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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Music of the Revolution.

Red-shirt security guards, one wearing body armor stolen from the army, watch over Rama IV Road outside of their fortified enclave at Lumpini Park. (Photo: Kenneth Todd Ruiz / reporterinexile.com)

If you've been paying attention to world news, you know that crap's getting serious in Thailand right now. The country's teetering on the brink of civil war as protesters from the UDD (also known, unironically, as Red Shirts) have occupied central Bangkok and are engaging in deadly firefights with the Thai army. But because this is Thailand, the Land of Smiles, even full-on revolution requires a dance beat. A journalist buddy of mine who is on the ground there has found time in the midst of covering the fighting to post a trio of Red Shirt anthems that are actually kind of groovy.

The songs date from before last week's government crackdown on the protesters, and their joy offers a counterpoint to the horrible scenes of bloodshed coming out of Bangkok now. If only the world's political differences could be settled by dancing instead of shooting...