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Monday, May 31, 2010

Johnny Clock

Johnny Clock
Originally uploaded by What Makes The Pie Shops Tick?

Can you beat your own personal best time?

Los Matematicos

Los Matematicos - go-go en' rojo (1966)
shared by The Sweetest Psycopath
Grab it here

Hey fellers!!!

Golden Age Comics has a good selection of public domain vintage comics for free downloading (registration required).

Who's Been Ridin' My Mule?

If I ever want to do a compilation called Songs of the Mule 2, I will surely want to use the mule number on this album by Jackie Brenston, which also contains music about chewing gum, fast cars and a song that makes the observation that Fat Meat is Greasy, who knew.

Eating Popcorn In The Grass

Our buddies at Mutant Family Values introduce us to the big sounds of The Ted Duff Duo.

Ted hails from parts unknown or the little town of Orillia, Ontario. A regular Rahsaan Roland Kirk of the keyboards, Ted cooked up his own little homemade 88's complete with five keyboards, pedalboard, Hammond B-3, Minimoog, Mellotron, and an echolette. Topped off with his unique vocals, the album is a tour de force of classics like "Satin Doll" and 70's mainstays like "Will It Go Round In Circles", "Schools Out" and the most excellent "Your Mama Don't Dance".

Downloads are Here :

Christine Jorgensen: Ruffling feathers in Las Vegas

above: Christine Jorgensen

Billboard {November, 1953}

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight

Ray Kinney and his Hawaiians - Sweet Hawaiian Moonlight, available thanks to TAM TAM & Mélodie.

Yaaka Hula Hickey Dula (Hawaiian Love Song)

"The only organization in the country to offer this."

J.J. Moore's Center Stage


Saturday, May 29, 2010

V.I.P. at PCL

Charles Addams
[Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Muhammad Ali
[Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Pedro Almodóvar [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Laurie Anderson [Official] ]IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

[Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Diane Arbus [Selected Works] [Wikipedia]

Peter Arno [Wikipedia]

Olle Baertling [Official] [Swe-Wikipedia]

Way Bandy [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Majel Barrett [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Chuck Barris [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Les Baxter [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Ingmar Bergman [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Jolene Blalock [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Fred Blassie [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Johnny Bode [Un-Official society] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Ernest Borgnine [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

David Bowie [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Joseph Campbell [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

George Carlin [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Johnny Cash [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Carol Channing [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Rosalind Chao [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Wayne Cochran [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Robert Crumb [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Michael Curtiz [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Roxann Dawson [Official] [IMDb][Wikipedia]

Martin Denny [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Doris (Svensson) [Wikipedia, Swe-Wikipedia]

Bob Dylan [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

James Ellroy [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Brian Eno [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Frederick "Fred" Exley [Wikipedia]

Lola Falana [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Tav Falco [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Louis Farrakhan aka The Charmer [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Terry Farrell [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

W.C. Fields [Un-Official / Fan Club] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Wayland Flowers (and Madame) [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Janet Frame [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Friz Freleng [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Robert Fripp [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Slim Gaillard [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

William Gaines [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Bill Griffith [Official -Zippy][IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Lars Gullin [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

George Harrison [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Screamin' Jay Hawkins [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Heino [Official] [Wikipedia]

Merit Hemmingson [Official] [Wikipedia, Swe-Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Pee-wee Herman [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Jerome Howard aka Curly Howard [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Shemp Howard [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Howlin' Wolf [Un-official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Aldous Huxley [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Cacka Israelsson [Facebook-group] [IMDb] [Swe-Wikipedia]

Bullmoose Jackson [Un-official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

T.C. Jones [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Christine Jorgensen [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ernst-Hugo Järegård [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Margaret Keane [Official] [Wikipedia]

Jack Kirby [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ernie Kovacs [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Stanley Kubrick [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Lao-Tzu [Wikipedia]

Morris Lapidus [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Huddie Ledbetter aka Lead Belly [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

John Lennon [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Jerry Lewis [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Jerry Lee Lewis [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Roy Lichtenstein [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Christina Lindberg [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Sophia Loren [Un-official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ulf Lundkvist [Official] [Wikipedia, Swe-Wikipedia]

