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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bang Bang

It's not very hard forgiving her...

Uploaded by Sixtiesalltheway

Thank You Friends

"In 1971, Memphis act Big Star laid down tracks for what became one of the greatest rock albums of all time, the aptly-titled "#1 Record." During the historic sessions, bassist Andy Hummel and co-founder Chris Bell shot the following footage."

Footage and music uploaded by conan1982
(via Up-Tight)

Note: The music, Big Star's "Thank You Friends", is from their "Third" album, also known as "Sister Lovers" recorded by Alex Chilton and friends in '74 (not to be released until 1978). A perhaps even greater album if you give it enough time.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

The revenge of the misunderstood.

I'm a mess today. Well, actually I was a mess yesterday. Can't remember anything from the last 2 hours before I was hitting bed with a wounded foot and a delirous mind. I hope I did have some strange kind of fun myself though, and not just being a laughingstock. Anyway, I live.

So it may not be the best day to declare my intentions to become the next President of The United States of America. But I relly think I need to do something. And by chosing me we are all going to be winners. You'll get more money, more peace, more sex and much less boring stuff like taxes and decaf. You'll get the fun Swede who still can get pissed drunk at any day.

The breaking news announced.

Thanks Kim!

Galeria of Failed Dance Crazes, Part III: The Stupidity

Jeff St. John and the ID teach us a little dance called The Stupidity, and it goes something like this: lean on a stool on one hip wearing dark glasses and an insouciant look and snap your fingers to the beat, or not. Apparently I have been dancing The Stupidity every day of my life and never knew it.

All of my great video finds come from Funky Junk Trunk.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Pince-moi, j'hallucine!

I tried to get my PCL cohorts to help me re-enact this Annie Cordy performance of "Tata Yoyo", costumes and all (here in the PCL penthouse overlooking Central Park), but they all refused. Every last one of them. Geez guys, it's a loincloth AND a chest plate, why all the false modesty? And I was even going to give Percy Trout a turn at being Annie!

I shall just have to placate myself with this pizazz-soaked download of Annie Cordy hits about Tarzan and Jane, hula hoops, "Hot Diggety" in French, and damn me, even a version of the Ballad of Davy Crockett that I could have used a week ago! All courtesy of Quiet, There's a Lady on Stage.

And did you know that "Shooby-doo" in French is "choubidou"? Mais oui, mon cher.

MODel Rods

Wow. 12 days without a post.
Miss me? Don't answer.

I was contacted by someone who liked GlyphJockey, and in gratitude for my effort he sent me this link which turned out to be pretty cool, and part of a deeper obsession. About it I refuse to say "When I was a kid blah, blah, blah...."

The observation I would like to make is how cool it must've been to work on this stuff. It was broad and extensive in its heyday, and the designer's imagination could run wild - with Big Daddy Roth as the discipline's Pope.

Top two pics are also links to the list.

Thanks Matt!

"Freedom of music in all of Europe!!! in the whole world!!"

In september 1977 there was an experiment in the Dutch city of Rotterdam to allow anyone to make any music on the streets. It begins with perhaps Holland's ever most famous busker the bearded flutist Cochius (r.i.p.)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Satrorial Independence!

From Frank Synopsis' 1955 Suppressed Magazine set on Flickr.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teenage Boogie

Webb Pierce - Teenage Boogie:

Uploaded by Gatorrock786

The Larry Page Orchestra

"Larry 'who' I hear you say, well he had some quite groovy albums in the 60s and 70s. One of my favourite lounge albums featuring well known beat artists is his Kinky Music from 1965 and I'm pretty sure the Kinks are in the mix somewhere and I think that's them on the cover. The album's right up there with the Hollyridge Strings Play The Beatles and Andrew Oldham's Stones homage.

Anyhow here's Larry with quite a bit of the aforesaid Kinky album and a good smattering of some of his funky stuff including some disco and I don't usually like disco.",
Xtabays World presents Kinky Beats from The Larry Page Orchestra.

