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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Stag Party time!

" ... According to the liner notes, this collection of songs was improvised by rugby players during their showers after games. Soldiers and laborers have also contributed some of the lyrics to these songs. This LP was recorded at a men's party. The liner notes do not mention that it was a stag party, yet I do assume that it was a stag party. The songs are quite memorable. The day before yesterday, I caught myself singing one of these songs in the shower. I won't mention which one it was, as I feel embarassed admitting it. The songs are of a risque nature where lust and um, having relations are emphasized. Okay, they do get very raunchy. ..."

A little while ago A Basement of Curiosities found Stag Party in London Vol. 2 on vinyl and shared it with the rest of the world. Now the world is a better place. A peaceful place full of rugby players singing while showering their dirt off. I can picture it. If I try hard.
Now let's sing along in 'Sweet Violets' (with enhanced lyrisc):
Note: Raunchy lyrics. Music for grown-ups.