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Saturday, August 28, 2004


"I am a mind of a monster in the body of a boy. I, a heavy evil highway bandit prowl by car and prowl by midnight feet. I see it in your sisters' faces, whips so wicked, ropes so tight, my fingers rip through garden perfume, body paint the bedspread bright.

I crave warm fluffy things. Kittens, hamsters, feathered fish. Crouching in the country heat, eating legs of chicken hawks, the barnyard grease dribbles down my chin, as I make an important inner space discovery while feeding my human body. My human body holds me its lifetime prisoner. I escape through the tongue splashing into smiles, tears, yells and screams. It is hard for me to appear when the world wants me to, on the surface of my human body. Materialistically the world expects me to communicate on its own terms. I look back and see none. Reality brings about a change. STRAIGHT PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

By being born wild into this universe you are hereby endowed by nature with all you need for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The world owes you a living - flaming creatures. Go wild until you get it."

Kim Fowley – liner notes to Born to Be Wild (via Garage Hangover)