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Sunday, April 30, 2006


...Walpurgis Night (Valborgsmässoafton in Swedish, Vappu in Finnish, Volbriöö in Estonian, Valpurģu nakts or Valpurģi in Latvian, Walpurgisnacht in German, Valpuržina noc or čarodějnice - witches - in Czech, chódotypalenje Lower Sorbian, chodojtypalenje in Upper Sorbian) is a holiday celebrated on April 30 or May 1, in Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Germany and Czechia. [From Wikipedia Entry] (thanks to P-E Fronning, trevlig Valborg på dig!)

Blazin' Hazen, the Avarage Homeboy

"When you BLAZE like I do, you burn like an inferno. - Once you hear my audio demo, you'll just be blazed!"

Remeber, it's just a demo.

Added by kmaxx
(via SharpeWorld)

Living with war

Listen to Neil Young's new album. (via BoingBoing)

Reed Danziger

"Theory 2", 2002
Click image for even better view at source.

Reed Danziger (via Earnest Little Cartoon Guy)

More music videos...

All videos posted in April over at Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD.

Week 59 - Even More Celebrities: There’s No Business Like Show business

Broadway legend Ethel Merman did a lot of decent recordings in the good old days but when hitting 71 years of age her judgement seemed to have been a bit hazy. Doing a disco album in 1979, just as disco was dwindling in popularity, was not a good idea. Well, it probably wouldn’t have been a good idea a few years earlier either. Although A&M never lost hope in this project, even printing up t-shirts that read “Ethel Boogies”. The Rude Kids single (Sonet, 1981) is not, even by a far stretch, any kind of celebrity recording but we like hearing these Swedish boys having a go at Björn Borg and Ingemar Stenmark. And you need a bit of punk now and then to spice things up. Mrs. Miller don’t need no introduction. This is from a promotion tape that was sent out to radio jockeys, a so-called open ended interview which means that they got a questioner form as well. They could then read the right question at the proper pause in the tape and it sounded like they were doing a real interview on the air as Mrs. Miller answered. We don’t have the questioner form so you just have to imagine the questions, it shouldn’t be too hard and you’ll get a few useful tips on how to whistle as well.
59 Rude Kids

12. Ethel Merman – There’s No Business Like Show business
13. Rude Kids – Next Time I´ll Beat Björn Borg
14. Mrs. Miller – Open Ended Interview

>Download (all 3 tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (all 3 tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (all 3 tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 'Even More Celebrities' mp3 project: Week 56 - Week 57 - Week 58

Mark Seliger

Tom Waits, Forestville, California, 2002

The photography of Mark Seliger. (via Las insólitas aventuras del pez)

Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl ...

.. not so much to be able to wreck myself in the shower... but to become a glamorous Playboy Bunny!

And what experience must a Bunny have?
"The Playboy club schools you in your duties so you do not need any special experience before you begin. [What a relief!!] You will be a Bunny in the Club of your choice after a one week training period [Good. I don't like studying too much].
You will be instructed in Playboy Club service and in the selection of fine wines and liqours. [I could use some new recipes...] You will also receive valuable information in the psychology of customer service and public relations. [I'll just throw the drunks out. Hey! You can look - but not touch, Mister!!]
A Bunny Mother is stationed in every Club to counsel Bunnies on hair styling, make-up and the fine points of poise and charm.[She better be damned good!] She will recommend proper make-up specialists, if necessary.[Unfortunatelly there is lot of work to be done... ] A beauty salon is located on Club premises in many cities." [Ah, free SPA, that IS good]

Ok, I'm signing up!

The Playboy Bunny Recruitment Brochure. (via LinkFilter.net)

Birthday Blog

Bifurcated Rivets is 7 years old today. Wow. Congrats! We like old things here at the PCL Headquarters.

