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Sunday, September 25, 2005

a humble attempt

I can't stand the sight of PCL not updated for a week so here's a small effort from splogman's world:

I've made two splogcasts in Dutch for my pupils: les online 1 about "Sunny" and les online 2 about xylophones and Glockenspiels and a midi-arrangement of "Sunny" for the Geert Grote School in Zwolle.
Furthermore I've been making recordings at a reünion of the teacher's faculty of the music academy Zwolle last weekend: O-re-mi.mp3

D'r Sjaak has updated his site with his music (it's in Dutch but you should be able to find your way around).

There's also a strange new phenomenon in the Dutch rap scène.

This was Splogman from the country where summers are autumn and autumns are summer.