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Monday, September 26, 2005

'Fakes & Propaganda' MP3 comp.

Note: This project is ON-LINE again as from 2010!

Hi strangers!

I'm back on-line since 3 hours ago.

And here it is: The 'Fakes & Propaganda' MP3 compilation as posted by the notorious HTMPL Prod..
This was scheduled to go online (properly with covers and all...) 2 loooooong weeks ago.
But here it is.
Enjoy it or hate it. But don't say it wasn't worth waiting for. Because it was!!!
And will be kept free online for 2 weeks (then it will go down making room for the new project from the HTMPL guys) . Grab it now!
1. Fake Pistols - Land of Hope & Glory
2. Fake Pistols (Pil) - Anarchy in the UK
3. Fake Pistols - Schools Are Prisons
4. Fake Pistols - Revolution in the Classroom
5. Fake Pistols - Judging Minds
6. Fake Pistols - Dancing on the Dole
7. Fake Pistols - Anarchy in the UK (acoustic version)
8. Fake Pistols - The Swindle Continues
9. Fake Pistols - Sex on 45
10. Jackyl - Back in Black
11. Johnny Bond - Der Furhres Face
12. The Southern Sons Quartet - Praise the Lord & Pass the Ammunition
13. The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet - Stalin Wasn´t Stallin´
14. Reverend J.M. Gates - Hitler and Hell
15. British Soldier Song (Onward Christian Soldiers)
16. Lale Andersen and Orchestra - Under An Umbrella in the Evening
17. Calling Invasion Forces - I Want To Be Happy
18. William Joyce - Germany Calling (misinformation)
19. William Joyce - Germany Calling (cynicism)
20. William Joyce - Germany Calling (last talk)

Special Bonus:
21. Schwump - Aphids in the Hall
22. Schwump - You´re A Martian/Home

>Download 'Fakes & Propaganda' zipped at MediaFire.

>Download front and back cover HERE or HERE. (Adobe/Acrobat Reader required)

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