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Saturday, March 31, 2007

the Sandvik Musical Saw

Bellybongo Magnus tells us "... Moses Josiah from British Guyana play three tracks on the Sandvik musical saw, the sound reminds me of the eerie Theremin often found in 1950s Science Fiction movies, and later films like Tim Burton's Ed Wood. The other side has a greeting from Ingemar Gustavsson, Sandvik, in five different languages. ..."
Updated: Saw Lady tells us she knows Moses Josiah and that you should visit her site if you want to hear more saw.
I found a super short "documentary" about Saw Lady on YouTube. Check it out. She's good!!

Easy Listening Man

sometimes when i’m walking along
i yearn for a melody
something with a tune to hum
and words like do re me
but it’s so hard
with all this rock’n’roll
to be easy
easy listening man

Video added by drrogersperuo

Tony Penultimate knows how hard it is at times being an Easy Listening Man. It's a constant struggle.

The teasing my rocker and power pop friends are putting me through...

I'm an emotional guy, you know! But - listen carefully - I'm not an EMO guy!
But when I'm feeling fragile and tired I need to hear strings and the occasional hammond. That's just the way it is.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sooner Or Later You Own Generals

"... Maybe you got a copy free when you bought a new set of radials. Maybe it was sent out to retailers to provide pleasant background music while customers waited for installation of their new all-weather tires. ...

... one listen to the disco General theme answers the question of which brand of tires Shaft prefers. ..."

Hear It Wow spins this vibrating 45 our way: General Tire's promotion theme "Sooner Or Later You Own Generals"

Interview with Herschell Gordon Lewis

" ...
GreenCine: -What redeems your exploitive gore films - if redemption is even necessary - is their abiding sense of humor. Can you speak some about the strategic blend of horror and humor?

H.G. Lewis: -... I recall when I first made a movie called 'The Gore Gore Girls', which was - I felt at the time, which shows how cloudy the crystal ball can be) - I felt it would be my last movie. I opened the spigot all the way. I had some things in there that I couldn't imagine anyone taking seriously. Well, as it turned out, and I'll make a sweeping, generic statement: anyone under age 40 thought it was hilarious; anyone over age 55 thought it was impossible, that I should be arrested, that I had spent my life in a Georgia chain gang, or whatever. That was the gap that existed then.

Today the people who were 40 then are now on MediCare and another generation has come up behind them. I will occasionally be invited to a horror film festival and the demographic there is really surprising because the average individual who attends these horror conventions was not alive when I made 'Blood Feast' and '2,000 Maniacs' and 'Color Me Blood Red' and 'The Gore Gore Girls' and 'Wizard of Gore', and so on. They weren't alive. So I am there, supposedly, not as emeritus but as sort of a historical icon. That's funny, too, because here were movies that cost absolutely nothing to make, with casts of nobodies, and certainly no production value worth anything, and they still live. They still breathe. They are still selling DVDs at a time in which some major companies' productions that were made six months ago simply vanished into oblivion.

I think the rationale behind that is that today's audiences know the difference between a producer or a director who's having a good time and saying, "Hey, c'mon, join me," and a producer or a director who is so enamored of what he is doing that he loses sight of the person on the other end of the camera, on the screen looking at it, saying, "Eh, so what?" Today, with the gap having narrowed so much between independent and major company product, it becomes more significant than ever.
... "

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Jeffrey has a lot of things going on over at his GoofButton.com:
Cartoons - Collages - Sketches - Scraps (fascinating stuff!) - Etc. (I guess that means enerything else. This is probably the stuff that inspires Jeffrey. This is not his own original stuff - this is the stuff that he digs. You know stuff like pulp book cover art, illustrations, and Al Capp! Youknow, good stuff....)

Do you wanna know why this gentleman is in such a good mood?
Here's why.


Over 1,000 MP3 music blogs

PCL is listed. And we're not delivering mp3s as an mp3 blog is supposed to do. Well. I think that it just means Gravy Bread's got good taste.
Gravy Bread's Mega Super Mammoth MP3 Blog List. (via Licorice Pizza / A Taste of Vinyl)

Ike and Tina Turner, The Big TNT Show

Need some energy? Ok!

