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Monday, September 12, 2005

Week 26, Bonus 7"

Arriving a day late this time. But with a cool bonus to the "Fakes & Propaganda" cd comp. project!!

It’s no secret to anyone that has visited the HTMPL office that of the bands still around the Residents holds court as our premier favourites, their stuff having nearly two shelves for themselves handily near the hi-fi equipment. This band has been munching away at our culture like grasshoppers for well over three decades now. Ethics forbid us to post anything by them (so, no use asking for that rare track you miss). Just give them all your cash at Ralphamerica or Euroralph (do as us and buy everything so they finally can be the biggest show on earth), they do need it just as we need them. Having said that we might as well bend that rule a little since there is the matter of that single by another artist, backed by the Residents, which was only made in 200 copies in 1976, and its just too damn good to be collecting dust at the collectors. A wonderful, nearly cabaret style swinging with a few fellows just having fun, piece of vinyl. The eyeball buddies has clearly stated that it will never be re-released so we thought we might just give you a little listen to it. And listen good cause in a few days it’ll be gone again – for good. Enjoy and cherish!
And what about Schwump? Well, after recording the single and having a falling out with the band, he disappeared and wasn’t heard from until 1993 when he returned the collectors card from his own copy of the single. Then – lo and behold – he started making music again. Returning with the fine Kick in the Butt album in 1999 and he’s still at it.

21. Schwump – Aphids in the Hall
22. Schwump – You´re A Martian/Home

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