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Thursday, March 10, 2005


"Dream Police"

"Many years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and played loud rock music, Dennis Larkins was busy bringing set design out of the Paleolithic with revolutionary arena rock stage concepts. Under the aegis of legendary promoter Bill Graham, Dennis brought a vision of monolithic drops to life in the form of towering painted backdrops and scrims.
Taking what he'd learned as a painter of stage backdrops for the San Francisco Opera, Dennis almost single-handedly designed and painted the set decorations for Bill Graham's annual "Day on the Green" music festivals, such as the original legendary "Monsters of Rock" festival (featuring Aerosmith and Ted Nugent), concerts for Led Zeppelin (in what would prove to be their last American concert), the Eagles, Journey, and many more legends of Seventies rock. ...

Needless to say, Dennis filled what free time he had with his own work in fine art. It was during the Seventies and Eighties that Dennis developed and refined his dimensional technique, at first with great gobs of paint, later in mixed media using various plastics and flexible materials."
StartlingArt by Dennis Larkins. A lot of cool stuff there. Take a look around. (thanks to Johnny)