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Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Rugged Individual, Indeed.

After the wild success (for my entries, 8 comments translates to "wild success") of my Davy Crockett post below, my eyes lit up when I saw the album Hugh O’Brian TV’s Wyatt Earp Sings at my local junkatorium. Despite its exorbitant $4 price tag (hey, my home is in the Midwest), since I live to please YOU, the reader, I purchased it.

Suffice it to say it is extremely Western-y, by which I mean testosterone charged yet unwashed--I can only imagine the most rugged of the manly-men listening to it more than once. But let me say, if your music collection lacks a song in which the metaphor "the larks were giving tongue" is invoked, perhaps you need to go download it ASAP. Or if you like songs about men emotionally attached to their guns.

What do you think, Donna Lethal, can you understand now why the gals (plural) might be tempted to take a gallop down the Chisholm Trail with the guy?