Aperitivo Radio Show

Welcome to Doctor Aperitivo's Clinic, new excellent and presize surgery executed by Monsieur Aperitivo.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Unusual Song Titles

Constipation Blues - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Wouldn't Put the Shuck On Me - Geezinslaw Brothers
L.S.D. Made A Wreck Of Me - Rudi Protrudi
Open the Door, Richard - Mel Henke
Johnny, Are You Queer? - Josie Cotton
Tain't So, Honey, Tain't So - Bing Crosby
Onion Eating Mama - Cliff Carlisle.mp3
There Ain't A Cow In Texas - Rosie Flores & Ray Campi
Beatnik Fly - Johnny & The Hurricanes
Beat On The Brat - Ramones
Dicks Don't Grow On Trees - Robyn Archer
Bullets in My Hairdo - Finn Brothers.mp3
If It Wasn't For the Irish And The Jews - Billy Murray
Bald Headed Baby - Buddy Sharpe
Kitty on Toast - Fletcher Henderson
Baby Sittin' Boogie - Buzz Clifford
The Dough Got Low - NRBQ
Rice Crisp Jingle - Rolling Stones
Love The Jews - ApologetiX
Rice Is Nice - Lemon Pipers
All That Meat - Mel Henke.MP3
You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly - John Prine
Hooray For Human Engineering - Clark Equipment
I Can Keep My Panties Dry - Unknown
I Love Meatballs - Phofo
Diggin' My Potatoes - Big Bill Broonzy
You Stabbed Me in the Front - Nick Lowe
Who Slapped John? - Gene Vincent
Trouble at The Henhouse - NRBQ
I Fancy Me Chances - Beatles
I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas - Bob Wills
Sperm Meets Egg, So What? - Heavenly
Mah na' mah na' - Piero Umiliani
The Nips are Getting Bigger - Mental as Anything
Shorty The Barber - Lou Millet
Big Balls In Nashville - June Carter
I Love Air Conditioning - NRBQ
Fuck Off Noddy - Ian Dury
Beer Drinkin' Woman - Memphis Slim

Odd titles, a compilation put together by PixelMutt.

Beer, popularity and Syd Barrett

PCL LinkDump has been pretty popular today. No doubt about it. Around 12.000 hits over the last 24 hours. That's a nice and much appreciated flaunt of PCL in cyber space. Actually I appreciate this attention much more than the "Britney debacle" some time ago.
But after reading on Derrick Bostrom's backup blog (the guy who brought joy to us by posting the Uncensored, 1968 ads) that "My host punished me for the popularity of my post, slapping a suspension for “resource abuse” on me ..." got me thinking. Do you risk being too popular here on Blogspot? Blogger is providing the bandwidth, wich is a great and free - though not always reliable - service. But is there a limit? Just wondering...

Had some really nice cold beers yesterday at a local establishment listening too an old friend and musician performing new material there.
When back home I got a surprise: I WON A CONTEST!! HOORAY!! I'm really looking forward receiving the prize Ralf! And thanks for the piece-of-cake-contest. ;-)

/Z aka Sebastian

monone's library

Library music for the masses.
monone's library (via Martin Klasch)

PCL reader of the day


The Johnny Cash Show, circa 1968

Live Dortmund, Westphalia Hall circa 1968, a truly nice experience brought to us by the ANABlog people.

Gangsta Haiku

bitchz think they rhyme
yo' lyrics constitute crime
I'm a paradigm

Gangsta Haiku (via Unpop Art)

Friday, April 28, 2006

More vinyl sniffers

The Vinyl Sniffers post now has one more sniffer: It's Frank from Earnest Little Cartoon Guy.

One more Sniffer has been added to the bunch: It's MrBaliHai of The Eye of the Goof.

Michelle from Tiny Bubbles has joined the vinyl sniffing community.

Lee Hartsfeld of Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else joins the fun.

Note: I will use this square to keep you updated on the progress of "The Vinyl Sniffers" entry. It is already a fairly big entry and will probably grow huge when more responses comes flowing in. I think this is an important area of the vinyl culture scene to investigate so the space will be needed. And it's fun reading! the new additions will be added at random. So scroll down the post to find the new additions.

