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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Jan says: "This month I'll start re-posting mp3s from the years 2002-2003 when my site still only got 3 or 4 hits a day. ..."
Some fun stuff we missed back in the day. Now you've got at least 5 hits... ;-)

Trans-World's 60s Punk

In the section for East European bands: "Olympic was Czecho Slovakian Top Band. They Started as Rock'n'Roll band. In late '60s they changed their music to prog rock."

Trans-World's 60s Punk: Dedicated to '60s garage punk. Huge site with tons of info on bands around the world ('More Singaporean Bands' is great. The gallery of Swedish 60s Eps is also super great.)
But - here is a lot to see and read. Take your time. :-)
(via Inaudible Cities Daily Weblog)

Herb Alpert, 70 years old today!

Celebrate this occasion over at Rato Records Blog by downloading this Ep from 1967.

Blind as a Batman

This Is Pop! uncovers the truth.

Orly Cogan

Orly Cogan (Note: Slow Flash site...): Hand stitched art and drawings. NSFW.(thanks to Johnny)

"I Love Disco And I Hear It's Making A Comeback"

A great mash-up by RIAA featuring Petra Hayden's version of The Who's "I Can See For Miles", Dee-Lite "Groove Is In The Heart", and the song Dee-Lite sampled for that hit, Herbie Hancock's "Bring Down The Birds", a wacky Bollywood number called "I Am A Disco Dancer," a K-Tel disco instructional record, ads.
Check it out at MARCH 28, 2005! ("Yazoo's Got The Blooz" is also a great track) (via Music For Maniacs)

DDR Posters

'Alkohol' by Harry Pflaum & Wolfgang Ballenthin

Posters from DDR 1950s-1980s. DDR Plakate. (via mOBSCENE/Buzz)

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Nigerian movie trailers

From Other Africas (was on exhibit at the University Museum of Southern Illinois University from January 15 to April 21, 2002. This is an digital record of the exhibit that will be online indefinitely ...) comes this cool link:
"This online exhibit includes the trailers as downloadable files. The low resolution movies are relatively small files with poor sound and video quality. The high resolution movies are large files of much better quality. They will take quite a while to download depending on your connection speed. All files are in QuickTime® format."
Video Lounge (Titles like 'Cursed from Beyond', 'Festival Of Fire' and 'Witches') (via Danstuff)

The color television revolution

"Starting in 1957 until the beginning of the 1962-63 TV season, every NBC color broadcast began with the colorful animated NBC Peacock which reminded viewers that "The Following Program is Brought to You In Living Color on NBC!" Keep in mind that NBC was owned by television set manufacturer RCA. No doubt the Peacock, which looked pretty drab on old-fashioned black and white TV's, sold countless RCA color sets like the one shown here." (You can watch a film clip of it here)

Kris Trexler's website about the early days of color television broadcasting in the 1950's and 60's. The color television revolution. (via J-Walk Blog)

The Tacky Times - Vol 5: Out now!

"Samba and conga have been put on the back burner by a new dance that are being introduced in Europe just now by a charming chocolate colored representative from Martinique, Miss Betty. The new dance is called Raspa, and it beats the samba and the conga partly because it is so much easier to master." (From the article 'Raspa - The New Fad On TheDance Floor')

Sophia Cries For Her Stolen Jewels, Fashion News From Paris Anno 1952 and of course much more of retro news and fun that is the trademark of The Tacky Times Magazine. Now go check out Vol. 5!

Cult Vampire Magazine

'Nigel's awful fate' (Illustration by Frazer Irving)

Cult Vampire Magazine at bbc.co.uk: Listen ("Hear audio versions of our vampire tales - are you brave enough to listen in the dark?"), The Vampire Gallery ("Four galleries of stunning artwork"), Vampire Fiction ("Six all-new tales by top authors, each guaranteed to send shivers down your spine.") and much more to chew. So, let's spill some time and... blood! (via Bibi's Box)

Maximilian Bode

'The band'. (Found in 'Personal pictures'.)

Maximilian Bode - Freelance Illustrator. (via Rashomon)


Cinderella as told by Jeanette MacDonald is this week's featured album at Kiddie Records Weekly.

More radio!!

