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Tuesday, August 31, 2004


"Star of a film I guess still banned by the Swedish government: THRILLER - EN GRYM FILM (1974). The film that is known abroad as THRILLER, A CRUEL PICTURE or THEY CALL HER ONE EYE just saw a DVD release in USA from the excellent company synapse, and the film (and most surely the DVD) comes highly recommended. Only in an exploitation film can you see such awesome female heroine, such 'out there' 70s interior design and such cold... mean... people.

As a singer however she leave a lot to be desired, let's face it, she is no singer. She can't really sing, but she is very pretty, and the words she sing have their meaning anyway. I may post an English translation to the Swedish lyrics..."

Magnus at Bellybongo strikes with this STRIKING download!



"I've been cutting up magazines and rearranging images for over ten years now, and some words to describe my collages might be: surreal, psychedelic, cute, weird, lurid and wry."
Peter Lewis / WarpArt (via Robot Action Boy)


Jewish jazz and Eastern European party music

Radio Free Klezmer - the Next Wave of Jewish Music.
"Jewish jazz and Eastern European party music for the new millenium!"
Note: Live365 requires listeners to register (it's free) and log-inin order to listen to the station. Here's the direct link to Radio Free Klezmer at Live365: http://www.live365.com/stations/32281


Glasses rocks.

I say this not because of the fanciness of my own Dolce & Gabbana's - I say this because it's a fact. We have Buddy Holly; Elvis and Elvis; John Lennon; and a bunch more. But there are too few of them! I think it's 'cause it takes a real man to wear them, and to wear them good.
This is something Pastor McPurvis at the Vinyl Orphanage have been thinking about. He sais: "Once one of the only acceptable fashion accessories available to men, glasses are slowly disappearing from our cultural landscape. Affordable contact lenses and Lasik surgery are replacing the firm, sturdy, and, dare we say it, manly combination of frame and lenses. ..."
But he also continues: "Fortunately we have found several individuals who will not let the unending march of progress hamper their chosen life statement to the world. Join us in celebrating the wonders of having four eyes." McPurvis points us to Jo Amar who sings only for You! and Bro. Tommy Stone (a man with a title and a name like that would do good even if he was blind I'll tell you!). And here's the wholesome gallery of Men with Glasses. (And don't forget to sing on your way out of the orphanage!)


Monday, August 30, 2004

Dime Novels

Over at Street & Smith's Preservation and Access Project you can learn more about the dime novel. It's a fool's paradise!
Here's the Dime Novel Cover Art Gallery (via PLEP)


Tim Biskup

I read in the biography: "Originally from California, Tim Biskup was raised on Disneyland, Rat Fink, badly dubbed Japanese Sci-Fi flicks, punk rock, skateboarding and underground comics."
Such a great upbringing creates artists!
Check him out! (via BURP)


Let there be Light!

Permissive Polyphonics by Enoch Light. As usual at Basic Hip Digital Oddio you'll be able to either stream or download this rather spaced-out experience.
But hurry! Easy Come, Easy Go...


Sunday, August 29, 2004

Corkscrew Postcards

The Virtual Corkscrew Museum has a special section dedicated to postcards. Have a look at some drunks and bums and check out the woman pulling corks.
You should always keep a corkscrew in your reach! You never know when it'll come in handy... (via Life In The Present)


American Art Archives

American Art Archives has a mission devided into three parts:

-Help preserve the memory of the great illustrators and their works.

-Give visitors a chance to experience the kind of art that people of the last century experienced virtually every day.

-Provide an outlet for you fans of illustration art where you can contribute bio information, corrections (we do make mistakes), gallery ideas and artwork, articles on artists, trends, and techniques, upcoming events you want to promote, whatever else you can think of.

