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Monday, March 14, 2005

The Aaltos

Tapani of Land Of 999 Dances & Magnus of Bellybongo join forces in the vinyl sharing business.
Magnus sais: "I must admit I know very little about the Aaltos, The brothers and sisters Aaltos were at the time of this recording involved with the Maranatha church in Sweden, and 2 more LPs were released, but from what I've heard, very few (if any) copies have ever been scored here, Tapani who lives in Finland, found the three Swedish-released LPs on a thrift store in his hometown.
By the 1980s, The Aaltos had emigrated to USA, they continued to make records over there."

Go get The Aaltos!


Tim said...

Dang! I'm looking for this but that site you linked to doesn't exist anymore... Any ideas?