Ike and Tina Turner - Shake / Fool in Love / I think it's gonna work out fine / Please please please / Goodbye so long:

Added by gatorrock785

(via Bifurcated Rivets)

Disneyland, construction and first years

"Disneyland construction"

"Alligator for the Jungle Cruise"
Old Disneyland - Pictures from its construction and first few years of operation. Set at Flickr uploaded by Tom Simpson. (via Boing Boing)

Italian Movie Posters

'Europa '51' /'The Greatest Love', Roberto Rossellini, 1952 &
'Il brigante Musolino'/Outlaw Girl, Mario Camerini
'Salò' or the 120 Days of Sodom/Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma. Pier Paolo Pasolini, 1975.
Click images for better view at source.

Italian movies - Posters and publicity. Flickr set created by italiangerry. (via josephzohn gås blogger)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Listen to the Percy Trout hour Tonight!

the Percy Trout hour

Super-Fizz Sugar-Pop
from all over the Globe!

Listen to a LIVE Show Monday Night (3-26-07)
from 8pm to 10pm EST.

WRFL 88.1fm
Lexington, Ky.

Listen Online

Maureen Tucker's Playin’ Possum

"... After the Velvets broke up, she moved to Texas and got a job at Wal-Mart, and concentrated on raising her large family. She finally went back to music in 1981, when she recorded her first album, Playin’ Possum. She recorded it in her living room (“between diaper changes”, she says) over a period of six months, overdubbing every instrument, and the result was quite odd; it doesn’t really sound like anything else. ..."

Sunday, March 25, 2007

No Direction Home - stills

Tony Price - Atomic Artist

'Nuclear Ganesha' & 'Rat / Hindu God of Wisdom*'
(found at page 2 for sculptures)

Tony Price - Atomic Artist: Sculptures (via Rashomon)

Len Davis

'Bicoastal Fingers'

Len Davis: mixed media art (via Glubibulgà)

Busting Out in the Big Apple

Jordan Matter photographer - Uncovered: Busting Out in the Big Apple (NSFW), "a collection of photographs featuring bare-breasted women in public around New York City"
(via Dadanoias)

A Filmgoing Oasis

Greenbriar Picture Shows tells us about The Oasis: the Drive In Theatre:
"... In the sixties, there were drive-ins … and then there were DRIVE-INS. The Oasis just outside Chicago was among the latter. I can’t believe such a place existed, and but for photographic evidence shown here, I still wouldn’t. Built at a cost of $555,000 over a twenty-acre spread, The Oasis sat 1,600 cars, along with seventy seats in each of two indoor theatres facing a 52 X 125-foot screen. The approach took you by desert tents and concrete camels with sheiks mounted thereon. Sand dunes were painted on fences running hundreds of yards alongside the entrance road. This was suburban Chicago, one minute from Oak Grove, Illinois, and 22 minutes from the city’s loop. ..."

Turd in the Punchbowl

Schadenfreudian Therapy offers "a mix guaranteed to kill any party stone cold dead".
Including party crash titles such as: "Fuck, I Stepped in Shit", "Hi Nigger", "We Want Dick, We Want Dick, We Want Dick" and "Fifi's Walking the Poodle".
Turd in the Punchbowl

John Carpenter, composer

Egg City Radio (formerly known as Post-Punk Junk) aims the spotlight On John Carpenter's soundtracks.
Bret has also posted the complete score to 'Halloween III: Season Of The Witch' at his other blog CineFile Video.

The Story of James Vance & Judas Priest

Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest (IMDb):

(via WFMU's Beware of the Blog)

Friday, March 23, 2007

"Oh Glory, How Happy I Am"

"Blind Reverend Gary Davis performing "Oh Glory, How Happy I Am" on Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger (No. 23)"

Added by peglegsam

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Arnold through the years

Vintage Arnold - The truth behind Pumping Iron! (via del.icio.us/thgroh)

Updated: Jude says: "including all of his movies and such this is undoubtedly Arnold's crowning achievement."
Hm. I think you're absolutely right Jude!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Free Music Non Stop

Katya has a round-up of 52 releases and collections available around the net. Probably good stuff all together. Click around!

And btw - Stop stalking Katya emmidiately!!!! I am the only certified Oddio Katya-stalker. Get off the road Mr. Liliput.
The Swedish Killer Gestapo Reindeers from Outer Lappland is already investigating the case. You will end up as a surströmming in the jaws of Göran Persson. Mark my words.