And boy! Do they succeed! Great artists and illustrators are being displayed. Here you can find illustrators like: Rolf Armstrong, Edwin Georgi (the artist behind the work above!), J C Leyendecker, Dr. Seuss and many more fine artists. And they'll even tell you what "illustration" is. (via Sugar 'N Spicy)


Boys will always be boys

Military service in Sweden around 1913 (via Buzz)


Saturday, August 28, 2004

Music to watch girls by

Rato Records is giving us rhythm as well as eye candy. That is so nice!
Download it here.


Gimme gimme gimmicks

Brasilian Samba the Swedish way!

This and more is offered in balansamba's vocal grab bag
Don sais "From jazzy scat vocals and duets to wordless vocals and West Coast style harmony, this feature is a collection of my favorite vocal tunes."



'Has been' preview (via Largehearted Boy)



"I am a mind of a monster in the body of a boy. I, a heavy evil highway bandit prowl by car and prowl by midnight feet. I see it in your sisters' faces, whips so wicked, ropes so tight, my fingers rip through garden perfume, body paint the bedspread bright.

I crave warm fluffy things. Kittens, hamsters, feathered fish. Crouching in the country heat, eating legs of chicken hawks, the barnyard grease dribbles down my chin, as I make an important inner space discovery while feeding my human body. My human body holds me its lifetime prisoner. I escape through the tongue splashing into smiles, tears, yells and screams. It is hard for me to appear when the world wants me to, on the surface of my human body. Materialistically the world expects me to communicate on its own terms. I look back and see none. Reality brings about a change. STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

By being born wild into this universe you are hereby endowed by nature with all you need for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The world owes you a living - flaming creatures. Go wild until you get it."

Kim Fowley – liner notes to Born to Be Wild (via Garage Hangover)


About Sci-Fi

"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, someone had the idea that science would be at its most interesting when it was being subverted. Just as science itself was developing, storytellers began expanding the worlds of physics, biology, chemistry and engineering.
They came up with a universe full of lightsabers, spaceships and robots, steeped in a heady brew of technobabble and draped on a background of journeys to exotic worlds. But science fiction is more than just pulp fiction; at its core is the desire to understand humanity's place in the universe."

Top 10 sci-fi films

"The planet is under attack and only the combined strengths of the world's greatest scientific minds can save us. Which evil geniuses, mad inventors or misguided eggheads can best harness the power of nature?"

Guardian Unlimited provides us with a Science fiction special (via Senses Working Overtime)


Vrooom vrooom

Vintage car advertising.
Opel, Oldsmobile, Jaguar, Citroën and a mix.


Friday, August 27, 2004

Stars of yesterday

Betty Grable, Dolores Costello, Sonja Henie and... Jack Hulpert.
All of these classic stars and many more at
Old Movie Cards (via Life In The Present)


Musicians photographed with Resonator instruments.

Left: Sol Hoopii Right: Blind Boy Fuller
London Resonator Centre has a very nice gallery of musicians both past & present photographed with Resonator instruments.
Gallery One and Gallery Two
http://www.resocentre.com/LRC%20GALLERY.htm & http://www.resocentre.com/LRC%20GALLERY.2.htm


Thursday, August 26, 2004

Classic comic fanzine covers

"The truth is, I flat-out stole the format for Ultrazine #1 (published in 1978) from The Comic Book Collector, a fanzine by John Harris. "Hey, this looks easy," I thought. (I was 15 years old). My partners in crime were neighborhood pals John Zupkow, Mike Cevarr, and John Steventon. Those first few issues sucked. Thankfully other people joined in, the quality shot up overnight, and Ultrazine developed its own identity. From 1978 to 1982, I published 62 fanzines, with help from more than 125 contributors from across the country. It was the sheer enthusiasm and obvious talents of many of these friends that kept me going so long. (The typical fanzine burnout rate was about 18 months, with eight or nine issues). I was by no means the smartest or most gifted of the contributors to my own books, but I was organized, ambitious, and very persistent -- plus, I had access to a copy machine."
The words are Matt Bucher's.The editor for UltraZine and also the guy making this site possible.
Graphic Visions, Lan's Lantern, UltraZine.
Cool fanzines!


