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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Fall of Janet Leigh

Richard Armstrong in Images Journal: "I will never forget the night in September 1980 when I first saw Touch of Evil. After scuttling home from a pub, I switched the television on just in time for that fabulous tracking shot with the blaring Mancini score. Accompanied by peanut butter sandwiches and cheap Nescafé in my dark bedroom, I became privy to a married man's bewilderment over what to do with his vulnerable young bride in a Mexican border town. Meanwhile, a near-naked Janet Leigh endures a flophouse nightmare at the hands of a handsome punk with a syringe. Touch of Evil threw ghastly shadows up the walls of my bedroom for days. ..."
Modernity and the Maniac - The Fall of Janet Leigh, great article accompanied by a bunch of great photos from her films.
Susie Vargas (Janet Leigh) is attacked by thugs at a motel in Touch of Evil. Later she's drugged and held at a hotel, where she finally escapes, naked, onto the fire escape ...