This Station Plays Tracks Like:
Lord Sitar - Black is Black - Psychedeliquent Votre
Los Hitters - El Flaco - Los Demonois
Wanda Jackson - I'm A Believer - Many Moods of Wanda
Jaguars - I'm So Glad - Big Lizard Stomp
Bobby Taylor w/ Tommy Chong - Try A Little Tenderness - Bobby Taylor & the Vancouvers

"When not preempted by specially scheduled programming, Inaudible Cities Radio broadcasts a 7 hour continuous loop of cover tunes. Most of the songs are recordings from the 1960s and early 1970s featuring artists from many parts of the world reinterpreting well known and occasionally not so well known songs. A lot of it is garage and/or psych rock, but there is some other stuff mixed in for no good reason. A number of the bands were from Japan, Turkey, and Mexico, but the USA, Canada, England, India, Cambodia, Thailand and Australia are also well represented, as are many other areas of Central & South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific. Songs are added and deleted every once in a while."
Learn more about this Radio action by reading this entry! (thanks to Olaf)

WNAR Radio 1620am

Radio the way it was in the 30's, 40's, and 50's. The very best of Radio Drama and Music with some News and Comedy. 24 hours a day!
WNAR Radio 1620am (via LinkFilter.net)

A new day

Ok, let's see how Blogger responds today. I was a little grumpy yesterday.
Just wanted to thank all of you commenting on my outburst and giving me ideas where to look if I'm leaving Blogger behind.

/Z aka Sebastian

I'll Be Doggone

Song of the Week at Blackboad Cyberjungle is I'll Be Doggone (here done by Marvin Gaye, Searchers, Billy J. Kramer and the Dakota's and Sam and Dave).

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Norm Eastman

'Army guy stealing woman's wallet.' [Click image for large view of thief]

La Luz de Jesus Gallery presents some art (hard core pulp, some are NSFW) of Norm Eastman.
Gallery 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. (thanks to Johnny)

Blogger sucks!

Yes. This is the truth. Blogger is no longer a service. What I'm getting by using Blogger is nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing and perhaps if I'm lucky 5 minutes of pure bliss when it's actually working.
And it's been like this for almost a month.
If Blogger does not improve in the nearest future I will stop posting. I will give it a week or two.

If there's anyone out there who knows about a free (it's important that it's free!) blog tool that works all right please tell me.

/Z aka Sebastian, pissed off

David Byrne goes Radio

David Byrne: "A friend who relocated to California from NY said she missed hearing all the odd variety of music that was played around the office here.
“I miss hearing what you all are listening to,” she wrote. This “radio” is my response. It will stream for a few hours and then it will recycle. Maybe it will run longer in the future. The artists played here are respectful of one another and gunplay is forbidden. Click on the player button below — a popup window will appear and the stream will begin. As songs play they will be identified, along with the artist — so if you like something you can see what and who it is. The song list will be updated periodically (how long is that really, in Earth time? Well, it depends on my listening habits.) As it reflects what I’m listening to, some songs will hang around longer while others will get dumped and replaced quickly.

Like many people, I listen to a wide variety of music, and some of it is, ahem, more appropriate at certain times of day than others. We here are not responsible for adverse affects from playing the wrong music at the wrong time. Hope some of this is enjoyable."

Radio DavidByrne.com (via Boing Boing)

Joe Lisi Sings Country and Western

Pastor McPurvis says: "Up this week is a fun and cool little album from obscure country/folk singer Joe Lisi. I don’t know if he is related to the actor Joe Lisi or this Joe Lisi but a quick glance at the liner notes to this album reveal a guy who has led an interesting life. ..."
Read more & download this pop cultural treasure.

Robert A. Maguire - Pulp cover artist

R. A. Maguire Cover Art. (via The Cartoonist)

Lollywood poster art

Vintage Lollywood Posters and Billboard Art. (via Bitter Cinema)

The "Sleepwalk" Guitars of Dan and Dale

Mister Swank says: "In honor of my fellow 'Accordion Thief' and weird vinyl addict 'Faustus Pringle', I bring you this strange meld of what happens when you mix spy-theme guitars with accordion. The result? Bizarre at best. Can't find a lot about these guys on Google except some lists of records on the Diplomat label. Sad, because it's catchy in a quirky, "Pat Boone on Acid" kind of way"
The "Sleepwalk" Guitars of Dan and Dale - Thunderball.