Hi-Fi Calypso

Peter Ricardo and His Calypso - Hi-Fi Calypso available thanks to Stax o' Wax

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


P-E Fronning Talks Blogging.
Marty Weil of ephemera interviews one of our team members about his blogging efforts over at Martin Klasch and Musselsoppans Vänner. Hail to the megaphone man!

R.I.P., Ralph Young

Can't quite place 'em? You may know them from SCTV:

The Sammy Maudlin Show: Sandler and Young, Luciano Pavarotti

Joined in progress. Sandler and Young bring the show down with their act. Sammy boots them off the show and brings out Pavarotti, who remarks on William B's absence (William B walked out on the last show), talks about his diet, his movie, and does a number ("right to the good stuff"). He falls through the floor. Sammy Maudlin - Flaherty; Luciano Pavarotti - Candy; Tony Sandler - Short; Ralph Young - Levy

Send Me The Pillow

Dick and beavers

If you're the kind of luxurious spirit whom enjoys the electric eclectic sound of Dick while enjoying young beavers Arthur Ignatowski is your man! Now even hotter and more dangerous than before!

Many Moods

Mambo, twist, and the roadhouse R & B hit “Honky Tonk” from one time Louis Jordan keyboard man Bill Doggett, who really knew how to rock a Hammond organ. Get it here.

Sexy People

LaDonna, 1983. Renz-o celebrates "the perfect portrait."

Monday, August 25, 2008

Bat Guano Doesn't Like People

Early Wednesday evening someone called the radio program and asked to hang out in the studio.

Bat Guano told them no. He doesn’t like people in the studio. He doesn’t like being around people much at all. You can tell he has a hard time with basic human interaction, from listening to the first hour. He begins SwaG! as a children’s show starting with the disturbing “Uncle Pockets” by Danny Kaye, about a creepy old man who tricks children into grabbing for “toys” in his trousers. He plays more music for “children,” but the first hour devolves until he’s got some blasphemous German -- Reverend Beat-Man -- croaking about the “Jesus Christ Twist.” We’re very surprised that he didn’t play any Gary Glitter...

Go here for three hours of previously broadcasted radio.

"See For Yourself!"

Alas, I did not stumble across his mummified remains, but Mr. O'Brian himself, brown hair still intact, signing autographs and selling memorabilia. I thought it odd that advertised himself in such a strange way ...


I'm at Twitter. Follow me and you'll get next to nothing.

Listen to Percy Trout tonight!

the Percy Trout hour:

Monday Night (8-25-08)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Today You Are...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Penetrators, "Shopping Bag"

One of the greatest videos ever made. Our culture would be vastly different if MTV hadn't have rejected it.

The Penetrators formed in the mid-70s, got on the New Wave/Punk Rock train, and became the Kings of Basement Rock.

I just got a large chubby when I found that they have reunited, and will be doing a rare show in my town, Kalamazoo, Mich., Sept. 20, part of the UFO Dictator 4.

Open Sound New Orleans


A Collaborative Soundmap of the City:

"New Orleans' music is world-renowned. But what about the distinct sound environment we enjoy (and cringe from) every day? The noises, the voices, the everyday sounds.... Have you tuned out the jackhammers next door, the sirens at night, your neighbor's constant humming, the squeaky gate?"


A Rugged Individual, Indeed.

After the wild success (for my entries, 8 comments translates to "wild success") of my Davy Crockett post below, my eyes lit up when I saw the album Hugh O’Brian TV’s Wyatt Earp Sings at my local junkatorium. Despite its exorbitant $4 price tag (hey, my home is in the Midwest), since I live to please YOU, the reader, I purchased it.

Suffice it to say it is extremely Western-y, by which I mean testosterone charged yet unwashed--I can only imagine the most rugged of the manly-men listening to it more than once. But let me say, if your music collection lacks a song in which the metaphor "the larks were giving tongue" is invoked, perhaps you need to go download it ASAP. Or if you like songs about men emotionally attached to their guns.