/Z aka Sebastian


Derrick Bostrom posts a small but amazing collection of ads from a late 60's "mens' magazine" at his blog, Bostworld.

Updated: jayKayEss' link to the ads at Bostrom's site went down due to heavy traffic.
Instead I suggest you all go to leifpeng's sets at flickr to kill some time. /Z

Updated II: Derrick has posted the Uncensored, 1968 ads to his backup blog. So, go there instead.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Week 58 - Even More Celebrities, London and Loa

Julie London not only sung about the joy of smoking she also – sure, as hell – knew how to let it all out as she proves in this little studio chat. You might not believe us, after hearing this track, that Loa Falkman is a well known and fine Swedish opera singer and actor. When he grabbles with popular music however everything perpetuating to good judgement and insight just seem to flee faster than Bugs Bunny. The truly horrendous butchering of this soul classic comes from his even more horrendous album Symfonin (Little Big Apple Music, 1990).

09. Julie London – The Marlboro Song
10. Julie London – Chatting away while recording The Man I Love
11. Loa Falkman – When A Man Loves A Woman

>Download (all 3 tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (all 3 tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (all 3 tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 'Even More Celebrities' mp3 project: Week 56 - Week 57

The shame of the jungle: Tarzoon!

I think you'll want to enlarge this, though it's probably a NSFW thingy.

Space Debris shares this quite wonderful soundtrack on 45 made for a 70's adult animation: Tarzoon, La Honte De La Jungle .

Updated: Johnny reports that this animated movie was titled "Djungelbiffen" (tranls~ "Beef of the jungle") in Sweden.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD

As I mentioned in the solidarity post below i have started another blog (well, I started it back in February but under a different title: Badman's Tube).
Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD is a colorful place where I post music videos I like found on the online video deposits such as YouTube.

Here are some of the latest posts:
Laurie Anderson - Beautiful Red Dress
Kitty Wells - I don't claim to be an angel
The Church - Under The Milkyway
Bryan Ferry - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Robert Wyatt - Gharbzadegi
XTC - Neon Shuffle
Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue
Bebel Gilberto - All Around
The Residents - The Act Of Being Polite

And of course... THOR!

"Action" On The Merv Griffin Show in Las Vegas 1976.
Added to YouTube by HstreetTV

Ultra Swank - Lifestyle Adventures

Fellow Swede, Chris, has some pages dedicated to (mostly) 50s and 60s jet set lifestyle and design: Ultra Swank- Lifestyle Adventures.
Last entry was interesting because it showcased some old photographies from the early 70s Malmö! [For those who didn't know it: mrdantefontana and the PCL headquarters resides in this grey beauty of a town]
Some photos taken on the last day of the tram service in Malmö, April 27, 1973.

Malmö, Sweden, April 27, 1973

Chris posts and writes about architecture, movies and music. He has promised me there will be music posted shortly. So, keep your eyes and ears tuned in for more Ultra Swank in the future.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A Deal For You!

Ok guys, I will be stright forward with you.

I have never asked for anything, nor have I cluttered this page with ads in any forms. But when a friend (and contributor) is in need of help I am not afraid to serve you this deal:

PCL LinkDump will NOT be updated until I've heard from Carl that he has received at least a few orders for his Space Patrol CDs.

sp_cd sp_cd
Check out the playlists for Space Patrol 01-05 & Space Patrol 06-10. Yep, the good stuff.

or The Fancy Space Patrol Swag.

And, why should you listen to me begging you for this. Why should you send this mysterious character your money?
Because I say so!!!!!!!!!! If you enjoy this blog and think the stuff we have been sending your way is the good stuff... that's why!

If you enjoy Luxuriamusic.com and Space Patrol... that's why!!! If you enjoy music... that's why!!!!

If you like being the good guy... that's why!!!!

Just trust me. C'mon.

All the best!

/Z aka Sebastian

Updated: I now realize I could have asked a little nicer. I was a little too worked up on coffee I think. Sorry. While I'm here, check out my new hobby: Mr. Dante Fontana's Visual Guidance LTD.