Female Vocalists

Ruth Etting

Brenda Lee, Ella Fitzgerald, Ethel Merman, Mabel Mercer, Sophie Tucker and other famous vocalists of yesteryear. Read and listen. (thanks to Johnny)

Monday, March 28, 2005


PCL LinkDump celebrates 50.000 (since August 7, 2004) hits today!
And also - for the fist time - over 100 subscribers at bloglines!

I'm glad I'm not alone. Loneliness is bad.

/Z aka Sebastian

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Week 2: More sex

If there ever was a moanin´ classic this has to be it. “Je t´aime” originally recorded by Brigitte Bardot but kept in the vault for over 20 years it instead was rerecorded with Jane Birkin doing the moanin´ (Updated & NSFW!:The original single was also released in England with Jane Birkin in the nude on the cover. This was, of course, to much for England at the time so it was retrived after a day in the shops.)
But our favourite take has to be this one. Recorded by Swedish pinup star Leena Skoog in 1969 and released on Love Records with record number 666. As for the fellow he´s supposed to be some kind of opera singer but we don´t know the whole truth about that apparently, judging from his singing. We do know that Leena´s only comment about him in later interviews was that he apparently had some trouble keeping his hands to himself.

The other little ditty here is, according to the label, tastefully recorded. Well, if you call a man moanin´ for three minutes tasteful I guess it is. A sensual seven inch, from 1978, indeed.

03. Je t´aime – Leena Skoog & Anders Näslund
04. Sensual Sounds of Man

Week 1

Friday, March 25, 2005

Whole lotta music

Slow Death at the Vinyl Mine.
Some Wire cover songs at Strange Reaction.
Girlfriend in a Coma by Mojo Nixon at Good Rockin' Tonight.
I'm In Trouble by The Replacements at Garage Hangover.
King Kurtis take on Led Zeppelin at Diddy Wah.
Bedazzled! gives you Something, not just anything.

Adventure In Sound

Magnus: "You are about to listen to my fifth copy of this all time great exotica LP on TOPS (Tops, as you may know is a poor sounding record label), and maybe I have been unlucky, or fooled, but it took me 7 years to finally score a great copy. Surface noice is still apparent on a few tracks, but this copy is free from scratches, dirt, or strange pressing distortions, When counting my expences, I found I have paid close to 170 dollar for finally having a decent sounding album of this exotica masterpiece, so I will ask you for 5 Euro for the last track."
Danny & Dena Guglielmi Adventure In Sound

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Go with the Ventures

An absolutely superb Russian Ventures site! You can listen to... everything! You can actually play guitar with the band as well! Party!!! (via LinkFilter.net)



Hypnotico: The work of Paul Andress.

Songs about robots

Do androids dream of electric sheep?, asks Pimps of Gore and gives us some songs to illustrate the question. Now, do they?!

Women and their machines

Babes and scooters - a lovely combination. Here's some "vintage" photos. (via Tacky Times Weblog) And here's a gallery of pin-ups I found.

That's Life

Hepcat Willy shares Living Brass - That's Life: "... Living Brass adds a dash of fire to the year 1967 with a peppy release, That's Life!
One of the many albums capitalizing on the brass bands craze, That's Life adds a razor edge to any party mood.
There's a few surreal covers; Riders in the sky, Sunshine superman and Que sera sera.

So come on and experience the sound sensation that is Living Brass!"


Screen captures from film clips.

A great Louise Brooks page. With an Ultra Cool section containing short film clips, essays, Interviews and Articles. (tanks to K. D. Opdello over at The Group)

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Old Cadillac ads

"Cadillac ladies love to play chauffeur."

Alte Cadillac Werbung. 6 pages. (via RetroGrafix)

The Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook

MrBaliHai tells us: "... While antiquing in LA back in 2003, I came across a mint copy of the 1962 edition of Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook. I scanned a few of the beautiful color plates, then forgot about it until recently when I thought it might be fun to expand on it a bit.
I decided to transcribe some of the food and drink recipes, along with the text that accompanied the photographs, put it all together as an easy-to-navigate thumbnail map, and post it here on the Goof for everyone to enjoy. This is a work in progress, so I'll be updating the site with additional recipes, color plates, and new tropical drinks from the book as the mood strikes me. ..."

The Trader Vic's Pacific Island Cookbook.

