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Friday, August 20, 2004

Rick James Meets Fay Wray in Heaven (A Very Short Play)

In The Morning News: "America lost two great artists this week, musician Rick James and actress Fay Wray. Writer and playwright John Moe sits in on their introduction at the pearly gates."
FAY: It wasn’t a real ape. It was special effects.
RICK: Well, yeah, I know. I know that.
[A year passes.]
FAY: But yes, it was wonderful. That film changed my life. It changed history.
FAY: And what was your song? “Superman”?
RICK: Freak. “Super Freak.”
FAY: Like circuses? Freaks?
RICK: Oh! No. No no. It’s…it’s not like that at all. It was like, you know, sex.
FAY: I see. Well. Excuse me.

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