14 hour technicolor Dream

During the "Week van de psychedelica" (april 22 - 29) three Dutch radio stations are joining forces.

Saturday Dutch alternative classical radio station De Concertzender will broadcast the night of the psychedelica.
Between 19:00 PM - 09:00 AM CET (13:00-03:00 EST, 10:00-01:00 MST, etc...) 14 hours of "Technicolor Dream" music will be broadcasted.

First hour: "Technicolor Films" psychedelic music in films
Second hour: "Door de technicolor mazen van het net" = (hard to translate) "Through the Technicolor meshes of the Net"
Third 4 hours: Joe Boyd (Pink Floyd's first producer) and The UFO club
Fourth 6 hours: Chosen live from the vast psychedelic record collection of Hans von Seydlitz (a.o. Pink Floyd, The Kinks, Tomorrow, The Move, The Smoke, Yardbirds, Arthur Brown),
Fifth part, one hour: "Briljant but failed" a.o. Mark Wirtz's Teenage Opera
Sixth part: one hour: "Curt Boettcher, too good to be true", a documentary
Seventh part: Chill out, nonstop sunshine pop

You can listen live from the Concertzender's website

Hanna-Barbera's Amazing Chan comic book.

"The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan was a Saturday Morning favorite of Mr. Miller's. The show premiered in 1973, featuring not only the popular literary detective Charlie Chan, but his entire Chan brood. ... In 1973 Gold Key started printing the exploits of the junior sleuth "
Visit Pop Cereal and download #1 issue of The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan as PDFs.

Pagan Island

As the TheMuggler puts it: "One man, shipwrecked on a tropical island with 30 beautiful women and a giant Tiki God. Utter genius!"
Pagan Island 1961 B-Movie Trailer.
I wonder why this never happens to me?... (via YesButNoButYes)

Updated: Find the trailer here now.

Hemp Hop

Hemp Hop, a smokin' compilation brought to us by WFMU's Beware of the Blog.

My apology

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
To all fan(s) of SPACE PATROL...

I apologize for becoming invisible.
Our situation at home is very financially bleak. We have had our utilities cut off for non-payment, and I can only access the internet at home or at the home of friends.
I can not produce new episodes of SPACE PATROL at this time, but to be honest, things have become so bleak that doing so is desperately far down the list of priorities.
I will be back when I can. Until then... please help me by purchasing episodes of SPACE PATROL on CD at axenhammer.com/spacepatrol .
Thank you all.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

I Was A Teenage Gluesniffer

"The mission is write about and scan in samples from your favorite saved fanzines, memorabilia of the past. Since my "past" is defined as spanning the years 1979 and on and in case you didn't catch on from the title, the focus is on the post-1979 American / UK punk-alternative-indie music scene ..." [From the Official Premiere Posting]
I Was A Teenage Gluesniffer (via Sonic)

"20 Classic Rock Classics"

"The Portsmouth Sinfonia was a musical group founded by English composer Gavin Bryars, while teaching at Portsmouth School of Art in Portsmouth, England, in 1970.
Bryars was interested more in experimenting with the nature of music than forming a traditional orchestra, and instead of picking the most competent musicians he could find, he allowed anyone to join, regardless of talent, ability and experience. The only rules were that everyone had to come for rehearsals, and that people should try their best to get it right and not try to sound silly. ..."
[Quote from Wikipedia Entry for The Portsmouth Sinfonia]

Now you can listen to (and download) The Portsmouth Sinfonia doing "20 Classic Rock Classics" over at Fidelisharium.
Warning: Do not listen to all "melodies" at once. Listen when you're in a good mood and listen sparse. Handle with care. You'll be rewarded.

Additional: Here's an interview with Brian Eno from 1981 about his involvement with The Portsmouth Sinfonia.

Updated: I have made this particular upload available at YouSendIt (if RapidShare is not up your alley): portsmouth.zip (74 MB)
The file will expire in 7 days and will be available for 25 downloads.