Comic Monsters

Comic Monsters - your number one source for comic book horror news and information!
And with a great Horror Cover Library! (via del.icio.us/robbytherobot)

Jazz Resource Library

"Alto saxophonist Charlie "Bird" Parker and pianist Thelonious Monk performing at the Open Door Cafe, New York City. September 14, 1953"

Jazz In America features a nice little Jazz Resourse Library. Pic above is from Jazz Images (great jazz photo!). There is also a timeline and some audio snippets. A good resourse. (via Life In The Present)

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Motor Racing Programme Covers

Motor Racing Programme Covers. This is a real beauty! (via X818)

Honey Ltd

"It's a common musical fairy tale these days: in the late 1960s, a phenomenal LP squeaked out on a fairly well-known label, and no one paid much attention at the time. Later, owing to word of mouth, this LP is re-released, and becomes a "rediscovered classic." The band enjoys a well-deserved, critically-acclaimed revival, with club appearances and sidebar articles in leafed-through journals like Mojo and the Wire.

This isn't that story. ..."

Jonathan Ward (for Perfect Sound Forever) recounts the fabled story of lost Lee Hazlewood proteges Honey Ltd.

Bugs Bunny

Kiddie Records Weekly presents Bugs Bunny in Storyland.

Live Jazz Fusion

The latest shows at Dark Funk:
-Miles Davis Septet - 1973-11-15
-Bennie Maupin - the jewel in the lotus
-Herbie Hancock - 1971-07-21

Haven of Sound

Pastor McPurvis guides you to the haven of sound: "Up this week is a humdinger of a platter served up by Father Domenick Graziadio, the Catholic priest with the Mario Lanza sound. Backed only by a piano, Father Domenick offers up his interpretations of some of the great songs of the American musical theater. And boy does he belt 'em out! ..."
Read more - and download the holy 'haven of sound'!

A Parent's Guide to Anime

"This page is meant as a resource for parents to aid them in finding anime that is suitable for children. Many parents are uncertain whether they should view anime before their children see it. Titles and even reviews often do not provide enough information concerning the content of the video. As Animerica Magazine recently pointed out, one of the things that draws western audiences to anime is honest treatment of what our societies generally refuse to deal with -- the reality of sex and gender roles, the human ways of creating and dealing with violence. ..."
Here's what's recommended for Mature Audiences.

I guess it's a good guide for non-parrots as well... (via MetaFilter)

David Goldin

'Whistling Yoo Hoo' in 'Chock Full 'O Nuts' (Uncommissioned Collage)

David Goldin in Pen & Ink; collages; kiddie books and fantastic sketchbooks. (via Drawn!)

Monday, March 21, 2005

I'm Happy They Took You Away

The response on Napoleon XIV's 'They're Coming to Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!' as well as other fun tracks is lined up for you in a new batch over at Land of the 999 Dances.

Simen Johan

From 'And Nothing Was to Be Trusted', 1994-1999.

The surreal photo artworks by Simen Johan. (via male.dei)

Politically incorrect blues

Stoop Down Baby!

This will Blow Your Mind!!!

The groovy RecordBrother is spoiling us freaks: "In Keeping with the Freak Out Theme here's a/The Psychedelic Jewel in the Audio Fidelity crown.if my Freaked Out mind can remember correctly this fine crate digger unearthted this nugget and promptly gifted it to me, for which i'm forever grateful. Be sure to Read the back cover for a real laugh oh man how square is this opps i mean It's Groovy so Groovy it'll Blow Your Mind...."
Here you can download side 1. And here's the flip-side!

Fashion Ephemera

College Calot No. 538.

Vintage Martini's Fashion Ephemera: Fashion Catalogs; Doll Ephemera; Knitting Clothing Books and Vintage Barware! (via Tacky Times Weblog)


"The main purpose of this page is to examine the deeply spiritual and cleansing "Coltrane Revelation" experiences reported by many listeners on psychedelics (and also many who were not tripping, yet due to whatever circumstances were in a sufficiently open state) where his saxophone sound becomes like:
• a spiritual voice, • a 'natural harmonic language' communicating spiritual ideals and lessons -or- is heard in sections as ~ • time-transcending • ultra-futuristic • vastly alien-seeming • infinite • geometrical • hyper-dimensional • ancient • divinely inspired • spiritually channeled • Kundalini energy -or- • the Holy Spirit, 'speaking in tongues thru the saxophone'"
Read and hear more at the Trane-Trip. (via LinkFilter.net)

Lothar Mattejat

"Brunzei" [click thing to view big at source]

