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Saturday, May 29, 2010

V.I.P. at PCL

Charles Addams
[Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Muhammad Ali
[Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Pedro Almodóvar [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Laurie Anderson [Official] ]IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

[Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Diane Arbus [Selected Works] [Wikipedia]

Peter Arno [Wikipedia]

Olle Baertling [Official] [Swe-Wikipedia]

Way Bandy [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Majel Barrett [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Chuck Barris [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Les Baxter [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Ingmar Bergman [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Jolene Blalock [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Fred Blassie [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Johnny Bode [Un-Official society] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Ernest Borgnine [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

David Bowie [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Joseph Campbell [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

George Carlin [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Johnny Cash [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Carol Channing [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Rosalind Chao [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Wayne Cochran [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Robert Crumb [Official] [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Michael Curtiz [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Roxann Dawson [Official] [IMDb][Wikipedia]

Martin Denny [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Doris (Svensson) [Wikipedia, Swe-Wikipedia]

Bob Dylan [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

James Ellroy [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Brian Eno [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Frederick "Fred" Exley [Wikipedia]

Lola Falana [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Tav Falco [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Louis Farrakhan aka The Charmer [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Terry Farrell [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

W.C. Fields [Un-Official / Fan Club] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Wayland Flowers (and Madame) [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Janet Frame [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Friz Freleng [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Robert Fripp [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Slim Gaillard [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

William Gaines [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Bill Griffith [Official -Zippy][IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Lars Gullin [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

George Harrison [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Screamin' Jay Hawkins [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Heino [Official] [Wikipedia]

Merit Hemmingson [Official] [Wikipedia, Swe-Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

Pee-wee Herman [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Jerome Howard aka Curly Howard [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Shemp Howard [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Howlin' Wolf [Un-official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Aldous Huxley [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Cacka Israelsson [Facebook-group] [IMDb] [Swe-Wikipedia]

Bullmoose Jackson [Un-official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

T.C. Jones [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Christine Jorgensen [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ernst-Hugo Järegård [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Margaret Keane [Official] [Wikipedia]

Jack Kirby [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ernie Kovacs [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Stanley Kubrick [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Lao-Tzu [Wikipedia]

Morris Lapidus [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Huddie Ledbetter aka Lead Belly [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

John Lennon [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Jerry Lewis [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Jerry Lee Lewis [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Roy Lichtenstein [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Christina Lindberg [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Sophia Loren [Un-official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ulf Lundkvist [Official] [Wikipedia, Swe-Wikipedia]

David Lynch [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Loretta Lynn [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Jayne Mansfield [Official] (IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Mickey Mantle [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Pete Maravich [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Groucho Marx [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Steve McQueen [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Russ Meyer [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Robert Mitchum [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Thelonious Monk [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Alan Moore [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Ennio Morricone [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Cousin Brucie Morrow [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Kate Mulgrew [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Wazmo Nariz [Wikipedia]

Grace Nichols [Wikipedia]

Janko Nilovic [YouTube] [Discography] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

François Ozon [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Gregory Peck [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Queen Bee aka Lady Reed [IMDb] [YouTube]

Povel Ramel [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Frank Redford [Flickr Group]

Mary Roach [Official] [Wikipedia]

Jimmie Rodgers [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Henry Rollins [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Paul Rudolph [Official] [Wikipedia] [Flickr Group]

Jeri Ryan [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Tura Satana [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Lalo Schifrin [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Vin Scully [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Max Shulman [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Marina Sirtis [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Ray Dennis Steckler aka Cash Flagg [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace]

John Steinbeck [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Grady Stiles [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Preston Sturges [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Screaming Lord Sutch [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Jan Švankmajer [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Carl "Alfalfa" Switzer [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Rip Taylor [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Hunter S. Thompson [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Thelma Todd [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Paul “Hezzie” Trietsch [Museum Page] [Wikipedia (Hoosier Hot Shots)]

Piero Umiliani [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Nana Visitor [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Porter Wagoner [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Andy Warhol [Andy Warhol Museum] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

John Waters [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Weegee [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Raquel Welch [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

H. G. Wells [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Nathanael West [IMDb] [Wikipedia]

Fred Williamson [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Garry Winogrand [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Link Wray [Un-Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Frank Zappa [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Warren Zevon [IMDb] [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Per Åhlin [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

Groups / Gangs / Bands / Societies / Fraternities

Loranga, Masarin & Dartanjang [Swe-Wikipedia]

The Ramones [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [Hype Machine]

Best Brains, Inc. [Official] [Wikipedia]

The (real) Honeymoon Killers - Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez [Wikipedia]

G.L.O.W. (the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) [Official] [IMDb] [Wikipedia] [YouTube]

The Residents [Official] [Wikipedia] [YouTube] [MySpace] [Hype Machine]

Created for reference by the PCL Team / PCL Elite


josephzohn said...


K. R. Seward said...

Wow, so much about so many. Including several of the Glorious Ladies Of Star Trek.

Kenn Minter said...

Did I see Jesus Christ on that list?

Donna Lethal said...

Percy, I keep telling you, his name is JERRY LEWIS.

dave said...

Hah! Awesome! If you're into Morricone, you should check out my Spaghetti Western Concept Rap album, called "Showdown at the BK Corral." It's basically a Spaghetti Western over 9 tracks - very influenced by Morricone. I'd love to hear what you think of it! You can download it for free at sunsetparkriders.com