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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Week 25, Lord Haw-Haw

There were a lot of assholes showing off in WWII one of them being that strange voice of Nazi Propaganda Radio William Joyce, more commonly known as Lord Haw-Haw. A man truly hated by his fellow Englishmen - and did they want to lay their hands on his mocking voice to silence it for good! Joyce started out with Oswalds fascist party, after being fired from that he founded his own little party. Fearing being interned by the British Crown he fled to Berlin in august of 1939. Eventually Goebbels found him to be quite a protégée and supported his career in the secret radio war against Britain. First off are two snippets of Joyce not so diplomatic worldview, on Germany Calling radio. After spewing out his hatred for five years things did come to a hideous end with this, his last talk on air (30 april 1945). He’s lonely, he’s drunk and he knows this is one trip that’s going to end bad so might as well go out with a bang. After unsuccessfully trying to escape to Sweden via Denmark Joyce returned to Germany. Strolling along on the street one day he happened to come upon two british soldiers. Never one who could keep his mouth shut he started chatting away and, of course, the soldiers recognized his voice and he was shipped back to the Old Bailey. Sentenced for high treason he was hanged in Januar 1946.
18. William Joyce – Germany Calling (misinformation)
19. William Joyce – Germany Calling (cynicism)
20. William Joyce – Germany Calling (last talk)

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Updated: Sammy gives us additional information on the capture of William Joyce. Thanks!