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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sometimes I wish I was a pretty girl ...

.. not so much to be able to wreck myself in the shower... but to become a glamorous Playboy Bunny!

And what experience must a Bunny have?
"The Playboy club schools you in your duties so you do not need any special experience before you begin. [What a relief!!] You will be a Bunny in the Club of your choice after a one week training period [Good. I don't like studying too much].
You will be instructed in Playboy Club service and in the selection of fine wines and liqours. [I could use some new recipes...] You will also receive valuable information in the psychology of customer service and public relations. [I'll just throw the drunks out. Hey! You can look - but not touch, Mister!!]
A Bunny Mother is stationed in every Club to counsel Bunnies on hair styling, make-up and the fine points of poise and charm.[She better be damned good!] She will recommend proper make-up specialists, if necessary.[Unfortunatelly there is lot of work to be done... ] A beauty salon is located on Club premises in many cities." [Ah, free SPA, that IS good]

Ok, I'm signing up!

The Playboy Bunny Recruitment Brochure. (via LinkFilter.net)