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Friday, September 30, 2005

John Alcorn

Sacharov, Bookjacket 1973.
Click image for larger view at the source.

John Alcorn (1935 ~ 1992) Evolution by Design - "An overview of the artist's work, as presented by the artist himself in a slide lecture given at the Puck Building in New York City in the Fall of 1991. "
300 great and truly beautiful examples of illustrations created and designed by a master. (via Drawn)

Haunted Memories Changing Portraits. Spooky!

"...these morphing images are designed to transform when you change your position. When your unsuspecting guests walk past them they will see these seemingly normal "relatives" change into hideously frightening creatures or macabre apparitions! ..."
And, yes, he can make one from a photo of you. (But that costs!) I don't need one myself. You should see me Monday mornings!
Haunted Memories Changing Portraits by artist Eddie Allen.
(via Jaf Project)

Thursday, September 29, 2005


"BendingCorners is a monthly themed excursion into the music of jazz-n-groove. Each month we explore an hour or so of music based around a general theme."
BendingCorners - a monthly jazz~n~groove podcast. (via Totally Fuzzy)

Exotica Suite

Tiki-Tim says: "Here's another great Exotica album by Si Zentner and composed by Les Baxter and arranged by Bob Florence.Recorded on Liberty Records in 1962 this record is a very hard one to find. ..."
Si Zentner-Exotica Suite (1962)

Liza's Pills

Be sure to tune in this week for the super-duper shilling spectacular!
CJSR needs cash and Heather's not afraid to ask for it.

She'll also be playing lots of cool tunes, so don't miss it!
Fridays, 6-7 p.m., MST

Liza's Pills - official Blog

Hammond à Gogo Vol 1 & 2

James Last's "classic" easy listening albums Hammond à Gogo Vol 1 & 2 is available for download at
Pinicchio´s Easy-Listening- & Instrumental-Corner.
Vol 1.
Vol 2.

Hit the lounge chair!

Metro Arts and Architecture

Platform of T-Centralen station, Stockholm.
"Stockholm's subway is known as the world's longest art gallery because works of art have been integrated in almost every station since the 1950s [tunnelbana.com]. SL spends 10 million SEK per year in safeguarding and developing artworks. 140 artists have contributed so far. "

Metro Arts and Architecture (Athens to Zurich) (via LinkFilter.net)

Updated: mOBSCENE, the old codger, brings us a nice link to the Pyongyang metro (One of the remarkable features of the Pyongyang Metro is the martial music played in the system. This consists of North Korean anthems and patriotic songs, although the speaker system is also used for, shall we say, public service announcements, reportedly including messages exhorting people to be on the lookout for traitors and spies.
Much of the time, though, travelers hear music such as the selections presented
here. ...)
And here are some rather nice pics.

Reinhardt Søbye

Reinhardt Søbye Art Exhibition (via hysteria's StumbleUpon Blog)

Nino Rota's "Juliet of the Spirits"

Giulietta degli Spiriti / Juliet of the Spirits - Original Sound Track Recording by Nino Rota available at Flickhead.

Armando Trovaioli

"... Armando Travaioli and his music: an iseparable couple, formed by many secret undefinable sensations, that represent, at the same time the man and the artist, and in a highly significant way, they illustrate the multiple aspects, all of great interest, of film soundtrack music in Italy. ..." (From The Liner Notes)
Armando Trovaioli "L'URLO DEI GIGANTI" uploaded as 1 big Zip file over at Sounds of Champaign.

Indian and Asian firework art

Indian and Asian Firework Art (via Happy Palace)

The Beatles 1950-1963

Click Image!
"A visual and aural journey through the formative years - the 1950s through June 1963.This is how they became The Beatles!" (thanks to KD Opdello)

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Fiesta Hippie

"... You will definitely recognize several of the tunes. The Archie’s ‘Sugar Sugar’ is in there as well as ‘Hooked On a Feeling’, ‘Spinning Wheel’, ‘Venus’, and ‘Personality’. ‘Fiesta Hippie’ is probably the most fun track, taking ‘The Beat Goes On’, stretching it out, and adding in some good old whooping it up type noises to conjure up the atmosphere of a real hippy freak out. ..."
Read more over at Pastor McPurvis' Weekly mp3 Talent Show. And do not forget - FIESTA!

Week 28 - Celebrities - Bill Shatner

This is your Captain speaking:
Last Sundays entry is here now! Sorry about the delay. Enjoy!

