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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Hotel Fox, Copenhagen

"The Project: Project FOX brings together young artists, designers, cooks, hotel industry professionals and managers to develop and implement their own ideas.They will be presenting their new ideas and approaches to the public in Copenhagen for three weeks in April. A mix of creative ideas that will set new international standards for catering, gastronomy and urban tourism.Re-designing the way of life and mobility.Project FOX supports and promotes young talent. ...

Up to now, the Park Hotel was a standard 3-star hotel. On April 2nd, however, it will become the Hotel FOX.
We have invited 21 artists to re-design a total of 61 rooms. Furniture, carpets, wallpaper – the artists are given free reign to do whatever they want.
Redevelopment of the property started in January 2005."

Project Fox - Hotel Fox [Flash site!!] (via Josh Rubin: Cool Hunting)