What do you think, Donna Lethal, can you understand now why the gals (plural) might be tempted to take a gallop down the Chisholm Trail with the guy?

Kirk Demarais' artful take on movie families

"The Torrances"

Kirk Demarais of Secret Fun Blog is contributing some (quite well-known) family portraits to the Crazy 4 Cult art show.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Deborah Sengl

Pedro the Peril

Over at Pappy's Golden Age, he's all geared up for a Naughty Mexican Saturday, too:

I've seen some off-the-wall comic book stories, but Pedro the Peril about takes the oddball prize for me. The round figures, the facial expressions, the phallic sheath for Pedro's sword, the Herbie-esque "looking for cinnamon candy" (Herbie on lollipops: "...and hard to find cinnamon")...it's just all too screwy.

Naughty Saturday Mexican Style

It's Naughty Saturday... (a tiny bit NSFW) at Farbror Sid. Cheers!
"... Då dränker man sorgen och dansar på torgen." (Mexican Shuffle, Swedish style)

We Belong Together

The Barry Sisters injected more than a little Vegas pizazz and swing into some classic Yiddish tunes, and it translated into frequent appearances on the Ed Sullivan and Jack Paar shows in the late 50s and early 60s. There's not a Hava Nagila to be found on this collection offered by CB Vocal Groups, though they do a nice job on the Italian standards "Ciao Ciao Bambino" and "Carina" (their act contained songs in nine different languages).
The gals didn't seem to be able to drop the ethnic humor entirely on the album--the Barry version of "Who's Sorry Now" (or should I say, "Who's Solly Now") will surely cause a case of righteous indignation for some listeners, but they should probably get over themselves.
Their "Why Don't You Do Right" nearly outvamps Peggy Lee, and "We Belong Together" is practically a parody of a sister act bit, but is great fun nevertheless.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Killed a B'ar Before he was Three

"...by the time the first show finally got on the air, we were already shooting the third one and calmly killing Davy off at the Alamo. It became one of the biggest over-night hits in TV history, and there we were with just three films and a dead hero!"
--Walt Disney.

The Davy Crockett fad was over almost as quickly as it had begun, but is still remembered as one of the biggest marketing frenzies of the 1950s. You can see a lot of classic Crockett memorabilia at the Davy Crockett Craze page (where the image below of some Crockett knockoffs was found).

And since I couldn't find a Brazilian teen pop version of the Davy Crockett theme, we will have to enjoy Carlos Gonzaga's version of "Bat Masterson" instead.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cereal Art

Originally uploaded by kapshure

Mosaics fashioned from Trix and Kix, both sacred (Jesus-y) and profane (Larry King), found through The Booberry Alarm Clock. Be sure to see the entire Land of a Million Cereals set.

60s Turkish Pop Delights

You need this collection of sixties Turkish pop music....take a listen below to the cut by the T.P.A.O. Batman Orkestra and tell me if I'm right or not.

Find it at -=|†öy §|-|öÞ|=-


Wanda Jackson

Cause I'm a Fujiyama Mama and I'm just about to blow my top
And when I start erupting ain't nobody gonna make me stop.

I've been in love with Wanda Jean Jackson for the past twenty some odd years. There has never been a more independent, hot voice in Rock and Roll history than hers. A national treasure

Here she is wailing on "Cool Love"

Wanda Jackson website
Never been one to lobby for The R&R Hall of Fame but ferfucksake.... do the right thing. Here is a tribute and plea from Elvis Costello.

Help Get Wanda into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame !

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to propose that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally nominates Wanda Jackson for induction. For heaven's sake, the whole thing risks ridicule and having the appearance of being a little boy's club unless it acknowledges the contribution of one of the first women of rock and roll.

It might be hard to admit but the musical influence of several male pioneers is somewhat obscure today. Even though their records will always be thrilling, their sound is not really heard in echo.