There’s something about celebrities singing when they really shouldn’t be. One of the more classic gems in this tradition is William Shatner's 1968 LP The Transformed Man. A concept-album of sorts, connecting bits of Shakespeare and Cyrano with pop songs that, at least in Shatners mind was compatible: Cyrano is a man who's lost everything. And then you've got 'Mr. Tambourine Man,' which is a drug song. Now, that’s not a really good idea, especially when even the pop song bits are – well, what they are. Ten years later Shatner went at it again. Performing Elton Johns Rocket Man (link to video) at a Sci-Fi convention. As far as we know this hasn’t been released on record but there exists a video of the performance from which this was pulled. We leave you with a few snippets of William in the studio and a somewhat odd idea on how to approach gorillas.

5. William Shatner – Mr Tambourine Man
6. William Shatner – Rocket Man
7. William Shatner – In the studio chat 1
8. William Shatner – In the studio chat 2
9. William Shatner – How To Love A Gorilla

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the "Celebrities" mp3 project: Week 27

Charming MP3s

Chromatics and Psychic TV at 20 Jazz Funk Greats.
"Another Brick in the Wall" in German at WFMU's Beware of the Blog!.
Bommarr Blog's got a Charming Hostess.
Meet Clinton Ford over at Boot Sale Sounds.
Dylan's "Pretty Boyd Floyd" at Keep the Coffee Coming.
A portuguese Bob Azzam EP at Rato Records Blog.

The Player

Houseplant Picture Studio presents The Player

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Guru

Ustad Vilayat Khan “The Guru ~ Original Soundtrack Recording” . Interesting entry accompanied by sitars as well as other groovy instruments over at Inaudible Cities.


"According to the Britannica Concise Encyclopedia "modern numerology attaches a series of digits to an inquirer's name and uses these, along with the date of birth, to reveal the person's true nature and prospects (using a method analogous to that of the Greek and Hebrew alphabets in which each letter also represented a number)." It also says that "numerology is based on the assertion by Pythagoras that all things can be expressed in numerical terms, because they are ultimately reducible to numbers." In his mystery school Pythagoras taught his students that nothing could exist without number, he believed that the foundation for almost all of philosophy, mathematics, astronomy, music and creative accomplishment could not exist without the divine organization of progression expressed in numbers. The scientific believe that numerology explains everything runs all the wayto Kepler, when the universal working assumption still was that God left his telephone number (as it were) in the workings of the heavens. ..."
New release by WM Recordings: Various Artists - Numerology

Hana Purkrábková

Hana Purkrábková: A Small Society - Figurative Czechoslovakian sculptor. (via gmtPlus9)

21 Variations on "They're Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-haa!"

Napolean Complex, a collection of 21 international versions of Napoleon XIV's 1966 hit single made available by Station Manager Ken.

English lyrics here.

Glen Mullaly

Why didn't I have a math teacher like this!
Click image for large view at source (found in 'Original Art')

"Glen likes warm spring showers, walks on the beach, and puppy dogs..."
Ok. That's all I need to know. This guy is nice and makes excellent drawings.

Glen Mullaly, Illustrator.

Blue Velvet - Frame By Frame

"We are getting a little more cloud action here, in frame 28. Hang in there, dear readers! The red flower is coming. " (In the entry for Frames 26, 27, 28)

Blue Velvet (Nicholas Rombes writes about the movie Blue Velvet) - Frame By Frame.
Hm...! Interesting project. (via Swen's Blog)

Updated: Page is down. Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later... ;-)

Updated 050930: Well, he's more stubborn than I gave him credit for. The page is up again! (Thanks Swen)

Frank Rodick

'You Must Console Me no. 2' in 'Arena'
Click image.

Frank Rodick: Photo Based Art. (via Conscientious)

Week 27 - Celebrities - Wayne & Nixon

Ok, we are still here (observing the outside world through the panoramic window here at the office)!
This post was supposed to have gone online Sunday, September 18, but mrdantefontana was cut off from the world as we know it (looks like there's more to it than just this good ole' panoramic view...).

We really wanted him to put the last finished mp3 comp. online before we started to ramble on with the new one.
And now he's back! And so are we!

