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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game?

"Let's play ball it's game day......"
No thanks, Scott. I'd rather stick an ice pick in my eardrums than hear you whine your way through a baseball themed tune. Just awful. Whomever on the Marlins commissioned this abortion needs to think about another line of work.

Viewer Beware: This video sucks ass.


Rockin' Jeff said...

I'm a big fan of baseball, but not so much a fan of baseball themed songs. The exception to the rule being the "Go Go White Sox" song. It's a fun olde timey ditty that was written in the 50's, and the fans here love it.
(yea, ok, i'm biased because i'm a Sox fan)

If you want to be truly horrified- go find the "Go Cubs Go" theme song. It makes Jimmy Buffett sound like the second coming of Elvis... It'll make you contemplate suicide.
(even if i was a Cubs fan-which i'm NOT- i'd still tell you that this song sucked.)

They can both be found on the You Tubes, but don't say i didn't warn about the Cubs one.

Rockin' Jeff said...

Wow. Now that i've actually watched (some of) it- That is quite possibly the worst piece of shit ever. In the history of recorded sound. Fuck Florida, and ALL their shitty teams.

willeke said...

very interesting clip from an psycho-socio-anthropological point of view. I'll send it to my students for further analysis. Keep you posted.

Johnnyuma said...

Further research is an appropriate next step. Please be sure to e-mail me the dissertation papers that are sure to follow. Tallyho!