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Monday, April 10, 2006

Week 56 - Even More Celebrities: Harry Dean Stanton

We’ve been dipping our feet in the celebrity pond before but there’s just too many of these recordings around so we will have another go at it for a month and a half.
Click Mr. Stanton for better view.

Harry Dean Stanton is a classy actor and you just know it, when he opens his mouth to sing it isn’t going to be the usual trying-to-cash-in-on-fame gibberish. This is really good, kind of makes us wish he done more than this single, beautiful renditions of these classics. But then he did have good help: Jamie James on guitar, Slim Jim Phantom on drums and Tony Sales on bass.

1. Harry Dean Stanton – You Don’t Miss Your Water
2. Harry Dean Stanton – Across the Borderline

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>Download (both tracks zipped) at YouSendIt.

Tod hands us this clip from the 1989 David Lynch short "The Cowboy and The Frenchmen" Harry sings and plays guitar. Now uploaded to YouTube.