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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

How Low Can You Go, Sun Ra?

Not nearly as funny as Louis Farrakhan's calypso career, but Sun Ra (and various Arkestra members) on a limbo album is still pretty danged funny anyway. Song titles like How Much Is That Doggie Who Does the Limbo, The Bagpipe Limbo, and the Kachink Limbo just makes everything a little more special indeed.


Richard said...

Didn't Sun Ra do a Batman album too?

Clarence Pune said...

Love your bad taste.

baikinange said...

Yes to the Batman question, there is a link in the blog post for those needing more info.

monsieur aperitivo said...

There is a magnificient Sun ra 3 x 7" boxset just released by jazzman records. Grab one before it's too late.
And you know what ?
It has got a GLOW in the dark cover, smashing stupid selling point.