We’re taking a two month tour into the glamorous world of celebrities. Might as well start frying some big fish right away with the Duke's patriotic talk of wars and Vietnam in particular. What we’re wondering is: why weren’t you marching John? Brave words indeed from an old draft dodger. Celebrating the Vietnam war the Duke, sure as hell, couldn’t stand those peace loving hippie freaks as he bears witness to in this drunken talk to a college audience. Right on, John! Kill all hippies! Those ramblings do somehow reminds us of our favourite politician: Richard Milhous Nixon. Nowadays every politician just seem to come from the same broiler farm. Can’t tell one from the other. As crooked as Nixon was at least you knew where you had him. Well, he wasn’t really crooked he just was the one.

1. John Wayne – Why Are You Marching, Son
2. John Wayne – Drunken Ramblings
3. Richard Nixon – I’m Not A Crook
4. Nixon´s the One

Old Children's Books (Set)

Cover art work for 'That's Good, That's Bad' by the illustrator Aliki, circa 1963.
Click image to watch it at source.

Old Children's Books - Set at Flickr uploaded by Eric Sturdevant (via Turbanhead)

Monday, September 26, 2005


'50.000 Jahre später' (50.000 Years Later) by Gert Sandow

Science-Fiction-Leihbücher Datenbank, another great pulp- and sci-fi cover art archive. Note: German site. (thanks to Pixelkasper)

Canadian Pulp Fiction

Tales From the Vault - Canadian Pulp Fiction (via MetaFilter)

Sensational Crime Confessions. Vol. 2, no. 1 (January 1946).
Read it full-length online here.

The Glory Stompers

"The Glory Stompers Is a stomping good time...", says Gerb, the RecordBrother, and after one quick look at the cover I'm quite sure he's right!
The Glory Stompers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

And... HEY!

Nice to be back reading all the friendly and empathetic comments on my absence here. THANK YOU!
I love you too! It's great to be back (my phone works too!!! -). I AM!

Now I have a lot of catching up to do....

/Z aka Sebastian in "the Return of the Blogger Mummy"

'Fakes & Propaganda' MP3 comp.

Note: This project is ON-LINE again as from 2010!

Hi strangers!

I'm back on-line since 3 hours ago.

And here it is: The 'Fakes & Propaganda' MP3 compilation as posted by the notorious HTMPL Prod..
This was scheduled to go online (properly with covers and all...) 2 loooooong weeks ago.
But here it is.
Enjoy it or hate it. But don't say it wasn't worth waiting for. Because it was!!!
And will be kept free online for 2 weeks (then it will go down making room for the new project from the HTMPL guys) . Grab it now!
1. Fake Pistols - Land of Hope & Glory
2. Fake Pistols (Pil) - Anarchy in the UK
3. Fake Pistols - Schools Are Prisons
4. Fake Pistols - Revolution in the Classroom
5. Fake Pistols - Judging Minds
6. Fake Pistols - Dancing on the Dole
7. Fake Pistols - Anarchy in the UK (acoustic version)
8. Fake Pistols - The Swindle Continues
9. Fake Pistols - Sex on 45
10. Jackyl - Back in Black
11. Johnny Bond - Der Furhres Face
12. The Southern Sons Quartet - Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition
13. The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet - Stalin Wasn´t Stallin´
14. Reverend J.M. Gates - Hitler and Hell
15. British Soldier Song (Onward Christian Soldiers)
16. Lale Andersen and Orchestra - Under An Umbrella in the Evening
17. Calling Invasion Forces - I Want To Be Happy
18. William Joyce - Germany Calling (misinformation)
19. William Joyce - Germany Calling (cynicism)
20. William Joyce - Germany Calling (last talk)

Special Bonus:
21. Schwump - Aphids in the Hall
22. Schwump - You´re A Martian/Home

>Download 'Fakes & Propaganda' zipped at MediaFire.

>Download front and back cover HERE or HERE. (Adobe/Acrobat Reader required)

Read the entries for "Fakes & Propaganda" as posted by HTMPL Prod.: Week 21 - Week 22 - Week 23 - Week 24 - Week 25 - Week 26.

Boggling at Dutch rap?

de jeugd van tegenwoordig
3 examples of Dutch rap.
(online for 7 days or 25 downloads)
1. Osdorp Posse: clubhit
2. Opgezwolle: Hardcore
3. De Jeugd van tegenwoordig - Watskeburt

Opgezwolle Website
Osdorp Posse (mp3 downloads)

and don't forget: 52 weeks episode 7 and 52 weeks episode 36

Have fun,

Diva May Day

Diva May Day is a Dutch make up artist. Discover why "of course the press is all over" her.
(Just close the first pop up and browse her(?) site.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

a humble attempt

I can't stand the sight of PCL not updated for a week so here's a small effort from splogman's world:

I've made two splogcasts in Dutch for my pupils: les online 1 about "Sunny" and les online 2 about xylophones and Glockenspiels and a midi-arrangement of "Sunny" for the Geert Grote School in Zwolle.
Furthermore I've been making recordings at a reünion of the teacher's faculty of the music academy Zwolle last weekend: O-re-mi.mp3

D'r Sjaak has updated his site with his music (it's in Dutch but you should be able to find your way around).