Look around today and you can hear lots of rocking girl singers who owe an unconscious debt to the mere idea of a woman like Wanda. She was standing up on stage with a guitar in her hands and making a sound that was as wild and raw as any rocker, man or woman, while other gals were still asking, "How much is that doggy in the window?"…

It is strange to find myself a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame while there seem still be a number of notable absentees. I'd like to be able to send the museum some old guitar that I played in '77, with a good heart and clear conscience. Right now I'd be embarrassed to see it on display in a glass case in Cleveland while Wanda is still rocking and still missing from the Hall…


Yours through music,

Elvis Costello

Monday, August 18, 2008

Songs about Weed

Sing, smoke along here.

SwaG! Pays Tribute to the Olympics

To pay tribute to the Olympics Bat Guano went into a jingoistic rant at the start of Green Slime. Then Sparks’ “Beat the Clock” begins what one might assume to be songs keeping to the theme of competition. It’s followed by Buckner and Garcia’s “Do the Donkey Kong,” about the sport of jumping pixelated barrels. Then the Barbarellatones’ “Corn Huskin’ Man,” about the sport of jacking off. Guano segues into a song about corn on the cob, and takes the gold in lack-of-focus. He manages to fit in both Perez Prado and the Butthole Surfers in the set. Such a feat hasn’t been seen since Mark Spitz teamed with the Palestinians to take Hitler hostage at the infamous 1936 Munich games.

You will find this and more in three hours of radio, broadcasted live from beautiful Kalamazoo, Mich., USA.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tor Johnson on "You Bet Your Life."

Square Dancing, Sightseeing, Raking Leaves, (Almost) Anytime!

1962.07.13 Radio Commercials For Kentucky Fried Chicken [LP Cover]
Originally uploaded by Wishbook

Who wouldn't want to listen to 30 or 40 different versions of radio commercials featuring Col. Sanders? 11 different herbs and spices, for Columbus Day, World Series time, while raking leaves, square dancing, hell, at any time of year while indulging in practically ANY activity except possibly a few of those mentioned below, particularly any by Ernest Borgnine. After all, the chicken is rumored to be finger licking good.

Get 'em here or here.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Height of Elegance. Period.

This, as a red blooded insensitive male covered in rippling muscle, astounds me.

I RSS Absurdly Cool Freebie Finder to see what free stuff I can get (don't laugh! Art in America, MAD, a Fluke voltage tester, delightfully effective laxatives, travel toothpaste for the stupid TSA & more) and the RSS feed is sometimes less than descriptive,

So when I saw "free sample of Simply Discrete" I looked at it, expecting who knows what.

I saw this:

My favorite line is "believe me, these were not staged.."

Then I saw this:

and I realized this was a product so you could dress up soiled sanitary pads to look like little gifts for the next poor bastard forced to peer into your can full of lady-leavings!! Brilliant !! Quintessential Creating-need-where-there-is-none!!!

Rose scented, no less!

Now, I know not to piss or crap on the toilet seat, for instance, or the value of a courtesy flush- but gift wrapping trash? I thought the modern woman celebrated her flow, the more robust the better!! But, I suppose it takes all kinds, those gals that leave a pad draped over the wastebasket rim like a slice of New york pizza hanging out of a dumpster, as well as the dainty princess in crinoline, coiffed and perfumed with excellent nails, taking the care to leave a delightful pink present so that the landfill's feelings aren't hurt. Al Gore, it's time you wised up about people's REAL needs!

Well, like I said - I'm astounded, but I do have a memory of my sister and/or Mom making massive spheres of toilet paper as their pad camouflage protocol. I mean really a lot - like a softball or something.... didn't know what it was but was never tempted to unfurl to find out....

Sisters! Fling free!

Do the Popeye at a dead blog

Man, I love me some cheaply made pointlessly stupid schlocky twist tunes that inexplicably reference a cartoon character posted over a year ago at a dead blog called Hall of Records.