David Lynch [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Loretta Lynn [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Jayne Mansfield [Official] (IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Mickey Mantle [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Pete Maravich [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Groucho Marx [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Steve McQueen [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Russ Meyer [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Robert Mitchum [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Thelonious Monk [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Alan Moore [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ennio Morricone [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Cousin Brucie Morrow [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Kate Mulgrew [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Wazmo Nariz [Wikipedia]

Grace Nichols [Wikipedia]

Janko Nilovic [YouTube] [Discography] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

François Ozon [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Gregory Peck [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Queen Bee aka Lady Reed [IMDb] [YouTube]

Povel Ramel [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Frank Redford [Flickr Group]

Mary Roach [Official] [Wikipedia]

Jimmie Rodgers [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Henry Rollins [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Paul Rudolph [Official] [Wikipedia] [Flickr Group]

Jeri Ryan [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Tura Satana [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Lalo Schifrin [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Vin Scully [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Max Shulman [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Marina Sirtis [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Ray Dennis Steckler aka Cash Flagg [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

John Steinbeck [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Grady Stiles [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Preston Sturges [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Screaming Lord Sutch [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Jan Švankmajer [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Rip Taylor [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Hunter S. Thompson [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Thelma Todd [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Paul “Hezzie” Trietsch [Museum Page] [Wikipedia (Hoosier Hot Shots)]

Piero Umiliani [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Nana Visitor [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Porter Wagoner [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Andy Warhol [Andy Warhol Museum] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

John Waters [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Weegee [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Raquel Welch [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

H. G. Wells [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Nathanael West [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Fred Williamson [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Garry Winogrand [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Link Wray [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Frank Zappa [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Warren Zevon [IMDb] [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Per Åhlin [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Groups / Gangs / Bands / Societies / Fraternities

Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang [Swe-Wikipedia]

The Ramones [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Best Brains, Inc. [Official] [Wikipedia]

The (real) Honeymoon Killers - Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez [Wikipedia]

G.L.O.W. (the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

The Residents [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Created for reference by the PCL Team / PCL Elite

★ 60s Brylcreem Commercial

R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

Guardian Obit Here
One of my fave scenes - it's not his, but he steals it.

Weekend Reading

Tiny and Manfred

Tiny Yong, the tiny girl with the big voice--yes, I actually said it.....performs French pop numbers, mais oui.

Or maybe you'd prefer the seldom-heard jazzy instrumentals from Manfred Mann from the same site?

Too Much Tequila

No more dancing on the tippytoes of your white shoes, the Champs in the aftermath of "Too Much Tequila"

We've Got That Tupperware Spirit!

It's never too late to jump on the Spirit of '76 bandwagon....OK maybe it's a LITTLE late, but you can still enjoy how the Tupperware company joined the Bicentennial patriotic spirit frenzy.

Alice's Underwater Adventures

From Funky Junk Trunk

Let Us Beat in Rio

Sometimes if you are patient, blogs that appear to be dead magically come back to life. Case in point, Twist and Frit'-- that introduced me to so many great Belgian pop tunes from the sixties-- just posted some new stuff after a year's hiatus. Quiet joy did ensue.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Parisian Dance Hall Meets Gospel

This album had all the earmarks of a musical trainwreck (which is of course why I bought it).....Gospel legends the Golden Gate Quartet singing backup for pop princess Line Renaud at a glitzy Parisian dance hall? Oddly enough, the quartet's smooth harmonies work well with such poppy numbers as "Viva Cuba" and "Conga Parade"...heck, the whole album rocks. Grab it here, and dig it much.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Irene and the Scotts

Anyone up for some killer but obscure soul sounds? Here ya go.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Howdy Folks

Howdy Folks
Originally uploaded by avilon_music

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

When I Smoke My Face

Don't know the language? No problem!

Betinho and Kyu-- Pop, Rock, & Calypso

Brazilian calypso/rock AND a new chicken song for my collection...apparently clucking is the same in many languages, including Portuguese! Performed by the lovely and talented Betinho.

The same site has this swell album by Kyu Sakamoto, smart poeple will want to grab that one too.

Listen to Percy Trout tonight!

the Percy Trout hour


Monday Night (5-24-10)
8pm to 10pm EST-USA

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, KY


Monday, May 24, 2010

Gimmicks of Sweden

Recorded in 1972, Gimmicks of Sweden is a Scandinavian take on Brasil '66, in collaboration with samba jazz flautist/saxophonist JT Meirelles. There are some pretty harmonies and gently swaying samba tunes that are the signature of the genre, very digg-able indeed.