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Mass gymnastics under communism

"As the body is considered to be our most reliable, continuous and comprehensive metaphor for life and its meaning, multiplied bodies in mass gymnastics display are in the same way metaphor for desired society and its leadership. The ritual of the display of strong, young, beautiful and disciplined bodies offer an attractive reading of a society as whole and consequently legitimized the leadership as a promoter or creator of such a society. Since its origins in the early 19th century, the symbolic potential of coordinated movements of thousands of trainees has been exploited by various movements and regimes, varying from the extreme right to the extreme left. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore how this symbolic potential was confronted with and transformed by the communist ideology in mass gymnastic rituals all over Eastern Europe. It will study how the key concepts that the mass gymnastic performances offered - strength, youth, beauty and discipline - were transformed into symbols of a strong, young, beautiful and disciplined socialist society, and how this was used to legitimize the leadership, which observed these rituals from the tribunes of stadiums."
'Training for the1960 Czechoslovak Spartakiad'

Bodies In Formation (via PLEP)


Iran gets ready for Queen

"The Islamic Republic of Iran is set to hear its first rock music, in the shape of Freddie Mercury and Queen."
Article in UK.Gay.Com (via Largehearted Boy)


EKO teamet




I'm glad there is someone out there doing this stuff. And I'm glad it's not me. Here's a "fun" collection of magazines featuring the Monkees. Does this one make you smile? No? This one then? No? This one? No? But this one is really happening! No? Maybe it's the wholesome thing then?
-Yay!!! (via Exclamation Mark)


Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Boring postcards from Sweden

Yup. This is...
the town where I was born...
And this...

the town where I live.
Retroglobe gives us Boring Postcards (Thanks to Jim)


The Ravens

"In October 1963, the Boo-Weevils gave themselves a new name. Until the middle or end of January 1964, the band was called "The Ravens," and under this name, the then-current members of the band, Dave Davies, Ray Davies, Pete Quaife, and Mickey Willett, recorded their first songs in the studio." (from Kinks.de)
The fabulous Garage Hangover presents three of the Ravens recordings and tells us: "Calling themselves the Ravens and led by Dave Davies instead of his brother Ray, this early incarnation of the Kinks recorded several demos. Who exactly was in the band or writing songs at this point is still a mystery, but these have more than just historical value."


Indian Ads from the 80's

"Since the response to Tinkle Ads From The 1980s was so awesome, I decided to run another feature showcasing ads from comic books of that decade. This time around, I tracked down some old Indrajal comics to scan and share, although most of the ads there were also seen in Tinkle and other comics. If you don't remember Indrajal comics, you need to take a moment to shoot yourself. These guys published all kinds of crazy shit... they had a few widely-read titles like The Phantom and Mandrake the Magician, as well as other more obscure characters and even some home-grown heroes"
This is information from VishalPatel.com.
And here's the cool ads! (via Papel Continuo)


Luca Tieri

Luca Tieri is an Italian "madbrain illustrator, cartoonist and character designer", he sais.
Lots of colors - lots of youth and rock'n'roll.


Elmer & RIIA

Elmer Bernstein passed a way 18 August. Here's the soundtrack to 'I Love You, Alice B. Toklas', the Peter Sellers comedy from 1968. It is Basic Hip making this quite rare item available for download and enjoyment. "This score was never officially released and came out on a small label in the mid 1970s. The reason for the missing track titles is that there are none - the LP contains no cues!"

And now to something completely different! This is a group/artist named RIIA (Really Interesting Audio Adventures) ;-). It's loads of sound. It's mashup in a very free and fun way with lots of love for music. In this soup of sounds you'll be able to hear Beach Boys, Public Enemy, Cyndi Lauper, Astrud Gilberto, Giorgio Moroder and many more in crazy team ups. This is really something to get the party starting and then on through the night.
Sounds For the Sunset! (via Comfort Stand Blog)


Monday, August 23, 2004

The number of the beast and many, many more

Heinlein Book Cover Museum (via the Cartoonist)


Sunday, August 22, 2004

Moog, moog, moog, moog, and some more moog.