Artwork Archive 1981 - 2005, artworks by Lothar Mattejat (via Cipango)

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Week 1: Sex

Sex is fun and so is Suzie´s wonderful 60s pastiche “Me and My Vibrator”. Actually it´s from 1979 and was done by the Rhino Brothers, which in turn was a pseudonym for the band Big Daddy. It first surfaced on the Rhino Brothers lp Circus Royale (the seventh lp released by Rhino Records and, as we all know, the very first was Wildmania by Wild Man Fischer). It later resurfaced on the compilation lp Rhino Brothers Greatest Flops. A nice track lending truth to the old saying: it ain´t the meat, it´s the motion.
We´ve been digging through the office but no one could find any info on “Unrequired Love”, but we just couldn´t let you live any longer without hearing this really strange track.
01. Me and My Vibrator - Suzie Seacell
02. Unrequired Love

Hey! from HTMPL Prod.

Don´t tell us Santa never give you anything cause now you´re up for a real treat. Each Sunday you get a new tune or two, all adding up to one hell of a fine cd to impress your friends with (yeah, you´ll get a cover as well before we re-return with a new batch adding up to a new compilation, in all infinity), from the massive archives here at the HTMPL office.
Every month will center around a theme and since this is the beginning, the first three months we´ll deal with three main subjects that we think a lot about during our days here at the office: Sex, Drugs & Rock´n´Roll (adding up to the first fine cd compilation no home is complete without). So, off we go for some sex.

From all your friends at HTMPL Productions

New team member

The PCL readers are up for a real treat!

As you may have (or may have not) noticed there's a new PCL contributor on the block. I've invited HTMPL Prod. because I think this dump needs it. I was down at the HTMPL office some days ago and O'boy! Did they have things in store for me! They just talked and talked. Rambling. They'd just discovered there is internet. They were all soo excited. "Wow! You can actually listen to music on that internet. It's amazing!" And I just, "Yeah, I know.."

I listened to these crazy guys for about an hour, got drunk and then got tired and blurted out something like, "For christs sake! Do you really need Internet to listen to music. You've got tons of music here in the archives."

And here we are now...

So I'd like you all to welcome HTMPL Prod. aboard.
And a big hug to Bill for helping HTMPL Prod. feel free and unhibitid sharing their goodness.

/Z aka Sebastian

Kort meddelande till mina svenska läsare

[Information to my Swedish readers]

Jag har slutat pinga nyligen (d.v.s. detta är sista gången). Så ni som använder den tjänsten för att komma hit bör istället bokmärka PCL LinkDump eller börja prenumerera genom en rss-läsare.

/Z aka Sebastian

Saturday, March 19, 2005


'Raymonde', found in Portraits.

Illustration, Animation, Portraits and much more by DavGuedin, french artist. (via Glubibulga)

King Richard's Fluegel Knights

"Remember the good old days? Not those good old days, the real good olddays, back when there were dinosaurs, and a man could drag a womand aroundby the hair without having someone call a cop? ..." (From the liner notes)
Weirdomusic.com's album of the moment: King Richard's Fluegel Knights - Sign of the times

The 100 Greatest TV Themes

Robert Berry of retroCRUSH presents The 100 Greatest TV Themes.


Year by Year: 1900-2004. History, facts and quizzes. (via The Ultimate Insult)

Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Jacksons

Cheek is ranking The Jackson. This is top-class-blogging!

Hiroshi Watanabe

Hiroshi Watanabe - Portfolios (via Life In The Present)
Here's Santa Monica Pier, 2000.

Total Eclipse of the Heart Video

Hurra Torpedo - Total Eclipse of the Heart (note: .mwv movie link).
Norwegian rockers... Not Swedish. Norwegian.

The Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab

MOHAMED ABDEL WAHAB & HIS ORCHESTRABelly Dance - The Music of Mohamed Abdel Wahab Volume 1 is made available for the joy of downloading by Marisa.
So, Run with the Hunted, do you need more practice or are you a pro already?

On the Beach at Waikiki

Swanky of Hukilau.org shares another exotic vintage vinyl: On the Beach at Waikiki - Sam Makia and His Waikikians. Cool. I'm there. At the beach. With a nice cool drink in my hand.

Yuri Shiller

Full Moon

Yuri Shiller Fine Art. Colorful and sensual. NSFW. (via Pagan Moss' Peep Show Stories)