There's also a strange new phenomenon in the Dutch rap scène.

This was Splogman from the country where summers are autumn and autumns are summer.

Saturday, September 17, 2005



What can I say?
The not always sober Russian guest workers who has been working on the heating system in the house where I have my apartment finally succeeded to to cut the telephone cable!!!
So. I have no phone. And. No. Internet.

Man, I’m isolated!!

The telephone company here in Sweden, TELIA, says that this problem should be fixed in 15 working days. How about that!

/Z aka Sebastian and pissed.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

302 hits last hour...

That must be some kind of record for PCL. (Betweem 11-12 PM CET)
That's more hits than we had for the whole first week I reckon...

/Z aka Sebastian

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

McBoozo's Celebrity Showdown Volume One

"... McBoozo's Celebrity Showdown is a wild and crazy collection of songs sung by celebrities, some not so bad, some extremely baaaaaadddd! This is your chance to hear songs by some of your favorite celebrities of yesterday and today. In addition, I am offering up the opportunity to download only those songs that you are interested in listening to individually or you can download the whole album in one pop. Options man, options...what more could you ask for? ..."

1. Ani DiFranco & Jackie Chan - Unforgettable
2. Richard Dawson - Apples and Oranges
3. Catherine Bach - Down Home American Girl
4. Hulk Hogan - Hulkamaniac
5. Jerry Springer - Mr. Tambourine Man
6. Leonard Nimoy - Put A Little Love in Your Heart
7. Ed McMahon - Thank Heaven for Little Girls
8. Mohammed Ali - Who Put the Crack in the Liberty Bell?
9. Joe Pesci - Got to Get You into My Life
10. Jim Carrey - I Am the Walrus
11. Paris Hilton - Screwed

Go get the Celebrity Showdown NOW!

Run Angel Run

RecordBrother is back (and in excellent form!) sharing the cool Run Angel Run-soundtrack. Gerb says: "All in all a A+ listening experience it's so good that even these fine folks listed it"
And don't miss out on Magoo in Hi-Fi!

Lasell's Musical Scrapbook 1962

Pastor McPurvis' says: "Up this week we are featuring the all female, full part harmonies of Lasell College's 1962 Lamplighters. Lasell was actually the first, private liberal arts college in the United States. It was founded in 1851 as the Lasell Female Academy and went co-ed relatively recently in 1998 (the female to male ratio is currently about 3 to 1 - straight college bound males take note). The Lamplighters group was founded around 1952 and appears from the liner notes to have been a subset of the larger Orphean Glee Club (another singing group at Lasell who lend their talents to track 8, 'Tonight'). ..."
Listen to Lasell's Musical Scrapbook 1962 - The Lamplighters!

Audio Ecstasy- Grim Fandango Original Soundtrack

"Grim Fandango is fortunate enough to be blessed with an absolutely stunning soundtrack. Brought to you by Peter McConnell, the music manages to deliver an awesome listening experience both in and out of the game. ..."
Grim Fandango Original Soundtrack (thanks to Karramarro)

Die wilden 60er.

"Helga", ein Aufklärungsfilm der Bundesregierung, zog über 6 Millionen Menschen in die Kinos.
Hm... Germany in the 60s seems to have one or two (no pun intended...) things in common with Sweden in the 60s.
Pic found in Prüderie und sexuelle Revolution.

Nice site in german (if you do not speak german use Systran! and have a lot of fun anyway...). Or you can just send an email to The Cartoonist and he'll be just thrilled and happy to serve you a word-by-word translation in 24 hours!
Die wilden 60er (The wild 60s).

Nightmare #5

NIGHTMARE #5 "this is high quality book....."
A truly great horror comic in PDF-format served to us by the always great DataJunkie.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Whip it, fifth graders take.

More DEVOted stuff!
Whip it, as performed by fifth graders (.mov file). (via Screenhead)

Updated 14/9: The site is down. Anyone with a mirror?