Living It Up

It's been a while since any information about Bert Kaempfert was posted here on PCL, so maybe it's time for you to get hold of Tipsy Gypsy, Tricky Trombone, and Fluter's Holiday, all from Kaenpfert's Living It Up!

Moogy-Woogy Gainsbourg.

World of Kane treats us this rollicking theme song to what looks like a pretty fun French movie, "Trop jolies pour être honnêtes." Now I've gotta see it. Is it too soon to book it for the Great PCL FilmFest?

Taaaall and Taaaan and Young and Lovely....

Why of COURSE you need Mrs Miller singing Groovy Kind of Love, Strangers in the Night, Monday Monday, and best of all, Girl From Ipanema from Will Success Spoil Mrs. Miller.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

To have a good friend

Hello dear listeners, "To have a good friend" is the latest Aperitivo radio show, our new method to help you find, well... good friends.
More than a social network, this is the always making sense Doctor Aperitivo's advice. This week with Black Sabbath sang in Thai, a picnic with Faust, synth playing a strange bridge on the river kwai, Krzysztof Komeda and a lot more fantastic delights.

Kiss caress and more until next time

Friday, May 21, 2010

ska-motion in ska-lip-so

lazy mood ... sunny day ... really don't want to work today ... you shouldn't listen to this album!

"The Hiltonaires were named for Kingston's Hilton Hotel, where they were the house band. Though not necessarily the best mento group ever recorded, The Hiltonaires may have been the most prolific, recording six LPs during mento's middle period. They also toured North America.
this LP adds an electric guitar ska chop to some tracks, but the music is really still mento in both instrumentation and repertoire (even if the word "Ska" is worked into some of the titles of familiar mento songs, like "Ska and Fall Back" instead of "Dip and Fall Back")". via mento music

The Hiltonaires - ska-motion in ska-lip-so
available thanks to Sixties Fever!

PS: i hope Baikinange didn't already shared this one here!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vintage Sleaze: Arcade Cards

See the rest here.

Auto Erotica

Music of the Revolution.

Red-shirt security guards, one wearing body armor stolen from the army, watch over Rama IV Road outside of their fortified enclave at Lumpini Park. (Photo: Kenneth Todd Ruiz / reporterinexile.com)

If you've been paying attention to world news, you know that crap's getting serious in Thailand right now. The country's teetering on the brink of civil war as protesters from the UDD (also known, unironically, as Red Shirts) have occupied central Bangkok and are engaging in deadly firefights with the Thai army. But because this is Thailand, the Land of Smiles, even full-on revolution requires a dance beat. A journalist buddy of mine who is on the ground there has found time in the midst of covering the fighting to post a trio of Red Shirt anthems that are actually kind of groovy.

The songs date from before last week's government crackdown on the protesters, and their joy offers a counterpoint to the horrible scenes of bloodshed coming out of Bangkok now. If only the world's political differences could be settled by dancing instead of shooting...

Old Mother Riley

Brit readers, bear with me. If you know your Kinks songs, you'll know that line. But most Americans aren't familiar with Mother Riley because these films were never shown here, well, not as far as I know. I first stumbled across them while working in a film archive. I couldn't believe it! Of course I loved the drag factor but Arthur Lucan was a physical comedy genius. There's a wiki page now, of course, so you can read more. Here's a long clip (I couldn't find a good shorter one) but there's plenty more on the youtubes.

And here's the Kinks doing "The Village Green Preservation Society" in 1973.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Aperitivo experience

Fritz Lang, Dr Mabuse der Spieler, 1922

Hello dear listeners.
We, at the Aperitivo's headquaters, created a very special place with no moral, no rules at all, where scientists or so called can experience whatever they want to. This is the Aperitivo experience.
This week with a great Sun RA song, psyche vibes from Gonja Sufi, Iranian sitar groove, John Carpenter synth action, Jean Pierre Massiera insane disco and a lot more fantastic delights.

KIss caress and more until next time.

The Kidoodlers

If you love novelty music like Spike Jones and the Hoosier Hot Shots-- the hokier, the better, right? you'll love the collection of rare recordings from 1930s band The Kidoodlers at Twindowlicker. You'll get a vintage video and 30+ tunes, all played by a band who used toy instruments to back up their crooning and harmonizing. Plus, now I have an earlier version of my beloved song Oh By Jingo!