The history of the Moog began back in '54 with this man. You can learn even more by downloading Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog (but were afraid to ask for!). It looks delicious I can tell!
And as you can understand by reading the introduction for this album at Frank's Vinyl Museum you are in for a real treat! ("Most Moog albums employ a number of traditional instruments (especially drums), but not this one: it is entirely synthesized on the Moog, right down to fake applause at the conclusion of Bolero.")
Go get it!


Week 35: ABBA voor kinderen

Jan Turkenburg's 52 weeks project ("every week in 2004 there will be a link to a page with recordings which are not available in the shop and preferably introduced by the artist him/her/themselve") is now on week 35.

"The following tracks are taken from "ABBA voor kinderen" (Abba for kids) from 1981, performed by a Children's choir in Leiden. The dutch lyrics are by Pieter Goemans, who has written a lot of commercial children lyrics, but these are not his best ones, just like the accompaniment and the singing isn't really outstanding, but at least they didn't let half naked little girls sing "gimme gimme gime a man after midnight", like the Mini pops. Goemans let them sing things like "Look, there's the little gnome" and "Won't you come to my birthday party?". From the liner notes we can only learn that the idea for this album came from Cees Kerkhof, the sleeve was designed by Jan van Uden and Frederico (F. Balke) made the illustrations." and further on: "This week's record was badly damaged and three of the songs I couldn't repair acceptably. So here are two consolation tracks in the same genre, taken from the very limited release CD "Mijn oom is een dinosaurus" (My uncle is a dinosaur), which I recorded especially for two small family members."
ABBA Voor Kinderen


Saturday, August 21, 2004

More radio!

Norman Barrington has a great site! That is if you enjoy good old jingles and radio commercials. He has a really fun section dedicated to online rare or nostalgic radio/tv commericlas. Here's one for Coca Cola with Ray Charles!


Soviet antique radio gallery

(This is a "Zvezda-54" ("Red Star-54"). Model 1954.)
Red Star Radiosite (via Hobodogblog)



Hans Arnold

The Swedish artist Hans Arnold is most well-known (at least in Sweden...) for illustrating horror stories for kids and for this Abba cover.
But he's an artist of great versatility. Check out the galleries!
(The site's in Swedish - but I think you'll be able to appreciate it anyway!)


Friday, August 20, 2004

Attention! Cat needs good care!

Bellybongo has got himself a cat. It's a very pretty little cat. But to keep it pretty and loveable it needs the best of care. The cat deserves it - as well as Magnus.
So what you need to do helping them "live happily ever after" is to listen to the latest downloadable album here. If you think this album of Okay Temiz is more than Okay (...) you can just go here to bid on it immidiatly to sponsor some luxury for the cat!


Rick James Meets Fay Wray in Heaven (A Very Short Play)

In The Morning News: "America lost two great artists this week, musician Rick James and actress Fay Wray. Writer and playwright John Moe sits in on their introduction at the pearly gates."
FAY: It wasn’t a real ape. It was special effects.
RICK: Well, yeah, I know. I know that.
[A year passes.]
FAY: But yes, it was wonderful. That film changed my life. It changed history.
FAY: And what was your song? “Superman”?
RICK: Freak. “Super Freak.”
FAY: Like circuses? Freaks?
RICK: Oh! No. No no. It’s…it’s not like that at all. It was like, you know, sex.
FAY: I see. Well. Excuse me.

Intrigued? Read more
here! (via PLEP)


Girl wants (to say goodbye to) rock and roll

Christina Aguilera hits it off with the Velvet Underground and Jimmy Sommerville. Marc Vidler and his Go Home Productions creates a miracle of POP.
Listen to this and other great unthinkable mixes here.



