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Monday, March 19, 2007

Felix R. Cid

Photography from 'Ways of Salt' ("Ways of salt has been shot in Ibiza. A place where Felix R. Cid spent a long period of his life .The poetry of the Island marked him as much as the drama of the meaning of it today, taking him to create this series of portrait that allows us to study a concept not only of the Spanish culture but also of the human being transformation in their environments today.
Felix makes a clear relationship between the characters photographed in Ways of Salt and the spirit of the Lot,s wife who became statue of salt by looking back at Sodom and Gomorra when they were getting destroyed by the anger of god. -Genesis 19. The characters in the photographs also belong to a world that is being destroyed and they are also not able to control the way the feel about it.
Nowadays we live in a world that is starting to suffer the consequences of the human being ambition. It will change soon. In a short period of time some islands and all that is on with them, will be under the water. ..." [Quoted from the statement])

Felix R. Cid, photographer. (via Conscientious)