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Sunday, May 16, 2010

WTF, Andrej Šifrer?

I had no idea Yugoslavia had been researching human/heifer skin grafting, is that what's going on here on this album cover? Honestly, I know I need new glasses, but I am completely at a loss to figure out what this is meant to depict. If you can stop retching long enough to download the corresponding music, stick with the A side "Majhni psi" which sounds to me like an outtake from Rocky Horror, except I wouldn't even know because I am probably the only living human under the age of 80 (and I just barely fit in that category) that has never seen that movie.


HV said...

It's a mannequin! Took me a second. A mannequin with its arm cut off... OK, I don't understand the imagery at all, but I'm glad it's not a skin graft.

Aleks said...

Mahnji psi = Smaller/Lesser dogs (unless of course my serbo-croat is complete rubbish)