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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

McBoozo's Celebrity Showdown Volume One

"... McBoozo's Celebrity Showdown is a wild and crazy collection of songs sung by celebrities, some not so bad, some extremely baaaaaadddd! This is your chance to hear songs by some of your favorite celebrities of yesterday and today. In addition, I am offering up the opportunity to download only those songs that you are interested in listening to individually or you can download the whole album in one pop. Options man, options...what more could you ask for? ..."

1. Ani DiFranco & Jackie Chan - Unforgettable
2. Richard Dawson - Apples and Oranges
3. Catherine Bach - Down Home American Girl
4. Hulk Hogan - Hulkamaniac
5. Jerry Springer - Mr. Tambourine Man
6. Leonard Nimoy - Put A Little Love in Your Heart
7. Ed McMahon - Thank Heaven for Little Girls
8. Mohammed Ali - Who Put the Crack in the Liberty Bell?
9. Joe Pesci - Got to Get You into My Life
10. Jim Carrey - I Am the Walrus
11. Paris Hilton - Screwed

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