Felix The Cat Cartoons

Videos with Bibi features Felix The Cat Cartoons: Part I - Part II - Part III - Part IV.

Felix The Cat - Felix Gets the Can:

Ron Turner's sci-fi pulp art

Click images for better view at source.

"A gallery of sci fi pulp covers painted by british illustrator and comics artist Ron Turner for british pulp magazines in the 1950s."
Ron Turner Cover Collection at Flickr (via Drawn!)

Slideshow: The Haven of Contentment

Nick (from Square America) has posted some quite intriguing slides over at Swapatorium.
He says: "I recently picked up a big lot of slides that were appartently part of some old Moose lodge slides shows in the 1960s. Unfortunately, the cassettes which must have gone along with them to provide the narration weren't with the slides but I'd love to hear how they spun some of these images into a narrative called The Haven of Contentment. Let's just say this place looks a lot closer to Twin Peaks than to Shangri-La."

Focus- Hocus Pocus (live '73)

Music From The Third Floor: Vol. 1

Music From The Third Floor has compiled a best of/sampler of what has been uploaded and posted this far on this goldmine of Bollywood beats and ballads. Check it out!
Music From The Third Floor: Vol. 1

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

What Kept Grandpa Up

Do you ever wonder what Bomarr is doing on his mini-vacation besides putting together fantastic x-mas compilations?
Well, I happen to know he's making a little music both here and there.
Here is a new video by The Bomarr Monk, "Consisting entirely of what remained after removing all explicit aspects of some vintage/public domain adult films.".
Well, Bomarr, not entirely all expicit aspects. But great video!
But of course we all already knew What Kept Grandpa Up. And, no, it wasn't Viagra!

Added by bomarr

Love Scenes Adapted from D.H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterly's Lover

The 2:nd edition of the 356 days project at WFMU's Blog features " ... a record dramatizing the novel's [Edit: Lady Chatterly's Lover] steamiest scenes, complete with orchestral accompaniment ...
Unless you consider “phallus” and “sex” to be obscene words, you'll find yourself quaintly charmed by the idea that this once caused an uproar, even though the anonymous actors do their best to sell the sex with breathless, melodramatic readings. ..."

Monday, March 19, 2007

exactly what you want to see

Found on www.groonk.net/blog/

Felix R. Cid

Photography from 'Ways of Salt' ("Ways of salt has been shot in Ibiza. A place where Felix R. Cid spent a long period of his life .The poetry of the Island marked him as much as the drama of the meaning of it today, taking him to create this series of portrait that allows us to study a concept not only of the Spanish culture but also of the human being transformation in their environments today.
Felix makes a clear relationship between the characters photographed in Ways of Salt and the spirit of the Lot,s wife who became statue of salt by looking back at Sodom and Gomorra when they were getting destroyed by the anger of god. -Genesis 19. The characters in the photographs also belong to a world that is being destroyed and they are also not able to control the way the feel about it.
Nowadays we live in a world that is starting to suffer the consequences of the human being ambition. It will change soon. In a short period of time some islands and all that is on with them, will be under the water. ..." [Quoted from the statement])

Felix R. Cid, photographer. (via Conscientious)

The Cartoonist talks to Githead

The Cartoonist talks to Colin Newman and Malka Spigel of Githead.
Part #1. and Part #2. (Part #3, will follow next weekend)
Updated: Part 3 online now.

This Is Françoise Hardy

Yes, this IS Françoise Hardy!
Third Island shares 'This Is Françoise Hardy'

I Think I'll Get My Haircut

Ok, maybe I'm back. Maybe not...
But at least I've promised myself to cut my hair real soon. It's so long and beautiful now that I quite easily pass as a real honey. At least I did last Saturday...

Jona Lewie - I Think I'll Get My Haircut:

Added by aragon25x

Saturday, March 17, 2007

matchbooks for men

time for TV

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Wall Masks of the 1950s

"fez" the comic strip

Years ago, I used to do a semi-regular comic strip called "fez." It had nothing to do with that character of the same name on TV's "That 70's Show." I had come up with the character somewhere around 1988-89. Fez appeared in many of my comic strips throughout the years... eventually warranting his own. I can't really remember why or when I stopped doing these comics... I probably just got bored of them and moved on to something else.... creativity evolves like most other things.

Anyway, here's a few. If you like them, let me know and I'll post more.