their music; they wanted to talk about current projects. We were all aware of the Village Voice agenda, which was to hear stories about Joey, Johnny and Dee Dee. A much abbreviated version of this interview ran in the Village Voice on October 20th, 2004."
John Piccarella's complete interview with Tommy and Mark

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Mark Atomos Pilon

Jet Set Drunk

Paintings and illustration by Atomos. (via Bibi's Box)

Hungarian ads from the 1980s

Some dated and highly entertaining video clips from Hungary. (via Mister Pants)

Whip it Beyoncé!

Mark Vidler//Go Home Productions has a new mix out to enjoy at his website featuring Destiny's Child and Devo. Great fun!
It's called 'Lose My Freedom'. I just love it. Download it NOW.

MOJO's Top 100 Soundtracks of All Time List

Herbie Hancock - Blowup, The Modern Jazz Quartet - Odds Against Tomorrow, Georges Delerue - Jules et Jim

MOJO's Top 100 Soundtracks of All Time List.
Not that bad of a list. (via MetaFilter)


KAYO Books: Gallery of cover art.

The Watermelon monster

From IMDb: "This movie is so great on many levels once you figure out what is going on and can tell the bad guys from the good guys. I especially love the Watermelon monster. Who ever thought up that creature must be pure genius. Also watch for the rat mobile! Obviously this movie was filmed for laughs but has some adequate fight scenes. I highly recommend this movie. It's on video called Drunken Wu Tang. Get it!"
Watch this hilarious video clip with the Kung Fu Watermelon monster! (via Buzz)

Golden Age Batman

First Issue and No 65.

All of the covers you will see displayed here are from the "Golden Age" through the "Silver Age" of comics, generally from the early 1940's to mid 1960's. I hope you enjoy the opportunity to see some of the great comic book cover art of the 1940's, 50s and 60's. Most of these covers are from Batman Comics, Detective Comics, or World's Finest Comics
Golden Age Batman Cover Gallery

Eugenio Recuenco

The photographic works by Eugenio Recuenco (via gatsu gatsu)


Hollywood's dancing lady (via RetroGrafix)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Blogger sucks today...
and sucked yesterday as well!

Alexandre Órion

Metabiotica (Flash presentation) (via gmtPlus9)

Andre de Dienes

Eartha Kitt

Harlem, Hollywood, Marilyn, Nudes (probably NSFW) and Model in net stockings posing on rocks!
The Andre De Dienes Galleries and Andre de Dienes - Vintage

Legacy of the Panthers

Posing for Newsweek MagazineL-R: Donald Cox, Albert "Big Man" Howard, Roosevelt "June" Hilliard Oakland, California. circa 1970.

"The Legacy of the Panthers serves as a powerful cultural and historical document. The decades of the sixties and seventies are historically marked by their political dynamism. The Korean and the Vietnam wars, and their corresponding peace protests, the civil rights, feminist, and Chicano movements pervaded every sector of society. Today, through movies, retro-fashions, and music the events of these decades have been commodified taking on iconic pop culture significance. The images in The Legacy of the Panthers represent the complexity and depth of the activities of the Black Panther Party expanding beyond the image of a black beret wearing African American man. ..."

Design: House as art, dig?

"With its vivid color, bold lines and one-for-the-road smirk, the art of Josh Agle, a.k.a. Shag, channels the early '60s hipster lifestyle, swizzle stick and all."
Article In Los Angeles Times. (via Exotica)

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

The Of Mirror Eye

Great posts by The Of Mirror Eye lately!
Check out the post (and of course the accompanying mp3s!) about Sublime Frequencies' release Princess Nicotine. Weird and highly interesting stuff!
And the post about the Deep Throat Anthology is highly amusing: "... But enough about the movie. On to the music. By all accounts, this soundtrack is the perfect accompaniment to what’s being shown on the screen. Believe it or not, I’ve never actually seen this move, but thanks to this music, I can really imagine what’s going on. ..."
Agreed, agreed....
3 mp3s there too!

Brave new Bra

"The incredibly outrageous, beautiful & talented Miss Alice Malloy plays her amazing homemade theremin bra at Don Hill's - Stunned and amazed, the crowd has yet to recover." (via Sound-scavengers)

Bora Bora

Hukilau.org - Free Exotic Music Download shares Eddie Lund presents . . . Bora Bora (1965)

An Evening With The Transitones

Pastor McPurvis invites us to An Evening With the Transitones: "Up this week is a curious little album by The Transitones, a combo that according to the liner notes, was a favorite in southwest Florida in the early eighties. The album is mainly a showcase for the song writing, keyboard, and vocal talents of Henry Forschino who along with song writing partner Rick Lynge, contributes six original tunes. Mr. Forschino’s (I’m assuming) wife backs her husband up with some husky harmonies, and the group is rounded out by Joseph Mignone on drums, Bert Hogan on trumpet (with a seriously wide vibrato), and Jimmy Byrd on guitar and bass. The overall effect creates an odd atmosphere where Casio keyboards meet Harry James imitators, Les Paul style guitar playing coexists with cheesy string synths, and television theme songs are reborn as cabaret entertainment. There are a couple of minor skips and it doesn’t sound like the master recording was the best, but overall the album is in pretty good shape and enjoyable. Have fun and as always, Enjoy!"
Sounds like fun!

