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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Oddities, mp3 comp.

Ladies and Gentlemen... I'm back!!
But only for a very short appearance. I am popping by just to introduce you to the newly finished mp3 compilation here on PCL.
Hold the tables steady as we are serving You the Oddities Mp3 Comp. as posted by HTMPL Prod.!
Watch your table manners - there's plenty for everyone.
01. Reco – Jolly Jolly Buddy Buddy [Week 50/51, Read Entry]
02. Anna-Lisa Ingemanson – Daiga-Daiga-Duu
03. Nils Waldemar – Dancing in Stockholm Tonight
04. Sixten Jansson – Don’t Stop the Music
05. Jonas Nordwall – Mama Mia
[Week 52,
Read Entry]
06. Jonas Nordwall – Pinball Wizard
07. Sacha Distel – Monsieur Cannibale
08. Ernie Englund – Monsieur Cannibale
09. Sacha Distel – Mister Casanova
10. Leroy Anderson – The Typewriter
[Week 53,
Read Entry]
11. Wild Man Fischer – Go To Rhino Records
12. Matteo – Brooklyn USA
13. Tom Astor – Hello Guten Morgen Deutschland
14. Donna Lynn – My Boyfriend Got A Beatle Haircut
15. Dezurik Sisters – I Left Her Standing There (Vocalion 4616-A)
[Week 54,
Read Entry]
16. Dezurik Sisters – Arizona Yodeler (Vocalion 4616-B)
17. Dezurik Sisters – Sweet Hawaiian Chimes (Vocalion 4704-A)
18. Dezurik Sisters – Guitar Blues (Vocalion 4704-B)
19. Dezurik Sisters – Go To Sleep My Darling Baby (Vocalion 4781-A)
20. Dezurik Sisters – Birmingham Jail (Vocalion 4781-B)
21. Ös i baljan – Cadillac
[Week 55,
Read Entry]
22. Ös i baljan – Proud Mary
23. Ös i baljan – Runaway
24. Ös i baljan – In the Ghetto
25. Ös i baljan – Oh Pretty Woman
26. Ös i baljan – Surfing Bird
27. Ös i baljan – Volare

>Download the 'Oddities' mp3 comp. zipped at files.ww or
>Download the 'Oddities' mp3 comp. zipped at MediaFire.

Download front and back cover HERE (files.ww) or
HERE (MediaFire).

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