Rato Records "pays a tribute to the guys and dolls who made or sang the songs of those happy-lazy-hazy- crazy days of old records.". They offers some beautiful galleries of LP cover art. In the section for the late 50s you'll be astonished to learn that My pussy belongs to daddy. And in one of the sections for 60s LP cover art you can once again experience your last kiss! And the early 70s section offers you something else.


Thursday, August 19, 2004

Miss Ekberg

This great girl was born only 5 minutes (by bike) away from where I'm sitting right now! Ok. She hasn't been home for a long time.
She is quite a woman - classy with great taste ("Ekberg is a favourite with the slander press, rumoured affairs with Yul Brynner, Frank Sinatra, Errol Flynn and Robert Mitchum fill their columns in '52 and '53.") and a mind and mouth of her own.
I present to you real Swedish beauty:
Anita Ekberg + Anita Ekberg + Anita Ekberg


Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Tamba Trio

Don Miller at balansamba.com sais this about the site's newest featured album: "Like Sergio Mendes and many others, Tamba Trio got started at Bottle's Bar on Beco das Garrafas in the Copacabana district of Rio during the early 1960's. The trio consisted of Luiz Eca, Helcio Millito, and Bebeto. Avanço is their second album, and one of my favorites. The album conists of mostly covers by Tom Jobim, Roberto Menescal, and Marcos Valle. There is also a great cover of Jorge Ben's famous Mas Que Nada. The vocals sound very similar to MPB4's harmonic style. Avanço provides light, jazzy renderings of some classic bossa nova tunes. Enjoy!"
Tamba Trio - Avanço


Online Rachel Nabors comic



Diana Rigg

If you are/were a fan of the Avengers and Diana Rigg in particular this is really something for you: The Definitive Diana Rigg. (via the Cartoonist)
Was she a feminist icon or swinging 60s chick?


The Continental Co-ets and more

The Houseplant Picture Studio site is as usual filled with art, photography, fashion music and crap. This time I recommend you to scroll down 'til you see this lovely girl band: Download it!!!!! It rocks in a true way!
While you're at it please check out
this classical HPS link (HPS internal link) and enjoy Hand Knits for Young Moderns.


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I'll build myself a house...

Ok... I have a hard time chosing. Maybe Malin? Or this? No! THIS ONE! And this is a really nice solution...!
Hmm. I think I'll settle with an apartment in the
Hundertwasser House in Vienna!



Sweden IS big booped blondes, Ingmar Bergman and tons of Smörgåsbord.
It is also full of people (like me) who'll never even get close to one of those vixens, don't care about Ingmar Bergman and is always too drunk to appreciate a "smörgåsbord".
Some of us are pleased with just the subliminal things in life.
Here are some clips of some subliminal sounds from Sweden:
Åke Sandin and Tom Zacharias is Sweden too!
Want a taste? Click!


Hank Janson

Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, Hank Janson, and let me tell you... Hank Janson!


Music For Lovers

"So you see the cover and think 'uh uh - not this time...' Looks cheesy, doesn't it?"
New Featured Album at Space Debris!


Monday, August 16, 2004


Some vintage Ibanez advertising. Including New York Dolls!
Have A Look! (Thanks to -c21de)


Sunday, August 15, 2004

Knock on my door

Shake it with the Primates!


"Serge needed all the love he could get"

"She's performing at a rock festival in the former Roman settlement of Avenches in Switzerland, playing to a half-full, ancient amphitheatre as a warm-up act for Lou Reed and German punk diva Nina Hagen. She plays a set of Serge's songs, scored to Arab-influenced music. For all its eccentricity, it's a beautiful concert and one she has been touring with for a couple of years. Sometimes she sits on the edge of the stage like a little girl; then she's drifting about, kissing her band members and telling stories about Serge. By the end the audience joins in with 'Comment Te Dire Adieu'. I see people crying."
Jane Birkin article in Guardian Unlimited.


