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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vent Haven, not Heaven

Vent Haven Museum in Ft. Mitchell KY features over 700 ventriloquist dummies, as well as mucho memorabilia on all things dummified. Hey Yuma, ROAD TRIP, I know you love the little dummies, wanna meet me there this summer? Maybe Percy Trout will come up and join us there.


Bibi said...

For me that's how hell would look like.

Unknown said...

since when do you allow fuckers to advertise batteries on your site?

baikinange said...

The anti-spam monkeys we keep at PCL Central were asleep on the job, they will be sternly admonished for their lapse. Apparently they were busy trying to recreate the works of Shakespeare.

Johnnyuma said...

Sweet Jesus. I shudder at the thought of being in the same area code as these monstrosities. A match and some kerosene would be the ideal solution.

baikinange said...

I'll take that as a "no" and will just send you the fridge magnet from the gift shop, then.