A pint-sized look at Bubble cars

The Isetta. (Check out the Isetta Source!)

"If anyone wanted to take a glance at the differences in attitudes and economy between Europe and America in the mid to late 1950s, you could do no better than observe the radical contrasts in motoring trends of that period.
America was enjoying a post war economic boom, and this was reflected in the grand, chrome laden largesse of their vehicles. Fuel consumption wasn't really a major consideration- who cared if the latest Buick, Chevy or Cadillac only did 10 to the gallon when oil and petrol (gas) were cheap and plentiful.
In stark contrast, much of Europe was struggling to stay solvent.
If America was rocking 'n' rolling, the other side of the pond had the blues. ..."

Featured article at Port Halcyon about bubble cars and "austerity motoring".

Monday, January 24, 2005

Swiss Yodel Songs

Enough Yodeling to make you ill? (via Tofu Hut)

Safari the 70s

MrBaliHai shares Jungle Larry's Safari with us. Beautiful!

Ingrid Bergman - Swedish magazine covers

Ingrid Bergman - Swedish magazine covers (via RetroGrafix)


Mr. Sandberg: "Lets get back into the swing of things, a Bellybongo favorite is up today, yes this has been reissued, but not in a decent way, the LP reissue lack the heavy bass in all tracks, and especially track A3. ..."
Russ Garcia's Fantastica

Burlesque Beauties

Lili St. Cyr

"In the late 40s/early 50s, the age of burlesque was in full swing. Teasing audiences full of drooling wolves with their eyeballs popping out, these gorgeous dames from yesteryear got the job by showing just enough to get the job done. It was an era when strategically glued sequins were scandalous. With the exception of Evelyn West, Tempest Storm, and Lili St. Cyr, most of these women have disappeared into obscurity but we'd love to pay tribute to these fine dancing ladies of yesteryear again."
Burlesque Beauties, A treat from retroCRUSH.

Also: Explore my own collection of links to the wonderful world of Burlesque stars, Glamour girls and Pin-up cuties!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Short break.

Real life calling. Back in a few days.

/Z aka Sebastian

Monday, January 17, 2005


DEVO at VH1.com
Photos, videos and featured album! (via Fishbucket)

Like.. WOW!

In the very end of 2004 the average visitors per day in my stats said 147 - now all of a sudden it sais 280!!!! I don't know where all of you came from, but I'd like to welcome you all with a big oooooooooh.
And just to inform you I'm here delivering links. Links to cool things. I can't explain it better. Just cool pop culture links (in my own deranged view of what pop culture is and stand for).
Once a week you will see a post from the mysterious Litlgrey. Do what he sais or he'll go space-patrolling your house in a bad, bad way.

See you around!

/Z aka Sebastian

François Supiot

Figure [Click head for large view at source]

Paintings and Illustrations by François Supiot (via gmtPlus9)

Naughty Boys

"... You hold the glass bulb behind him and the heat from your fingers
makes the yellow water in the bowl start to bubble."

Swapatorium presents us to the Little Peeple and unveils their little secrets.

The Trailer for Hitchcock's The Birds

Das Dokument des Grauens has a section called Trailer der Woche (Weekly trailer). Up this week is the trailer for Hitchcock's 'The Birds'. Wonderful! So scroll far down and download (125 MB) if you are on broadband. (via one man safari)

Eric Reddad-Jordy

Photos by Eric Reddad-Jordy (via Otomano)

Guillem Ramos-Poquí

Guillem Ramos-Poquí's digital photomontages
The Magic Forest (Self Portrait 1) 2001

Ramos-Poquí's work deals with the passage of time and the cycle of life, change, death and decay. But what does this statement about the human condition mean in relation to his work?
In a world which is like a hall of mirrors, we seem to be living in a culture which alienates us from our true creative selves. The limitless beauty of the natural world is there for us to take responsibility for and to protect through an ecological vision, for future generations. (via Junk For Code)

The Happy Prince and the Kingdom of Basic Hip

Kiddie Records Weekly ( Week 03 of 52): This Oscar Wilde fairy-tale was adapted and directed by Orson Welles starring himself and Bing Crosby. Musical score by Bernard Herrmann. Enjoy The Happy Prince!
And Ford has made these three highly enjoyable LPs...
...available to stream in the Click 'N' Play section of Basic Hip Digital Oddio