Grottu's Pad

Grottu Orloff is a little alien from the planet of Mars who has a wonderful collection of photos and magazines and whatnots that will surely please you. Go visit Grottu's new blog and tell him I sent you, yes?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Speaking of museums of niche interest, while I was connecting at SFO twice last month or saw I beheld the tools of early automated illegal gambling - aka slot machines.

Let me say I detest casinos. They suck. Name anything about them, it sucks even if it's like, say R.E.M. playing the Borgata - they then suck, and so on....

But these early gambling appliances were fascinating- ingenious in their configuration, metalcraft, and design. And next time I'm back on the left coast (which is quite often now) I'm goin' to Big Joe Welch's American Antique Slot Machine Museum, in San Bruno, where 90% of these came from and somewhat fittingly, does not have a website.

Artist Josh Ellingson has taken quite a few better photos than I of some of the machines, mainly because I used my cell phone, so tough.

I was particularly worked up about the art on the punch boards - a form of gambling apparently still in use legally in Washington State in the form of "Pull Tabs"

Still the holiest of divahs?

Pat Boone - Holy Diver

The best Holy Diver version according to PCL's poll in 2005: The holiest of divahs

Time for a new poll?

Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha

Hasil Adkins - Achy Breaky Ha Ha Ha, available thanks to Revenant Glint.

Song of Death

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vent Haven, not Heaven

Vent Haven Museum in Ft. Mitchell KY features over 700 ventriloquist dummies, as well as mucho memorabilia on all things dummified. Hey Yuma, ROAD TRIP, I know you love the little dummies, wanna meet me there this summer? Maybe Percy Trout will come up and join us there.

R.I.P. Ronnie James Dio


Since Holy Diver was the hymn of 80s Heavy Metal and the passing of Ronnie James Dio I think it's only right to salute him in the most proper way.
Ride the Tiger Ronnie!

Pat Boone - Holy Diver

WTF, Andrej Šifrer?

I had no idea Yugoslavia had been researching human/heifer skin grafting, is that what's going on here on this album cover? Honestly, I know I need new glasses, but I am completely at a loss to figure out what this is meant to depict. If you can stop retching long enough to download the corresponding music, stick with the A side "Majhni psi" which sounds to me like an outtake from Rocky Horror, except I wouldn't even know because I am probably the only living human under the age of 80 (and I just barely fit in that category) that has never seen that movie.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

het cocktail trio - oe ie oe a a

Car Accident Songs: "The Beginning of My End"

Here's a real oddity: a soul ballad car accident tune. The Unifics are one of my favorite 70s soul groups and "The Beginning of My End" starts at the end: the funeral.

No video, just audio.

"I wasn't too sure at first just what the doctor meant/when he informed me that there had been an accident."

Dance with Arjune Popo

"Many people love the way you bouncing....you bouncing like a scorpion....oh honey moon girls, you better dance and whine..." at least I THINK that's what he's singing...."Oh Honey Moon Girls" is officially my song of the week!!! Everyone needs to hear it!

Dance with Arjune Popo! And when you figure out what his song "When I Bounce Up Dollary" is about, clue me in, k?

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bruce Haack on I've Got A Secret

Bruce Haack on I've Got A Secret (Flash Video 02:02). "...Composer Bruce Haack demonstrates his electronic instrument the Dermatron on a 1960 episode of the CBS quiz show, I've Got A Secret, while Praxiteles Pandel plays the piano. The Dermatron was a theremin played on skin instead of air.

Also... Bruce Haack (recording as Jackpine Savage)... Funky Little Song (.mp3 audio 03:39). From the album Together (1971, Dimension 5).

Festus Talks About Girls

Short version: "I thought they was just lumpy boys".

Festus DOES do a version of a right snappy tune called "Golly Bill". Best line: "You start my pore heart to jumpin' the same as a fat girl a-playing squat tag". And he introduces us to a new dance called the Festus, too. Get it here.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mellow Gold.

Ah, the majestic, easy rocking '70s. I hear that on their next tour, Max Merritt & the Meteors will open for The Band That Played "California Lady."

[via Rad Dudes.]

Gumball Machine Treasures

Great collection of vintage gumball machine charms, displays, machines, packaging....it is indeed gumball charm Nirvana. Amazing to remember a time when a penny still bought you something...as John Waters says, the only thing pennies are good for any more is for insulting waitstaff.