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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Legacy of the Panthers

Posing for Newsweek MagazineL-R: Donald Cox, Albert "Big Man" Howard, Roosevelt "June" Hilliard Oakland, California. circa 1970.

"The Legacy of the Panthers serves as a powerful cultural and historical document. The decades of the sixties and seventies are historically marked by their political dynamism. The Korean and the Vietnam wars, and their corresponding peace protests, the civil rights, feminist, and Chicano movements pervaded every sector of society. Today, through movies, retro-fashions, and music the events of these decades have been commodified taking on iconic pop culture significance. The images in The Legacy of the Panthers represent the complexity and depth of the activities of the Black Panther Party expanding beyond the image of a black beret wearing African American man. ..."


Unknown said...

In the Black Panther picture above, you have spelled Elbert "Big Man" Howard's name wrong. You spelled Elbert with an "A". That is incorrect. Don't take my word for it even though I know him...google him.