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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Is there a problem?

Through a friend I've learned that there may be some kind of problem accessing this blog when using Explorer. I'm a 100% Firefox user. But I have an old explorer version laying around so I tried it .. and failed. There was some kind of error message telling me I couldn't access that particular url. This also happened to some other blogspot blogs as well.

Is this a problem due to my old and not lately updated explorer version or is it a temporary glitch having something to do with blogger.com?

Any Explorer users out there having this kind of trouble?

/Z aka mrdantefontana

Update: Lee Hartsfeld says he has the same problem. So probably this is some kind of glitch we just have to wait out. As usual.

Or you can just switch to ... Firefox.
You need to read PCL at any time of the day, am I right? Otherwise you may feel sad and ill.

Update II: As Kim Scarborough points out it seems to be sitemeter (the counter) causing the problems.

Update III: Problem seems to fixed. Let's rock!