Updated II: It has come to our attention that the copyright holders probably don't want any MP3s to be spread at all. So, I (and Fidelisharium) have removed all links to downloads. Sorry.


:ruclub seems to be an excellent jazz podcast transmitted from Radio University of Coimbra in Portugal.
Latest podcast showcases a few great tracks from the Moserobie Jazz Manifesto (6 CD set provided by Moserobie) Recorded live at Mosebacke Etablissement, Jan 14-17, 2004. Listen to some of Sweden's most prominent and fun "modern" jazz artists such as Jonas Kullhammar Quartet; Nacka Forum and Sonic Mechatronik Arkestra. Hard hitting bop'n'roll with, of course, a healthy dose of scandinavian melancholia.
So, go check out that funky swingin' podcast!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Midnight on the cliffs

Les Baxter's romantic Midnight on the cliffs (note: download link in 'comments') is available at Xtabays World.

Hot MP3! That Made Him Mad.

"Hot Dog! That Made Him Mad." exclaims Wanda Jackson at Locust St.
Gang of Four's 1978's debut 7" at Something I Learned Today.
Filles Sourires gives us 2 nice tracks by Isabelle Adjani.
The Rich Girls are Weeping as well as Hanging on the Telephone.
Do the Chiki Chiki Boom with Saloma at The Record Robot.

Be wild, not evil: The Link Wray story

"... Tearing down the highway in some shitbox of a car while blasting Link's guitar, some little chickadee flashing an inspirational bit of leg by your side--this is one of the great pleasures of still being ambulatory. That savage sound magnifies life's melodrama to a sublime degree. The night turns blacker, the moon more luminous, even her lipstick's a deeper shade of red. One could get all cutesy and call his music Ennio Morricone by way of a three-track-shack, but that would be dumb. You can't really compare Link to anything or anybody. He was an original to the death. ..."
Be wild, not evil: The Link Wray story (A tribute by Jimmy McDonough in 6 parts) at Perfect Sound Forever.

The Philippine Comic Art Museum

The Philippine Comics Art Museum curated by Gerry Alanguilan. (via Drawn!)

Christina Lindberg: trailers

What would get me back to blogging? Christina Lindberg of course!
I just stumbled over 2 trailers featuring Christina uploaded to YouTube.
Note: None of these trailers are of course safe to watch at work.

One was found by Kahlo: 'Sex & Fury' ('Furyô anego den: Inoshika Ochô') her japanese exploitation adventure starring Reiko Ike.
Watch it here: Trailer for 'Sex & Fury'.

Then I found the trailer for Christina's most famous movie: 'Thriller- En Grym Film' ('Thriller-A Cruel Picture' aka 'They Call Her One-Eye').
The trailer was originally uploaded to YouTube by Squiggs.

Earlier posts here on PCL concerning Christina: March 20, 2006 (link to fun and informative interview), December 15, 2005, February 20, 2005, August 31, 2004 (and, no, the mp3s are NOT available anymore...).

No, PCL LinkDump will never become the official blog for Britney - more likely the unofficial tribute site for all things Christina Lindberg. But - Hey! - dye Britney's hair black, dress her in a long black coat and put a gun and an eye patch on her: Ta Da! (Maybe this is something that Johnny with his PS skills could look into... ;-))

Updated: Johnny backed out on me. But there are other crazy Swedes (me included...) out there! P-E Fronning took it upon himself to show the world the real Britney Spears: a woman that has no limits of evil!
Click it for even larger view. Compare it with the original Lobby Card.

"They Call Her Honey"... Thanks Fronning! Great work!!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm doing excellent!

... how are you?

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Week 57 - Even more celebrities: British comedy

Comedian Benny Hill's first LP 'Benny Hill Sings?' (PYE, 1965) is one of the better comedy albums to come out of the sixties. Unlike a lot of other celebrity stuff Benny really show a knack for musicianship. Even doing a good Dylan on 'What A World' as he comments Bobs visit to England. Randy Randolph’s tune is probably more well known as the theme tune for Benny’s show. While we´re on the subject of comedians we might as well take a listen to a group who did one of the best comedy shows ever: The Young Ones. Here (WEA, 1986) they team up with Cliff Richard for a massacre on his 1959 hit.
Click Cliff and the guys for close-up.