Friday, August 15, 2008

Life Expectancy of Typical PCL Contributor: 91 Years

New Byrne & Eno Review & Track 4 Free

I know I've given these guys a hard time, but I love 'em.
The Guardian has a review of the new album, and B&E's site has an albeit Byzantine, free download of a good song.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The undie world of Lili St. Cyr

"The latest rage!"

Undead Film Critic (now unfortunalely x-rated by google) gives us The undie world of Lili St. Cyr.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun In The Fundus With You!

Bat Guano seemed to be out to annoy people with this week’s SwaG!. From The Reverend Fred Lane to Negativland -- just awful sounds.

Why doesn't he just play good music? Like, he plays Negativland’s “Piece a Pie” from No Business. It goes on forever, and always -- always! -- makes some poor person call. “Is this about over?” they say, a mixture of pleading and anger in their voice....

Go see what this is all about, and hear three hours of radio.


Kazoomzoom.com (the finished online product initially announced here as Oddio Kids) is "the world's first netlabel devoted to children. We are making history together! The netlabel features music for kids (by kids and by cool grownups), as well as audio stories, videos, printable books and paper toys. All of it is free to stream and download."

For example you can download and enjoy some silly songs (you can sing and play along even if you're a grown-up). Or how about some Ragtime Era Favorites?

The website is very new and will have much more to offer in a near future.

If you are interested to participate in any way please check the Kazoomzoom blog.

Now, let's grab a kid and sing along with Pastor McPurvis:

Note to Kurt: Chill. I know this is probably a very scary site for you - Hug a teddybear or something. Don't be afraid.

Batman Wallpapers

By Dean T Fraser. While some may not qualify as true wallpapers ...ambient textures and contrasts that don't interfere with icon recognition, (and god knows- I don't always adhere to that rule) It's a nice little collection nonetheless.

Dan Haggerty (Grizzly Adams). Com

From I Love This World comes this link to the immortal Dan Haggerty - aka "Grizzly Adams" who has a new TV show The Great American Motorcycle Show which features American made choppers. Dan also will sell you a personalized video messages, autographed pics, and various mustards, rubs and hot sauces (all bearing his likeness).

Of particular note is the "Dan Haggerty Smiling Jesus Painting Print Archival Mounted Ready To Frame Painting", personally signed by Dan. I'm ready to mount his bad boy over the living room mantle. Hot Damn!!

For all you greenhorns that don't have a clue. Here's is the intro to the "Life and Times of Grizzly Adams"

Dan's website is here: Dan Haggerty. Go there now and spend some well earned cash.

Son of a.........The Whole Cary Grant Thing Comes Full Circle

"Scientists are exploring the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD to treat a range of ailments from depression to cluster headaches and obsessive compulsive disorder."

Via the Guardian

Image courtesy Doctor Macro

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Yodeling Belgian Cowboy

I always wondered what was special about Belgium, and I think Bobbejaan Schoepen has the answer. Or perhaps not.

Found at a visit to Mademoiselle Montana Yodel Heaven, who had linked to my post of an album by the undisputed highest yodeler ever, Elton Britt.

listen to Percy Trout tonight!

the Percy Trout hour:

Monday Night (8-11-08)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isaac Hayes 1942 - 2008

R.I.P. Isaac Hayes, 1942 - 2008.

Rolling Down A Mountain, 1973:

Video uploaded by gugomat


Saturday, August 09, 2008

Do the Clam!

What can I say, I see a guy dancing "The Clam" and my knees get all wobbly....

Charles Burns

Skin Deep: contents page Charles Burns... Skin Deep: contents page (2001, ink on paper). From Works by Charles Burns, September 5 - October 12, 2008 at Adam Baumgold Gallery in New York, NY. "... Drawn in stark black and white with a distinctive line, Burns' comics range in ambiance from kitschy pop culture nostalgia to bleak horror. Themes of adolescence and sexual awakening mingle with recurrent imagery of mutation, plague, alienation and violence. Drawings from his epic graphic novel 'Black Hole' examine a nightmarish world in graphic detail, tempering horror with exquisite beauty. Overlapping metaphors for AIDS and social breakdown with realistic storytelling about the 'normal' disturbances of teenage life, Burns blurs, or even reverses the line between normal and aberrant."

