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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Beer, popularity and Syd Barrett

PCL LinkDump has been pretty popular today. No doubt about it. Around 12.000 hits over the last 24 hours. That's a nice and much appreciated flaunt of PCL in cyber space. Actually I appreciate this attention much more than the "Britney debacle" some time ago.
But after reading on Derrick Bostrom's backup blog (the guy who brought joy to us by posting the Uncensored, 1968 ads) that "My host punished me for the popularity of my post, slapping a suspension for “resource abuse” on me ..." got me thinking. Do you risk being too popular here on Blogspot? Blogger is providing the bandwidth, wich is a great and free - though not always reliable - service. But is there a limit? Just wondering...

Had some really nice cold beers yesterday at a local establishment listening too an old friend and musician performing new material there.
When back home I got a surprise: I WON A CONTEST!! HOORAY!! I'm really looking forward receiving the prize Ralf! And thanks for the piece-of-cake-contest. ;-)

/Z aka Sebastian