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Friday, May 21, 2010

ska-motion in ska-lip-so

lazy mood ... sunny day ... really don't want to work today ... you shouldn't listen to this album!

"The Hiltonaires were named for Kingston's Hilton Hotel, where they were the house band. Though not necessarily the best mento group ever recorded, The Hiltonaires may have been the most prolific, recording six LPs during mento's middle period. They also toured North America.
this LP adds an electric guitar ska chop to some tracks, but the music is really still mento in both instrumentation and repertoire (even if the word "Ska" is worked into some of the titles of familiar mento songs, like "Ska and Fall Back" instead of "Dip and Fall Back")". via mento music

The Hiltonaires - ska-motion in ska-lip-so
available thanks to Sixties Fever!

PS: i hope Baikinange didn't already shared this one here!