Leader of the Laundromat

The Detergents
Originally uploaded by LORAC!

Answer songs were big in the early sixties for musicians trying to ride the coattails of a popular hit--Roger Miller's "King of the Road" had its counterpart "Queen of the House"; Leslie Gore answered her own "It's My Party" with "Judy's Turn to Cry"; and according to this article about answer songs, parodies, and death tunes, The Temptations "My Girl" was a response to Mary Wells' popular "My Guy".

Below is The Detergents' goofy answer to the mega hit Leader of the Pack by the Shangri-Las, entitled "Leader of the Laundromat". (The live performance demonstrates that teenage girls in the sixties would scream at ANY damn thing.) One of the Detergents, Ron Dante, was also the lead singer for the Archies (Bang Shang-a-Lang!), which makes for a pretty impressive resumé indeed.

Friday, August 08, 2008

It Makes No Difference

Don't need a reason for this. It's pure genius.

The Band performing in the "Last Waltz" - 1978

Thursday, August 07, 2008

This Was Your Life ! - On Acid

A cool, well-executed and informative parody of Jack T. Chick that tells the history of LSD.

Via Small Mammal House

Johnny Eck

"Johnny Eck was born 27 August 1911 along with a twin brother named Robert. Johnny was born sans legs and with a truncated spine, resulting in the appearance of his body stopping midway through his torso.
In the mid '20s, Johnny began performing as a single-o (solo sideshow), although his brother traveled with him to emphasize their difference. He worked for years in the entertainment business, and is best known for his role in Tod Browning's Freaks. ( More (including very cute baby photos) )"
- by
autochrome at Vintage Photographs

Freedom Land

In the midst of a two week vacation that has incorporated every possible tourist attraction that could possibly appeal to a 9 year old along the East Coast, USA. My skin has developed a strange chlorinated glow from the multitude of water parks visited and I have developed a crack-like affinity for frozen custard and chocolate fudge.

This trek led me back to thoughts of my own youthful daze and trips to places like Freedom Land

"Thirty minutes from Times Square in Baychester in the Bronx!"

I think I blew lunch on the Riverboat

Wikipedia offers details that a young Yuma has long since forgotten.

"Its slogan was "The World's Largest Entertainment Center" (later, "The World's Largest Outdoor Family Entertainment Center").

Freedomland opened on June 19, 1960. It closed at the end of the 1964 season when it failed to make a profit.

Freedomland was conceived by Cornelius Vanderbilt Wood (1922–1992), a young Texan, who had previously worked in the planning, construction and management of Disneyland. Hired by Walt Disney in 1953, Wood was the person who selected the orange grove site in Anaheim, California where Disneyland was eventually built.

Wood became very close to Disney during the next two years, but eventually the two men had a falling out. Reasons for this are unclear, but three theories exist: Wood was embezzling money from the park[citation needed]; Wood was taking too much public credit for Disneyland or Wood betrayed Disney by planning his own amusement parks, effectively stealing Disney's original concept.

By January 1956, Wood had been fired from Disneyland. To this day, The Walt Disney Company refuses to acknowledge any role played by him in the creation of the Magic Kingdom.
Groundbreaking ceremonies for Freedomland took place on August 26, 1959. Disaster struck on March 24, 1960 when six unfinished buildings were demolished by fire and had to be razed.

The area was a swampy one connecting the Hutchinson River and the drainage into Westchester Creek, and was not entirely filled. This led to a profusion of mosquitoes during much of the season.

Moral of the story? Don't piss on Walt Disney......

Memories exist here: Welcome To Freedomland, USA!!