Updated 15/9: Mirror here. Torrent here. Thanks Sharon and Gary!

BoingBoing using trackback????

Devo's "Mongoloid" in a capella
Excerpt: From WFMU's "On the Download": a German vocal group called PopChor Berlin sings Devo's "Mongoloid." Link (via PCL Linkdump)...
Weblog: Boing Boing
Tracked: 09.12.05 - 1:02 pm

PCL got a trackback for P-E Fronning's excellent mongoloid finding.
This must be joke!!! Who was it!? Mr. Funny Pants, step forward.
Or is it a new automated thingy?

Updated: Aha!

Sounds of champaign

Sounds of Champaign is a nice new music blog dedicated to the odd world of past vinyls and the hard way to make them alive again... "
And it's Gainsbourg today: "...Don't miss the groovy beat of "requiem pour un con", the main theme of "le Pacha". very hard to find on vinyl today, so enjoy this 8 tracks compilation made by Champaign Records."
Listen here!

Meccano manuals

Click image for larger view at source

Meccano - Progressive and Special Outfits Instruction Manuals (via Agence Eureka)

TackyTimes 50s & 60s Music Special Part 1, 2 & 3

"A collection of illustrated articles on 50s and 60s music, 32 in all, on three different special issues on TackyTimes. It covers all major influences on popular music (read rock & pop music) through both decades. ..."
Boogie Woogie; Bubblegum; Doo-Wop; Liverpool & The Mersey Beat; New Orleans In The 60s; Rockabilly; American Radio In The 60s; Rock Movies In The 50s and much, much more!
"Ed Sullivan with Bobby Darin and Connie Francis (probably more in vouge for the moral majority thanElvis' gyrating pelvis)" From 'American Television In The 50s.'

TackyTimes 50s & 60s Music Special Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3.

Realm Of the Incas

"Here's another great Exotica album by Elisabeth Waldo. In her recordings she used alot of authentic pre-columbian instruments ..." writes Tiki-Tim. Get it here!

Del Kathryn Barton

Note: Jane Kirkpatrick for KAREN WOODBURY GALLERY requested that the image should be removed immidately because I did not have permission to use it since it is under copyright by the artist. So has been done.
Therefore I have also removed all links.

mp3: James Bond

a best truth gives us 007-mp3s. Nice.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Elsa Lanchester

"... She was most famous for her role as the female monster in James Whale's "Bride of Frankenstein" and her marriage to Charles Laughton who pops up between tracks on this record to make pertinant remarks and join in on the chorus of the old music hall song "She Was Poor, But She Was Honest"."
Learn more about Elsa's acting skills here (learn more about her recordings here) and do please enjoy 2 songs from 'Songs From A Shuttered Parlor' at Boot Sale Sounds.

Back. But did anyone notice I was gone?

No. I didn't think so!

Top notch blogging by P-E Fronning of the Martin Klasch fame!

Thank you, "Little Brother", we all love you!

/Z aka Sebastian

Week 26, Bonus 7"

Arriving a day late this time. But with a cool bonus to the "Fakes & Propaganda" cd comp. project!!

It’s no secret to anyone that has visited the HTMPL office that of the bands still around the Residents holds court as our premier favourites, their stuff having nearly two shelves for themselves handily near the hi-fi equipment. This band has been munching away at our culture like grasshoppers for well over three decades now. Ethics forbid us to post anything by them (so, no use asking for that rare track you miss). Just give them all your cash at Ralphamerica or Euroralph (do as us and buy everything so they finally can be the biggest show on earth), they do need it just as we need them. Having said that we might as well bend that rule a little since there is the matter of that single by another artist, backed by the Residents, which was only made in 200 copies in 1976, and its just too damn good to be collecting dust at the collectors. A wonderful, nearly cabaret style swinging with a few fellows just having fun, piece of vinyl. The eyeball buddies has clearly stated that it will never be re-released so we thought we might just give you a little listen to it. And listen good cause in a few days it’ll be gone again – for good. Enjoy and cherish!
And what about Schwump? Well, after recording the single and having a falling out with the band, he disappeared and wasn’t heard from until 1993 when he returned the collectors card from his own copy of the single. Then – lo and behold – he started making music again. Returning with the fine Kick in the Butt album in 1999 and he’s still at it.

21. Schwump – Aphids in the Hall
22. Schwump – You´re A Martian/Home

Earlier entries in "Fakes & Propaganda": Week 21 - Week 22 - Week 23 - Week 24 - Week 25