3. Benny Hill – Wild Women
4. Benny Hill – I’ll Never Know
5. Benny Hill – Moving On Again
6. Benny Hill – What A World
7. Randy Randolph – Yakety Sax
8. Cliff Richard & The Young Ones – Living Doll

>Download (all 6 tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (all 6 tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (all 6 tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Earlier posts by HTMPL Prod. in the 'Even More Celebrities' mp3 project: Week 56

K'vitsh's book report

Isn't this picture lovely? This is Wood w/ her youngest daughter, Courtney.

I've been fascinated by Natalie Wood ever since I was a child. I don't remember why or how I was initially drawn to her. Probably a combination of seeing West Side Story and being enamoured of her dark hair and dark eyes, my favorite kind of beauty.

This book (Natasha: The Biography of Natalie Wood, by Suzanne Finstad) garnered a bit of controversy when it was released a few years ago, largely due to it's treatement of Wood's death. Finstad interviewd hundreds of people, including people who had their boats docked in the same harbour as the Wagners that night. Apparently, a family heard a woman screaming that she was drowning, then heard male voices mocking her. I guess many other witnesses observed the Wagners, their captain (or whatever), and guest Christopher Walken get absolutely smashed that weekend. What a shame.

It's not the most skillfully written book. Finstad tends to repeat the same thing over and over - especially her evil mother's manipulations and Wood's fear of drowning in dark water. It gets to be a bit much.

It was an interesting read, nonetheless. And strangely, more because of the memories and thoughts it stirred in me than for the subject matter itself.

I found myself comparing my thinking to the way I thought when I read the book her sister had written. I read it as a tween, probably.

It contained tales of woe, temper tantrums, suicide attempts. Love and kindness, too, but I want to focus on the nasty stuff.

As a young girl, I would read biographies of famous people, and be encouraged by stories of them being difficult and troubled. It made me feel better about myself. "See? Natalie Wood was a bitch sometimes. I'm a bitch sometimes. She was beautiful and famous. Not only does that make my bad habits admirable, but maybe it's destined that I be famous, too."

While my thinking was never that thuddingly literal, that's what I took away from these books, among being moved or entertained or appalled.

Basically, I did what most people do - romanticising things that are really quite awful. As I read this book, I saw a life that to me seemed filled with more pain than happiness or fulfillment. Wood was warped beyond belief by her mother. Maria Gurdin believed a gypsy prophesy fortold of her second daughter's greatness, even before Wood's birth.

Gurdin did things like refusing to take Wood to the doctor when, as a child, she broke her wrist on a set (which is why in nearly every picture of Wood you'll ever see, she wears a clunky bracelet on her left wrist), lest the movie production be delayed. She also instilled a fear of sex and childbirth in Wood so she wouldn't leave home (she overcame this in spades).

According the Finstad's book, Wood was violently raped by a major Hollywood star (alledged on the net to be Kirk Douglas), attempted suicide a few times, had affairs w/ men three times her age when she was sixteen, had a complex and needy relationship w/ her mother, and was always worried about her career. Okay, I guess that last point wasn't particularly tragic or limited to Wood, but it seemed sadder than it likely is for most. Acting is a scary business, especially if you're a woman. How awful to never feel sure, never feel validated, or safe.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book dealt w/ the persona Wood's mother created when she was a child actor. Wood struggled all her life to balance or reconcile her real self w/ her acting persona. It's ironic that as a child, I took a bit of a lesson in how to be a person from a woman who didn't know who she really was.

Leslie and the LY's

Leslie Hall took a much maligned piece of American consumer flotsam and turned it into a fashion statement all her own.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

André Carrilho

We all know these waylaying cartoonists which are hanging around all the popular sights of the world, waiting for hapless tourists to lure them into getting painted with ridiculously funny grimaces, jaws as wide as the ocean and noses that would put Cleopatra into a fit of jealousy.