The "carry phenomenon"

pcl2 pcl2
When a woman faints - what to do? It's the good samaritan way!
But it's not about humanism - it's more of an universal thing!
Sexism? Nope. Just fun and adventure.

And, our hero - Conan - of course he's there.
Check out all the girls in MY arms! (Via grow-a-brain)


About previous post

My best friends had a baby girl yesterday!
Name: Valeria


Conan & Valeria

Dear Conan: "Write in and Conan will answer all your questions. Be careful though.. Conan's been known to get angry pretty easily and you wouldn't want that. The last person to piss Conan off ended up with one less arm. But despite all that, Conan is by far the best source of information and advice on the internet, so send in your questions today!"

"I am a Viking who was forced to cut off his Viking locks in order to join the Marine Corps. I no longer feel as Viking-like without my very long hair. What can a present day killer such as myself do to maintain my Viking Feel?"

Mail Conan Now!
Valeria is always around.


New look - respond!

Yesterday I changed the template once more. I am unsure of this 'cause I'm quite fresh at this. Therefore I'd like You (anyone!) to tell me what you think! Does the Blog look Good or Bad? Do you have advice for me to improve it? Any response would be nice (LOL)....

I would also like to salute
Magnus for the artwork above. I think it's really nice!


Browning and Chaney

Tod Browning; the director of such classics as 'Dracula' (1931) and 'Freaks' (1932) also made some other really interesting and frightening movies. Here's a page displaying some of the posters, lobby cards and film stills from some of his films. As you can tell by reading the posters one of his favorite actors must have been Lon Chaney. Lon was "the man of thousand faces". If he had been hired for The 'Freaks' he surely could have played siamese twins or a legless freak. But Browning wanted the real stuff. And real it is... SUR-REAL! (Thanks to Quiddity)


Saturday, August 14, 2004

Spreading happiness

Oddio Overplay was a great site.
Now it's time for the new and improved!

But thats not all! Katya (the site manager) speaks up: "In celebration of sharing music and the relaunch of the site, it seemed like a fun idea to give the site a theme song. There are so many remarkable artists traveling in the same online music circles that it was impossible to choose one artist.So the invitation was sent out asking for themes to compile an entire CD. Friends from right next door and from all over the world came to the call. These marvelous people have created a fantastic CD full of fun songs and Oddio Overplay themes! What a cool dream come true! It is a dream for you, too, because you get to enjoy the entire release!"
Wow! Let's Oddio!


Watchmen Funnies

Watchmen comic strips mash-up at Something Awful (via Gravity Lens)


Kim Wilde

How could you not adore Kim!
'Chequered Love' is one of the top-ten 80s songs. But 'Kids in America' was a bigger hit and has been covered by a variety of artists - and as you can read about at (and listen to!) copy, right? also by Elakelaiset. There is also two more covers as done by the finns (Foo Fighters & the Cranberries)!

For some rare Kim Wilde tracks check out KimWilde.com's Real Audio archive.

I think I'm in love again...


Free sounds!

Mister Swank's Album of the Moment is Shufu_Abe - Japanese Poetry Chant

Bruce Lenkei's Journey to the Past continues with Harry Betts - The Fantastic Plastic Machine

Houseplant Picture Studio has as always a lot of highly interesting and fun stuff up.
Main items up now is:
The Obbink Four - If We All Loved Jesus


Geraldine & Ricky - Trees Talk Too!
Scroll down 'till you find things!
Have fun!


Thursday, August 12, 2004


Nice gallery of american automobile advertising between 1920 - 1980.
USA Autod (Thanks to -c21de)


Oh - these transformers...*sigh*

The future of breakdance (Flash animation) (via Buzz)


For Nightpeople Only

Horst Jankowski was a quite handsome man. But his music could be simply stunning!
Bellybongo Lp Sharity is proving this statement with this downloadable album by The Jankowski Singers.
Download it and enjoy while checking out some of Horst's other products here.