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Sunday, March 04, 2007

"Dylan was too, dare I say, white for my taste"

"Bryan Ferry has just recorded an album of his favourite Bob Dylan songs. Has he ever met him, I wonder?

"Oh no," says Ferry, as if alarmed at the very idea. "What would I say?" ....

... Oh, I didn't like Dylan at all when I first heard him," Ferry admits.
"I was a Northern soul boy, into mohair suits, electric guitars, horn sections, Otis Redding and Stax. Dylan was too, dare I say, white for my taste."
Yet Ferry was eventually seduced by the originality of Dylan's lyrical vision.
"He brought poetry into pop music and really started the whole phenomenon of the artist as composer. A lot of his songs are very beautiful, they seem to get deeper as you get older."

The life of Bryan: Neil McCormick interviews Bryan Ferry for The Telegraph about divorce, M&S, and his new album of Dylan songs. (via del.icio.us/regine)

Bryan Ferry - Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues:

LSO St. Luke's, London February 6th 2007
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Also: Here is Bryan Ferry doing the beautiful "To Make You Feel My Love" (also from Ferry's new album 'Dylanesque')

Updated: Here is "Positively 4th Street"