Now, Portuguese designer André Carrilho's portraits have an uncanny resemblance with these kind of cartoons, yet I have to admit I do like the freshness, elegance and wit of his style. They look a bit as if Francis Bacon did a stint on the tourist trails round Montmartre, albeit with a silk screen printer at hand. (As it happens, Carrilho has indeed done a portrait of Bacon.)

He does have an impressive pedigree already, as his illustrations have appeared in the New York Times, the Observer, and the Independent, amongst others. But it's probably could to know that should all else fail, there's always the streets of Paris or Rome to go to.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Sargent Pepper (another "tribute" ...)

"A promotional video for my Beatles tribute band 'Sargent Pepper'".
(James Sim Ritchie)

Download video

Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 56 - Even More Celebrities: Harry Dean Stanton

We’ve been dipping our feet in the celebrity pond before but there’s just too many of these recordings around so we will have another go at it for a month and a half.
Click Mr. Stanton for better view.

Harry Dean Stanton is a classy actor and you just know it, when he opens his mouth to sing it isn’t going to be the usual trying-to-cash-in-on-fame gibberish. This is really good, kind of makes us wish he done more than this single, beautiful renditions of these classics. But then he did have good help: Jamie James on guitar, Slim Jim Phantom on drums and Tony Sales on bass.

1. Harry Dean Stanton – You Don’t Miss Your Water
2. Harry Dean Stanton – Across the Borderline

>Download (both tracks zipped) at Rapidshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at Momoshare or,
>Download (both tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Tod hands us this clip from the 1989 David Lynch short "The Cowboy and The Frenchmen" Harry sings and plays guitar. Now uploaded to YouTube.

Lambrett Twist!

Disturbingly catchy 60's Italian TV commercial for the Lambretta scooter (Google; YouTube) (Also fun to note that that the scooter never once appears in motion throughout the whole thing.)

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Gorilla Cover Gallery

Gorilla Cover Gallery
(Via Martin Klasch)

Oddities, mp3 comp.

Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm back!!
But only for a very short appearance. I am popping by just to introduce you to the newly finished mp3 compilation here on PCL.
Hold the tables steady as we are serving You the Oddities Mp3 Comp. as posted by HTMPL Prod.!
Watch your table manners - there's plenty for everyone.
01. Reco – Jolly Jolly Buddy Buddy [Week 50/51, Read Entry]
02. Anna-Lisa Ingemanson – Daiga-Daiga-Duu
03. Nils Waldemar – Dancing in Stockholm Tonight
04. Sixten Jansson – Don’t Stop the Music
05. Jonas Nordwall – Mama Mia
[Week 52,
Read Entry]
06. Jonas Nordwall – Pinball Wizard
07. Sacha Distel – Monsieur Cannibale
08. Ernie Englund – Monsieur Cannibale
09. Sacha Distel – Mister Casanova
10. Leroy Anderson – The Typewriter
[Week 53,
Read Entry]
11. Wild Man Fischer – Go To Rhino Records
12. Matteo – Brooklyn USA
13. Tom Astor – Hello Guten Morgen Deutschland
14. Donna Lynn – My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut
15. Dezurik Sisters – I Left Her Standing There (Vocalion 4616-A)
[Week 54,
Read Entry]
16. Dezurik Sisters – Arizona Yodeler (Vocalion 4616-B)
17. Dezurik Sisters – Sweet Hawaiian Chimes (Vocalion 4704-A)
18. Dezurik Sisters – Guitar Blues (Vocalion 4704-B)
19. Dezurik Sisters – Go To Sleep My Darling Baby (Vocalion 4781-A)
20. Dezurik Sisters – Birmingham Jail (Vocalion 4781-B)
21. Ös i baljan – Cadillac
[Week 55,
Read Entry]
22. Ös i baljan – Proud Mary
23. Ös i baljan – Runaway
24. Ös i baljan – In the Ghetto
25. Ös i baljan – Oh Pretty Woman
26. Ös i baljan – Surfing Bird
27. Ös i baljan – Volare

>Download the 'Oddities' mp3 comp. zipped at files.ww or
>Download the 'Oddities' mp3 comp. zipped at MediaFire.

Download front and back cover HERE (files.ww) or
HERE (MediaFire).

(zip-file, open with Adobe/Acrobat Reader)

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Annual mp3 tribute to Jesus Christ

"We've got our annual mp3 tribute to Jesus Christ going on right now...51 rare (mostly Southern) gospel, old-time religion and praise songs...direct from vinyl.

Some of these toe-tappers are definitely "unique" and might even make a few glum Atheists smile and/or convert.

click below and ye shall receive-eth mp3s...

Houseplant Picture Studio

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1960's Phoney Records

Hi everyone, jayKayEss here from Unpleasant.org. Since Sebastian is going on hiatus, I asked if I could post something here once in a while.

I spotted some Crazy Labels over on Martin Klasch the other day, and it got me thinking that I have a whole cigar box of this stuff that my uncle used to collect back when he was a kid. So, here is the first installment: Phoney Records. I'm guessing these are from the late 60's, based upon the songs. I'm sure that titles like "Burp Me, Rhonda" seemed really rebellious to my 10-year-old uncle at the time. Enjoy!

ACK, it was probably dumb of me not to point out that these are stickers, not actual records... I'm guessing the stickers came from either bubble gum or Cracker Jack boxes. Click on the scan above to see more...

Thursday, April 06, 2006

A break is needed

... and will be executed.

I am taking a break from this blog for a while. Kind of tired of being a blogger.
I don't know for how long at this moment.

Maybe some days, maybe some weeks or maybe I am going for a "Bomarr vacation". Time will tell.

If anyone of my contributing friends feel like posting good stuff - just go ahead. Knock yourself out!

/Z aka Sebastian

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Here I come!

The Residents - Constantinople

[originally uploaded by dlwahomps]

The Note-Ables

"... The Note-Ables look as corny as a Swedish dansband from the early 70s, but dressed less way out. A record perhaps to be filed next to The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, Hasil Adkins and the likes. Highly recommended!" says Magnus of Bellybongo about:
The Note-Ables - Flipside.
I recommend it as well. Great fun.

24 mp3s From Tulsa

The of Mirror Eye gives us "Satan Lied To Me" + 3 other tracks by The Louvin Brothers.
Essential Gun Club / Jeffrey Lee Pierce at Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts & Random Revelations.
John Cale & Terry Riley - "Church of Anthrax" at The Underground Express.
Gene Pitney (RIP) - "24 Hours From Tulsa" at Lonesome Music. And! The Video made available by Bedazzled.
Nervous Norvus - "The Fang" at Little Hits.

Les patriarches

Les patriarches by French artist mad meg. (via gmtPlus9 (-15))
Shown here is Patriarche n°31.


I am sitting on a huge pile of luggage: I'll be heading south tomorrow, towards the Mediterranean, and believe me, after a long and arduous winter such as the one we've just had it's high time to catch a few glimpses of sun and to dip my toes into some lush and lukewarm waters. Mind you, they're still as white as my teeth. (The toes, of course, not the waters.)

One of the places I'll surely stop over is the wonderful French city of Urville. What's that you say? Never heard of the place? Ah, don't say. This city is one of the biggest and most spectacular places the world has ever seen. And with its 11.5 million inhabitants and its 150 skyscrapers - one of them scraping the sky at an incredible 540 meters - it is hard to miss when you're cruising along the Côte d'Azur. No, no, this is not a belated April fool's prank. Urville does exist, believe me. Right here.

Go ahead, see for yourself. And then tell me what you think of the place. But for now, please excuse me. I've still got some duffle bags to pack and some neighbourly instructions to write down. Now, where did I put that toothbrush again ...

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Archeology of the Future

"A website about UK Science Fiction, digging through the past to uncover the future."
Archeology of the Future (via I Like)